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Sunday, May 29, 2005

To You - Yes You Know Who "You" Are

I'm just not in a good mood today thinking about "You". "You" don't cross my mind very often anymore now that MY HUSBAND has moved back out of "Your" shared place and has commited to working on this marriage and getting "You" out of his life for good, but when "You" do, it puts me in a bad, cranky mood. I wish that "You" had never come to Austin. I have nothing but negative feelings about "You": who called MY HUSBAND all hours of the day and night; who couldn't find "Your" own friends when "You" moved down here and imposed upon MY HUSBAND instead; who didn't have any respect, I mean NONE at all, for the fact that he was MARRIED with a small child; who text flirted or whined to MY HUSBAND - ALL the time wanting him to be "Your" rescuer (grab a clue and grow up - don't look to others to rescue "You" from "Your" feelings or situations); who allowed him to move in with "You" for over a year...I could go on and on about the things "You" did but this post would be never ending. Before I knew just what "You" were, I tried liking "You" for MY HUSBANDS sake b/c he thought "You" were cool and "You" worked with him. But I never liked "You" from the first. I think I knew even then just WHAT "You" were. "You're" nothing but a HOMEWRECKER.

I can't stand "You". In my eyes and a lot of others "You" are not a good person. I have never believed that "You" only had platonic feelings for MY HUSBAND. "You" couldn't find a good man of your own so "You" had to encroach upon someone else's, who even though our marriage was having problems, "You" could see that he really is a good man. A MARRIED man with a small child. "You" suck. "You" are no longer wanted by MY HUSBAND so don't contact him again. "You" are not part of this family, never have been, NEVER will be. "You" are not welcome in our lives anymore.

I HATE thinking about "You" b/c it puts me in a crankypants mood and I HATE being in a crankypants mood. It does bad things to my attitude and I generally have a real good attitude. Just go away.

I almost used the Church Sign Generator on "You" but realized it was a waste of my time to even put this much effort into "You". "You" are a complete and total waste of our time.

I'm trying real hard to act like a Christian should but I'm not ready to forgive "You" for the damage "You" have done to my marriage (I'm sure "You're" jumping for joy about that). I hope God can forgive me for that one right now. Doesn't mean I can't pray for "You", though that's a real stretch right now too, even though we benefit ourselves when we pray for those we have issues with and don't like.

I heard this song a while ago and it's what I think about "You" so this one's for "You".

Not the nicest post to start off a Sunday morning with, or any morning for that matter, but I just had to get this off of my chest this way b/c if I ever saw "You" in person, as the song goes, Now honey I'm a Christian, but if you keep it up, I'm gonna go to kickin' your pretty little butt. Is that clear enough?. Actually "You" aren't even pretty, but the rest of it is true enough. 'Nuff said. Rant over.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Ooooo, Nic! What you have been through!
Yes, it's Christian to forgive, but Christians don't have their eyes closed to the wiles of others. I don't belive God expects His church (us) to get walked on.
I think that's a GREAT Sunday morning post, thank you!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ouch! Good for you, Nic; you shouldn't have to put up with her behaviour. It is Christian to forgive, but it doesn't give others a licence to walk all over you.

Karyn Lyndon said...

Don't let that little hooooooooo...me wrecker make your pants cranky!!!

tshsmom said...

I have found that venting is one of God's greatest healers!

Susie said...

nic, you have blogfriends who will form a "Christian butt-kicking posse"! Just say the word ;)

WILLIAM said...

Man, those are some fighting words. I lik Susie's idea of formaing a blog posse.