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Friday, May 13, 2005

Nic's Schedule

Ok, I thought I'd post a schedule of what my daily posts are about so that way you can know kind of what you can look forward to - or not - each week. In addition to this I will be posting any reviews that I am doing of upcoming books that I have been given the ARC's to. (ARC=advanced reading copy) The first one will be Dee Davis's newest novel coming out in June. Her second book in her "E" trilogy. Expect that in the next week or two. So without further pause, here is your doorway to my blog week:

Sunday: Top 10 Words/Phrases of Wisdom List - quotes, observations, prosiac words to live by.

Monday: Monday meals - each Monday I will be posting a meal to make either for yourself or for a family or group. These meals are really family sized meals and consist of an entree, one side and a desert. They are fairly easy to make b/c though I LOVE cooking, 2 hours doesn't cut it for me.

Tuesday: PQAL Picture Tuesday. Also known as the Princess of Quite A Lot Picture day. This is the day when I post a picture or few of my darling daughter. I will also start incorporating interesting pictures of and around my hometown to give you a flair for where I live.

Wednesday: It's the Humpy Day Question, also known as the HDQ. Fun or insightful questions that I ask and you answer. Of course you get my answers to it too in the post.

Thursday: 15 fun little facts about me. Some may be mundane, some may be funny, some may be interesting, but they're all true.

Friday: Friday Field Trip AKA FFT. Fun, time wasting little trips to places on the Net that you might never have come across before.

Saturday: Anything goes. I could post about anything or nothing.

Of course, as you have noticed, I usually post a couple of times a day, but that may or may not be changing once I start my new job next week Wednesday. On top of the regular schedule, as it is my blog, I may also post other long expositories on thoughts, ideas or theraputic spewings. Anyway, welcome to your guide of my blog.



Bill said...

You got a new job!! Congrats!

WILLIAM said...

Good luck with the new Gig. I hope it works for you.