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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Princess Picture Tuesday

Ok, so this one is kind of a cheater. I took this one at 6:45 this morning as I'm trying to wake her. I've picked Em up and was holding her in my arms trying to wake her. The kid sleeps like the dead!

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It's way too early for either of us to be up!


Duke_of_Earle said...

Sweet picture!

Thanks for the "vote of confidence" on my poetic efforts. On your "Ten Rules," I was particularly struck by number 8.) No man really finds out what he believes until he begins to instruct his children. From personal experience, I can really relate to that. All your hypocrisy goes out the window when you're tryoing to instill in your children the values you KNOW are right!
I'll be back. (As Arnold S. always says.)

Master Yoda said...

Not a comment on this post this is. Just listened to your last Audio Blog, I have. Wow! Beautiful voice you have! (Seriously)

BTW - voted for you again, I have.

No_Newz said...

awww sweet baby girl! No one should be up that early. :)
Looks like Yoda sweet on you he is. ;)
Lois Lane

Master Yoda said...


Only eyes for Dolly Parton I have.

Very nice to me Nic has been.

Bill said...

She's to cute for words... you cruel woman waking that little angel :)