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Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh, Friday, Friday...

So I have one child with viral tonsillitis...because that's ALWAYS so much fun! Which child is it? My poor little man! :-( My mom was able to get him from school yesterday when they called me and he was running a 101 fever. She was able to watch him up until about 3 yesterday and thankfully she's able to watch him today as well. She took him to the doctor yesterday just in case it was ANOTHER ear infection – it would be his 10th one of the year. SIGH! Thankfully, while he has fluid in both of his ears it is not an ear infection...yet(those tubes on the 23rd can't come too soon!). Alas, he really is following in the family hereditary steps with both his ears and tonsils.

Both Em and I had major tonsil issues before we had our tonsils taken out and the tonsils seem to be tied to the ear infections. From infant through pre-teen I had literally DOZENS of ear infections and 8 sets of tubes between the ages of 18mo - 10 years. That's almost one set every year. I know that when Em and I had our tonsils taken out we both pretty much stopped having ear infections altogether. Since getting the tonsils taken out, I've had 2 ear infections since then the late 80's and Em's had zero in the last 3 years.

Nate will have his tonsils taken out between the ages of 2-4. I know that both Em's and my tonsils would swell to the point of touching and create pressure in the tubes and against the ear drums, which creates even more pain than just a normal ear infection.

As far as Nate's ears go, with the amount of fluid from the drainage in his ears due to his allergies, both the pediatrician and ENT said that he is hearing normal speech patterns in a distorted manner b/c of the fluid so if he doesn't get the fluid out of his ears, he will talk the way he hears the speech patterns and noises - in other words, he will end up sounding like how deaf people who can talk sound. IDK if you've ever heard someone who lost their hearing as a child and are now partially or totally hearing impaired, but that is most likely what he would end up talking like as a child and would have to go into speech therapy to correct.

On another note, I'm SO EXCITED because Em and I get to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader after work/school today! The Chronicles of Narnia are the first books I can remember reading to myself at age 3. They are my favorite books of all, even to this day! I re-read the entire series every year. They're magical books to me and really grew my love of the written word as a child.

Em and I have seen the last two on opening day right after picking her up from school, so we're continuing the tradition with this one!

I loved Voyage of the Dawn Treader because sooooo much happens in it and it's also the last time where Lucy and Edmund appear in Narnia until the end of The Last Battle (not counting "The Horse and His Boy" where ALL the Pevensies are there during their reign as kings and queens). The Dawn Treader is kind of epic! And it's also where Reep goes to Aslan's Country at the end of the book. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it! LOL!

I know that there are rumblings and grumblings about the "plot changes" but I've researched those plot changes and they all sound pretty minor, relatively speaking. Almost everyone who has seen this movie so far says that it's really great! I'm looking forward to it even more after reading the reviews!!! I just LOVE C.S. Lewis!

Voyage of the Dawn Treader, here we come!!!!!