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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Something New to Start the Week: A Top 10 List...

I'm going to be starting something new on different days of the week(when I have the time to do so). Starting the week off on Sundays I'll have a top 10 list of little bits of fun, practical and inspirational advice, observations and suggestions from here and there.

One day during the week, still TBD, I will be posting an easy meal recipe. Now, BE WARNED, my recipes are NOT for those looking to have a fat-free, low calorie meal. My recipes are flavorful and robust and easy. Prep time is usually less than 30 minutes and serving sizes are typically made to accommodate at least 5 people or make several servings for two during the week. So I'm thinking either on a Thursday or Friday I will post these so they can be prepared on a Saturday or Sunday for the week.

On another day it will be picture day. I might start posting amusing pics of my sweet little girl, a photo single or series that I find or a cartoon that catches my eye. It just depends on what strikes my fancy.

And finally, to borrow a couple ideas from a friend, Fridays will be Field Trip Fridays with new links posted to interesting, thought-provoking or funny places that you wouldn't find otherwise and Wednesdays will be HDQ day(Hump Day Question). Wednesday is considered the Hump Day of the week, especially the work week as it's the top of the pinnacle, getting ready for the slide into the weekend.

So, here is the first Today's Top 10 List:

1. Compliment three people every day
2. Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards
3. Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday!
4. Be careful that your marriage doesn't become a duel instead of a duet.
5. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.
6. Decisions can take you out of God's will but NEVER out of His reach.
7. Your friends are like buttons on an elevator. They will either take you up or take you down.
8. A person's true character is revealed by what they do when no one is watching.
9. Hug your children after you discipline them.
10. Conscience is God's built-in warning system. Be very glad when it hurts you. Be very worried when it doesn't.

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