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Thursday, May 19, 2005

15 things about me Thursday

Ok, it's time for another 15 things about me Thursday as the title suggests. I'm a little late, but that's ok b/c it's still Thursday and y'all will be ok reading about it tomorrow.

15 Things About Me:

1.) I can pick up things with my toes and write my name with my right toes.
2.) I dream in both black and white and vivid color. I remember most of my dreams.
3.) I make the perfect steak and the perfect mashed potatoes (which I may or may not post on a future Monday Meal).
4.) I've never broken any bones but I have dislocated my right kneecap more than once.
5.) I have borderline arachnophobia. The only spider I'm NOT afraid of is the most dangerous one. The most venomous spider, believe it or not, is the daddy long legs, however, it's mouth is so small, it cannot bite humans. Or so the urban legend goes.
6.) Caffeine and sugar don't affect me. I have NEVER had a caffeine high or a sugar rush. I can only wish that energy drinks did something for me or coffee of sodas, but to no avail. Caffeine just makes me warm and makes me have to pee a whole lot.
7.) I am not afraid of heights. I am afraid of depths. The one movie that has freaked me out more than any other is Deep Blue Sea. To watch a deadly shark coming at you from out of the murky depths makes me shiver even as I write this. I don't like not knowing what is below me.
8.) I am ambidextrous but my right hand is the dominant one.
9.) I can make professional flower arrangements.
10.) I know how to make balloon wraps (and have done so many times note: these are not my works just depictions):
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
11.) I severely dislike doing mathematical equations. I'd rather use a calculator than not, but will put pencil to paper if I have to. Math was NOT my forte in school. I excelled in language arts, English, History and creative arts like creative writing, art, drama and music.
12.) My favorite season is Fall. The days get cooler, the nights get chilled. Warm enough for shorts still during the days but cool enough for a sweatshirt at night. And best of all: IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!
13.) My favorite bread is Great Harvest Sourdough bread! For "specialty" breads I really jones for their Cinnamon Chip and Apple Scrapple breads. Nobody beats Great Harvest for tasty bread!
14.) I'm not affiliated with any political party. I vote for whoever is closest to my morals and values and beliefs. Ok, so 99.9% of the time I vote Republican b/c I am EXTREMELY conservative, but I have voted for the occasional Dem. Well, only 2 or 3 times before. But I have never blindly checked a straight party ticket.
15.) I make up inventive, child-friendly, curse words. There are some situations that I just want to let a curse word fly but little ears are listening, so I practice "safe says" so that a real word doesn't slip out in front of her and she picks it up. The LAST thing I need is for her to go around to my mom's friends or, God forbid, Sunday school and church calling someone a stupid a-hole or worse. My favorites are "Bloody" which is a mild English euphamism, "Biscuts and Gravy" in lieu of SOB, "Flippin'" or "Flipping" instead of Stupid or S#!ting, and "Stinkin'" or "Stinking" in lieu of the really bad F-word.

Em knows I'm upset when I use the last one when referring to something - NEVER in reference to her though. Uh-uh. You couldn't PAY me enough to cuss at a child. Nope, I will never use any curse word in reference to her or any other child. I am a BIG believer that YOU NEVER CUSS AT CHILDREN. NEVER, EVER, EVER...EVER! Have I made my feelings clear on that? I heard a mom swearing at her young daughter who must have been 7 or 8 at the most when I did my volunteering gig and I wanted to go up and smack her a righteous good one. BOILED MY BLOOD it did. She was a STINKING rotten mother at that point. It was over ice cream that the daughter didn't want to eat and the STINKING ROTTEN mother was cussing at her for not eating it after she had paid for it and was all in her sweet, scared little face over it. BLOODY, STINKING, ROTTEN EXCUSE FOR A MOTHER. Eat it yourself you troll.

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The Grish said...

Dude, I'm very jealous about the ambidexterity. Having one hand that's the detrous equivalent of a drunken hamster is no fun.