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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

It's Time for the HDQ

Ok. I’m a little late today with the HDQ. But for a good reason. I actually have had stuff to do at work today! YAY me! Sounds kind of odd doesn’t it? Someone excited to have work to do. I’m sure my attitude will shift the more I have to do and some days it will be all “WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?!” But for now, I’m happy…and I’ve completed everything that I have been given so far. So, to kill some time since many people are in meetings right now, and those who aren’t don’t have anything for me to do, on with the HDQ.

If you could choose to only have one of these in a relationship, which would it be:

Passion or love?

I would have to say love every time. However, a dear blogfriend of mine and fellow writer, Brenda tried to tackle this subject a few weeks ago. She had some really good points about passion – it was her choice. She said of both passion and love:
Passion lacks reason. When consumed with passion, you can't very well make thoughtful and considerate decisions. You're lost in the passion, the moment, the person. All that matters at that moment IS that moment. Nothing else. It's a fire that blazes and burns and if allowed to grow out of control, it can destroy. If left untended, it becomes this low, smoldering heat. If not stroked and teased, it eventually dies out. One moment there's heat, and then, nothing but ash. It's immediate, it's fuel that drives us. It makes us lose all reasoning. Nothing matters at all but the moment of right now. …

Love is cozy feeling, a warmth that spreads and lasts for years, passes through generations. Love has highs and lows, peeks and valleys. Love is comforting. Love is safety, a surety of things. The knowledge that it will always be, one way or another. Like the sun rising, you know you will have love. …

I’ve had passion. I’ve had love. I’ve been burned by both. I’ve had both at once and that was the worst burn of all. If I had to choose between love and passion, I would have to choose love. Love lasts, passion doesn't. Love is deep, passion is all consuming. You can burn out on love, but passion can burn you out. Love looks forward to the next 50 years, love takes work. Passion can border on obsession and obsession can drive you mad. I believe that anything you have to work for is worth holding on to. I’d rather choose the sanity of love than the insanity of strong passion.

Though, ideally, the “ideal relationship” would have the perfect blend of both. Enough love to stand the test of time and tough spots, to cheer you when things are at their toughest and comfort you when you need it most, to warm you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes with a happy glow. Enough passion to have the other person be first and foremost on your mind so that you wouldn’t even want to look at another person in anyway other than a passing glance, to want to make the other person feel special always – not just on certain days or when you’re feeling guilty, to still flirt with your special someone and grab a lingering kiss and cop a feel when you’re 75.

Here’s to wishing you a lifetime filled with the perfect balance of both.

However, for the original intents and purposes of this HDQ:

If you could ONLY HAVE ONE, which would you choose and why?


Bill said...

Passion, no contest... I can't love without passion, the two are tightly intertwined... I couldn't love someone I was not passionate about. *and* I for sure want the woman in my life to be passionate about *me*!! :)

No_Newz said...

I'm with Bill, passion it is! The new work digs look pretty cool!
Lois Lane

Karyn Lyndon said...

Passion: intense or overpowering emotion such as love, joy, hatred or anger.

Love: a passionate feeling of romantic desire and sexual attraction.

Okay...I choose LOVE. For me, I can ONLY be passionate about the man I love. Passion is a by-product of my love. A lack of passion would be a warning sign that the love is in trouble.

Sometimes I feel I have more than my fair share of passion, so much so that it bubbles right out of me...perhaps why I have the need to express myself through my writing.

greatwhitebear said...

I choose passion. It leaves fewer scars than love.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Speaking as an HR manager, the new job sounds OK. They'll get used to you and soon you'll be indispensable!

Oh, the question? Sorry all you passionate people, I'll take love. For me, passion without love is pretty empty. I know there's a lot more to passion than just sexual passion, but sex without love, although it may be satisfying and great for the moment, is empty and will turn cold in the long haul. Being a "long haul" type, I'll take love and let the passion happen within love. 'Cause it will, if the love is real.
So, it shouldn't be an either/or.
End of sermon.