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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pincess Picture Tuesday - time goes by so fast

So, how proud can a mommy be? Let's see, I'm pretty proud of my little PQAL.

We've been working on baseball. Usually kids at her age are trying to learn to play T-ball. Not my Em. She can throw a ball pretty far and has been working on her swing. I've been soft-tossing the ball to her and she would almost hit it. Miss it by just a couple of inches. Finally I told her to keep her eye on the ball and watch it as I threw it to her b/c you can't hit what you can't see. So, I try again and she smacks it! We're not talking barely hitting it, we're talking about smacking it past me and halfway across the yard. 8 times in a row she did this! Yes, that is my little darling athletic prodigy. Last year at 2½ she was swimming into the deep end at my inlaw's pool (about 10 feet deep) with a little life vest that latched under her legs and would just stay out there and swim like a little fishy. She gets it from my husband's side of the family. He, my BIL and SIL all swam and my BIL and SIL went to state for swimming. Currently my BIL teaches her a lot. Recently taught her the backstroke.

We had a backyard picnic today b/c this was supposed to be my last day at home. We had the leftover chicken and rice that I made from yesterday's Monday Meals recipe. Put a blanket out in the backyard and ate and then we lay there as I read her part of a story. It was a multi chapter story so she got the first chapter which was about 9 pages long. She does good with attention span on longer stories. We had planned the picnic last night so when Matt said that he was going to suggest that I keep her today b/c this was supposed to be my last day home I was thrilled! Emily woke up talking about the picnic and was so happy when I got the blanket to put outside on the lawn. It was a good day with my sweet baby girl who is growing up all too fast.

Over the weekend I realized that next year she could feasibly start school. I don't want her in a public school b/c the public schools are secularistic and teach selectively what our American heritage and history is. I want a good solid backgroud for her that doesn't "allow" kids who don't cut the mustard to pass up to the next grade. Public schools have lost accountibility for what they are teaching our kids today and why they allow a "pass" for trouble kids who aren't making the grade. No, I want my daughter in a private school. She would miss the mark by 3 weeks, however, in a private school, she can take some placement tests and go in early. One reason I want this is b/c she is already doing basic math, is learning to spell, not the basic letters like C-A-T or D-O-G but more complex words like M-O-V-I-E and H-O-N-E-Y and K-I-N-G...You get the picture. The story about M-O-V-I-E is I was talking to my mom on the phone one day and spelled movie into the phone so that Emily wouldn't know what we were talking about. Emily says "Movie? What movie are you talking about, mommy?" I was floored. I have never told her how to spell it and neither has anyone else. That was her first word that she ever spelled. She can write her letters on top of knowing what they are. She's been writing (copying) words and letters for at least 3 months now. She also is easily at least ½ a head to a full head higher than any of the other kids in her Sunday school class that are her age. If she can pass the test, she's in. I'd much rather have her be the youngest in the class and at least somewhat measure up to the other kids in height (she would still be bigger most likely but not as big) than have her be one of the oldest in the class and look 2 classes older than what she really is.

So anyway, here are this weeks PQAL pics of my baby girl! Who's not such a baby anymore. BOOHOO! Parents, enjoy them when they're young. Time goes by too fast and before you know it they go from being rocked to sleep in your arms to starting their first day of school.

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Think this is Emily? Guess again. It's me when I was about 4. Emily swears it's her. LOL.

It's Picnic Time:
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Yes, she plays GameBoy better than I do. She can whip my heinie in Super Mario Brothers. Her manual dexterity, hand/eye coordination and foot coordination is unparalleled for her age.

Batter Up!
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And finally, a picture of my very incredibly handsome step-son, Brian. He is taller than me now (I'm 5'7") and just turned 14 yesterday. I couldn't love him anymore than if he were mine. Happy birthday baby boy!
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greatwhitebear said...

great looking kids, you should be proud!

No_Newz said...

Happy birthday late little man! The kids are just tooooo cute!
Lois Lane