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Saturday, May 07, 2005

15 things about me

Most people do the 10 things about me or 100 things about me. I will do neither. I am going to tell you 15 Things About Me tonight.

#1. I am allergic to raw onions. I can have onions cooked, fried, etc. In fact, I love onion rings. YUMMY! But raw onions gives me itchy, red blotches, a red ring around my neck and makes it difficult for me breathe. Each time I accidentally eat part of a raw onion, my reaction gets worse.
#2. I sing in the car - all the time. Heck, I sing everywhere.
#3. I grew up playing classical piano. I stopped playing it in 6th grade b/c I was practicing 3-3½ hours a day. I never learned how to read notes. Did it all by ear for 5½ years. I can barely play piano now. And that's sad.
#4. I've been in 2 movies and was in the music video "Amy's Back In Austin" by Little Texas.
#5. I can make a "cloverleaf" with my tongue. I will post a picture when I can get a good one captured.
#6. I haaaaate thunder, but have learned to control my responses to it b/c of Emily.
#7. When I am highly upset I shiver uncontrollably. Sometimes for hours at a time. It can get very tiring b/c I have to tense up continuously to lessen the effect.
#8. I own two G-U-N-S. A .45 Kimber Custom CDP II and an AR-15. I am an excellent shot.
#9. I'm a sap for really romantic songs. Hate to love them, but love them I do.
#10. I danced with Harry Connick, Jr. as he was trying to learn how to two-step for his dance scene with Sandra Bullock in the movie Hope Floats. (He is much better at disco than the two-step)
#11. I used to beer-bong tequila. In fact, Tequila is one of the only liquors I have never gotten sick on. I LOVE IT!
#12. I used to teach C&W dancing.
#13. I'd rather look for the good in people than the bad.
#14. I've never been outside of the contiguous 48 states. A day trip across the Mexico border notwithstanding.
#15. I can say the alphabet backwards from Z-A without hesitation.


No_Newz said...

It's great getting to know about you! I found something you might be interested in reading. No, it isn't romance. ;)
Seems Yoda isn't the only one who blogs.
(Darth's Parenting 101 post was really cute)
Lois Lane
P.S. ditto to #s 2, 5, 9 & 13.

Dave said...

*swooning at a woman that loves tequila almost as much as I do..! ~S~*