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Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday's Feast, Prayer and 2 Birthdays

I have a prayer request for y'all - or to send positive thoughts if prayer isn't your thing. At 545 this morning Emily is going in the the hospital for minimally invasive surgery. She is having to have tubes put in her ears since the 4 (yes 4) oral rounds of antibiotic and 2 injection antibiotics have not sufficiently cleared the ear infection she has been dealing with since before Christmas. The infection is gone but the fluid is still there causing the eardrums to become rigid and it has caused a 30 decible hearing loss, which we are praying is temporary and can be resolved with the tubes. She also has sleep apnea that causes her to stop breathing for expended periods of time when she snores or when her nose is clogged and so will be having her adenoids removed. All minor surgery but she has never had anesthesia before so we don't know exactly what is going to happen as in will there be any negative reaction to what they give her, will it not work like it should and she wake up in the middle of surgery, will she get sick from it? Etc.

Second, I have two VERY SPECIAL birthdays to celebrate today!

My very dearest friend, MC is *thirthysomethingolderthanme* today! For those of you regular blog readers of mine, you know how very important MC is to me. She is the absolute, hands down, best friend anyone could ask for. She is the sister I always wanted. I love her dearly and she is as much a part of my family as my mom and Emily are.


The X's sister, who is the most lovely person ever(!) is *twentysomethingyoungerthanme* today as well. She and her husband live in Houston and I miss them terribly. She is a sweet and kind and silly as she is pretty. I couldn't ask for a better aunt for Emily!

Both of these women are big blessings in my life!

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And lastly...

It's the Friday's Feast!

What are you proud of?

I guess it would be getting through the past few years with all the tragedies/stressful experiences happening as well as I have and not ending up with some sort of a breakdown or an alcoholic by reaching for the bottle to escape like so many do.

What is the best thing you’ve ever won as a prize?

When I win it, I'll let you know.

Name something you do that is a waste of time.

Procrastinate...a lot.

Main Course
In what year of your life did you change the most?

I'd have to say 2005-2006. I've done a lot of changing spiritually, emotionally and mentally for the better instead of getting bogged down in the continual games with the X. When I made the decision to finally file for divorce after 2 years of separation it was like a huge weight had lifted off of my soul and I started to get my life back.

Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?

Summer in the mountains, nobody around, lying on your back in the grass and listening to the wind through the trees, hearing the birds sing and feeling the cool breeze mingling with the warmth from the sun on my skin.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for your prayers for the outcome of Emily's surgery today!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WAAAAAAAY Back Wednesday

I will remember you,
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by.
Weep not for the memories...
~Sarah McLachlan

WOW! I was going through boxes in the garage tonight and found several photo albums that I had made starting in high school through about the age of 21 and then several – SEVERAL – envelopes full of pictures from about 21 through 26. Since I can not believe some of these pictures, I thought I would give y’all a bit of a peek into my life from way back when. It’s hard to believe that high school was so long ago (I graduated 16 years ago this year). So, for the next few weeks I will be doing a Waaaaaaay Back Wednesday, posting photos and stories to go along with them.

This week is my first installment from my freshman and sophomore years. I was a 14 year old freshman for the whole year and it’s interesting to see how much one year changed me in the fact that my looks went from a girl to that of a young woman and thensome. Each week will be, at best 5-6 pics.

See the sweet baby cheeks? Here I am at the very beginning of my freshman year. This was actually taken from the summer right before my freshman year started. Over one summer I went literally from the proverbial ugly ducking (frizzy short hair, glasses and “cutely” chubby) who was teased almost every day for 3 years and went home in tears most days to the beginning of the transformation you will see over the next few weeks. Yes, I was that kid in class. The one that everyone picked on b/c it made them feel better. I started writing then as an outlet to my angst. Of course, my embarrassment – at the time – was when my English teacher would read my short stories out loud to the class b/c she thought they were so good. All it did was earn me more animosity of my peers. Then, that summer I started to lose the weight that I had gained from turning to food to comfort me during a very stressful time when things were really bad with my dad and mom (pretty much the 3 years I was teased grades 6-8). I got contacts, my hair started to grow out and I learned how to put on makeup instead of spackling it on like I did previously. In my freshman year, the last year I was in private school, I was a high school freshman dating a college sophomore. Of course, we met at a church ski trip and he thought I was at least a junior in high school. We dated for about 9 months. He was the one who introduced me to alcohol and cigarettes. Thanks to him I smoked off and on for 14 years. More off than on though. I quit a few months before I got pregnant.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This one was a little later in my freshman year – not the best angle – LOL!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sophomore year. New school, new friends, totally different social life. The girl in the middle ended up in the hospital with severe injuries after high school from domestic abuse that resulted from the guy she had dated in high school and continued to date afterward. He was a “golden” boy. Hugely popular, handsome, built, football hero and very nice...on the surface. It just goes to show that you don’t know everyone as well as you may think. She never told anyone about the abuse until it went from her body to her face and then later to breaking bones and concussions. It’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about abuse. She was a good friend of mine, even though she was a grade above me. April is Prevent Abuse month so please remember to wear a blue ribbon to show your support for that cause.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This was my first prom. I was dating a senior and thought it was really cool to be able to go! Notice again the big hair (oh, the hair gets better in my junior pictures and not in a good way! It’s all about the Texas big hair!)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This picture is the summer between my sophomore year and junior year on my way to a Baptist camp in New Mexico – one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Just stunning with huge trees, mountains and flowers everywhere. Ok, ok, YES, I had blondish hair. I swam/laid out like 6-8 hours a day during the summers and I put lemon juice in my hair...I can totally attest to the fact that lemon juice with chlorine and sun DO lighten the hair quite a bit. At least I wasn’t getting my blonde from the proverbial bottle – so to speak!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This picture is later that summer, visiting friends of mine in Van Buren, Arkansas that I made at the summer camp. I was just barely 16 at this time. A lot of difference between the first picture and this one huh? So we have gone 2 years in this post. Man! I sure wish I could go back to looking like that. LOL!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh, and finally, a little bonus. This is the “award” I was given at the end of the camp – heehee! I won the “man magnet” award b/c apparently a lot of the guys at the camp were asking my friends about me. I thought it was funny b/c I never saw it. I think men, most men, from the time they are old enough to truly notice girls to the time they are “men” and are interested in women do the same thing – look from afar, or from close up, and keep it to themselves, whether from insecurity or something else. If you’re interested, why not ask the woman? Why is it today in this culture that women, a lot of times, end up having to make the first move or show the first interest? What ever happened to men making the first move? A lot of people I know who are in relationships, and extremely happy ones at that, got their relationships started b/c the woman spoke up first. What gives guys/men? Enquiring minds want to know!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Isn’t it funny the things that you see when you pull out old photos? But oh, the times, they are a changin’.

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Waaaaay Back Wednesday coming to you, well, next week Wednesday!

On a side note, isn’t it interesting the small things that will make your day? I was so thrilled I was able to put my hair up in a clip to get it out of my face. First time in about two years I’ve been able to do that!

UPDATE: HOLY MOTHER OF...! People PLEASE! Sanjaya SUCKS! Get RID of him. It can't just be the tween voting base keeping that musical trainwreck on AI week after stinking week! I haaaaate the VFTW people who are keeping him around. He makes my ears bleeeeeeeeed! Who in their right mind wants to hear that week after week! My fear is that he'll be this year's Nikki McKibben and stick around MUCH longer than he should at the expense of a whole lot more talented contestants. And Phil being in the bottom 3? PUH-LEASE! His rendition of Every Breath You Take sounded almost identical to Sting - seriously, close your eyes and listen. He was one of the better ones last night. Come on y'all, please, please, please...it's time to send Sanjaya home! Do the right thing people.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Less Is More…

But not in the way that you think.

Yesterday I was talking to my best friend, MC, and we were discussing going out. She made a statement which made me start to think...a lot. As single women, when we go out together we look at the men who catch our eyes, we laugh a lot, we get attention. We’re not the stereotypical plastic, enhanced bimbos so prevalent here in Austin that seem to have men swarming around them like flies – a phrase that lends itself to an easy snarkism or two, but I won’t sink that low. However, lately, MC (who is able to go out A LOT more than I can being that I’m the single parent of the friendship) has noticed that when she shows LESS skin she gets MORE attention and she wondered why that was. As I said, her question made me start to think and I came up with a great answer – I’d love to get your opinions on my theory in the comments.

Men are so over-stimulated and over-sensitized in today’s world b/c women, misguidedly think that less is more. Wear less clothing, get more attention. Men are conditioned to the fact that women show flesh. How many backless shirts have you seen on women lately? Plunging necklines? Short shorts or ultra miniskirts? That style is EVERYWHERE today. Women, when you dress that way you take away the mystery that men are looking for and instead make yourself look cheap, easy and, frankly, kind of trashy. Yeah, you may turn heads, but all men are going to do is look at the outside and skip the inside and you’ll never really find any man of quality. If a man is all consumed on what your outside looks like, he’s not the kind of man you want anyway.

Men so rarely see an attractive woman who covers up most of her body that it’s a novelty for them and it intrigues them. Why do you think it was such a big deal in the 1800’s-early 1900’s to see an ankle on a woman? Men would drive themselves crazy for it. Again, why is that? It is because they had to imagine what was underneath the clothes and a man’s imagination is very powerful and sensually based. When your “bits and pieces” are readily out there on display for them, there is nothing left to the imagination for the men.

Men like mystery, they like to be intrigued, but when you’re flaunting your T&A so carelessly, there is no mystery there except for them to wonder how long it’s going to take them to get you into bed and how many drinks it will take to get you to that point. I know that’s pretty frank talk, but it’s true and being subtle just doesn’t seem to do the trick.

I have become appalled at the women today who buy into the belief that in order to get a man interested in them they need to flaunt themselves like so much dime store jewelry – cheap and sparkly and easy to obtain, instead of believing that they are that rare jewel, that diamond beyond compare that shows itself at it’s best in a more modest setting.

I’m not saying that you have to be buttoned up to your neck and wear pants and granny shoes. Quite the contrary. Women, cleavage is a good thing in moderation. A hint here, a peek there. Skirts are nice but think about the rules they give to the kids in school. The hemline should be no shorter than an inch below your fingertips when your arms are straight down at your side. It’s all about the art of being subtle. And while on the topic of shoes, I love to wear heels. I have these great peep-toe, cream, patent leather, 40’s style shoes with 4½” heels that I LOVE! With they right outfit they are stunning. But it’s about dressing in moderation. I wouldn’t wear them with a crotch skimming skirt. No man would even notice the shoes in that outfit and that’s a real shame. (LOL!)

The point is, don’t dress like a hooker to grab a man’s attention. You’ll get the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of person.

Dress like you value yourself, like you are worth it. If you don’t value yourself and your body, no man will either and you’ll never wind up with the man worthy of the beautiful jewel that you are.

Less is more, these days. Less flesh in a world where it is thrown in our faces 24/7 is more intriguing to a man. It makes him want to unwrap you like a present when you finally get to a place where you are ready to take that step. His imagination will be in overdrive by that point with some potentially creative results.

And one more thing, women...you DON’T have to sleep with a man within a "certain number of dates" in order to keep his attention. It is up to us to change that myth and that expectation. YOU are worth waiting for and when you find the right man, you’ll find one worth waiting for too.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday's Feast

So, so busy today and so, so tired. These insomniatic nights are killing me! I am glad that this is a free weekend for me, meaning that Em's daddy has her. I can sleep in tomorrow. It seems that lately, ok, more than lately...usually I've been surviving on about 3-4 hours of sleep a night and they're not even uninterrupted hours of sleep. I'm starting to really drift off when my alarm goes off so I'm dragging hind end this week and at work this is NOT the week to do it! Every two weeks I am able to get more sleep and it's a beautiful thing! No waking up between 5:30-6:30 (Em's body stays on her school schedule on the weekends), instead I can sleep in until 8, 9 or even 10 if I'm really, super lucky!

I love doing these Friday's Feasts! For previous Friday's Feast answers, use the Google search engine on this blog and type in Friday's Feasts, Friday Feast, Friday Feasts, or associated combination like that. Enjoy the meal and have a great weekend! :)

Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?

Either Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. I like their conservativism and patriotism. They both are pro military (a HUGE must for me) and have interesting interviews. Plus Glenn Beck is so dang funny. He cracks me up every night with his sarcastic humor. I give props to Hannity for putting up with Alan Combs.

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.

Ground beef, frozen fruit (for smoothies/margaritas) and Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.

If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?

It depends on what it's like, where it's located, the size and what's around it...so, in other words, I couldn't tell you. The outcome is riding on too many unknown variables.

Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?

Couldn't tell you. I read, on average, about 2-4 books a week when I have the time so it's pretty much whatever my mood is.

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?

Well other than the obvious two – looks and height, what I really notice are their smile and their eyes. Do they smile easily and laugh readily? Is it real? And by that I mean, does it reach their eyes? You can tell if someone is genuinely smiling or laughing by their eyes. I'm a sucker for blue eyes, but really, any color eyes are beautiful. I'm also a sucker for someone who does smile a lot and laugh out loud often.


Don't forget, if you want to participate in the Ask Nic Q/A session this week, please post your question(s) in the comments. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Top 10 and another Ask Nic

My dear friend Maegan has this meme on her MySpace bulletin, unfortunately, y'all can't go to her MySpace b/c it is set to private. However, this was a good one I though I would borrow. After the meme is the Ask Nic. Get your questions ready to ask me!

01. televison show: Grey's Anatomy and American Idol
02. flower: white and yellow daisies and white or cream roses
03. color: sunny yellow
04. sport: football - hand's down
05. mall: hate the mall
06. music: the 5 C's - Country, Celtic, Christian, Classical and Classic Rock
07. food: a perfectly grilled (medium) buffalo tenderloin steak and my mashed potatoes
08. season: fall
09. animal: horse or dog
10. city: Kansas City with New Orleans a close second

01. hometown: Austin
02. hair color: dark brown with mahogany streaks in it
03. hair length: growing out
04. hair style: medium-short, layered and giving me fits right now
05. eye color: mostly brown but in the sun, certain lights, certain moods or with enough alcohol they have a very noticable green ring around them
06. shoe size: 7 1/2 to 9 1/2 - depending on the style and maker
07. mood: tired and frustrated
08. favorite movie: too many but the very, very top is The Princess Bride
09. available?: for what? totally single with no prospects in sight as of yet
10. lefty/righty: both and my right foot/toes too. :)

01. have you ever been in love: yes, deeply in love
02. do you believe in love: yes
03. why did your last relationship fail: marriage? he preferred his teenage coworker to his wife. dating? i knew that there was someone out there better for him and he deserved to be able to find her - and he has - and I couldn't be happier for him!
04. have you ever been heartbroken: deeply heartbroken
05. have you ever broken someone's heart: more than once and I'm sorry about that
06. have you ever fallen for your best friend: i've never had a male best friend and since i'm straight - NO!
07. have you ever loved someone but never told them: yes
08. are you afraid of commitment: i'd like to say that i'm not but on some level, yeah, i am. i'm afraid of committing and having my heart stomped on...again.
09. have you ever had a secret admirer: if it's secret, how would I know? :-P though, really, not that i know of. i don't inspire that kind of feeling in others.
10. do you believe in love at first sight: i believe in lust at first sight and extreme attraction at first sight but love at first sight? no.

01. love or money: true love over money any day.
02. hard liquor or beer: tequila baby!
04. one night stands or relationships: "REAL"ATIONSHIPS
05. televison or internet: excepting Grey's Anatomy, American Idol and Men In Trees, internet
06. pepsi or coke: Sonic cherry limeade - but if you're twisting my arm...definitely Coke
07. wild night out or romantic night in: a hot little blend of both!
08. colored or black and white pictures: depends on the mood the picture is trying to create
09. phone or in person: depends on what it's regarding
10. aim or myspace: i don't use AIM and I am on MySpace.

01. have you ever been caught sneaking out: no
02. have you ever skinny dipped: yes
03. have you ever done something you regret: yes
04. have you ever bungee jumped: never will
05. have you ever been on a house boat: yes
06. have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker: yes and it was a chore!
07. have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt: yes
08. have you ever been hung over: more than I care to admit though not in a very long time
09. have you ever ran away: from an uncomfortable situation - yes, from a bad place in a relationship - yes, from home - no
10. have you ever been caught by your parents doing it?: Um, that would be a big huge NO! Oh, we're missing #'s 8 and 9

01. are you missing someone right now: I have nobody to miss
02. are you happy: not nearly as much as i'd like to be but that's for me to deal with
03. are you talking to anyone right now: no
04. are you bored?: no, just tired
05. are you german: i think part
06. are you irish: in my heart
07. are you french: part
08. are you Italian: no
09. are your parents still married: no. my father is also dead.
10. do you like someone right now: yes


Would you like to participate in the AskNic question session? Well here's your chance:

This is the place where you can ask me anything that is on your mind about me, something you have wanted to know or were just curious about in general. You can ask about my experiences in life and love and parenting, my beliefs, etc... Be creative, be fun, be introspective, but please be clean - this is a family style blog after all! You can post the questions in the comments section or email me your question directly to asknic@gmail.com.

I will be posting the questions and their responses soon so check back within the next week for them.

Monday, March 19, 2007

To err is human, to forgive Divine

Seventy time seven. Jesus said, when asked, that is how much we are to forgive each other. Ever wonder why Jesus said to forgive that much and not seven times or seven times seven? It is because we are to forgive as God forgives. When we ask God for forgiveness, God will always forgive us, even if it is seventy times seven plus one.

What does it mean to forgive as God forgives?

When we repent and ask God to forgive us not only does He forgive us but Psalm 103:8-12 says that He is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love, He will not always accuse nor will He harbor His anger forever; He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities and as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him – as far as the east is from the west, so has he removed our transgressions from us and Jeremiah 31:34 says that He remembers them no more.

What does that actually mean that He remembers them no more?

We are human, we are not God and still many people believe that to forgive someone they must first be willing to forget. By this they mean that they must be able to dismiss from their memory the painful events that caused a break in their relationship. In other words, they need to pretend that nothing bad ever happened. Well-meaning Christians often support the "forgive and forget" model of forgiveness by appealing to God's forgiveness, as in Jeremiah 31:34. In their view, this text means that forgetting precedes forgiving. They say that if we don't forget, we can't forgive.

There is a sense, of course, in which God "forgets" our sins. Once He has forgiven us, He will never use them as evidence against us. But the all-knowing Creator can't forget things in the way that we do. Data can be erased from a computer's memory, human recollections can be blurred or erased by time and disability, but all of history is constantly before His gaze. He hasn't forgotten our sins in a historical sense, but they will never be used as grounds for condemnation. It is our sin's debt -- the rightful wages of our sin -- that God "forgets."

God doesn't expect us to wipe the sins or offenses of others from our memory. We probably wouldn't be able to, no matter how hard we try. He certainly wouldn't want us to pretend that we have forgotten things we can't forget. What He desires is that we forgive the sins and offenses committed against us (Matthew 6:14-15) the way He forgives our much greater sins against Him (Matthew 18:23-35).

It takes greater forgiveness to forgive a grievance that we remember clearly than to forgive a grievance that we have partially forgotten. Merely ignoring our memory of a grievance isn't forgiveness; it's only suppression of anger. Genuine forgiveness, like God's forgiveness, clearly sees the offense and then forgives it by withdrawing the penalty and continuing the relationship.

What if the other person does not say they are sorry and/or ask for forgiveness?

If it is such a big issue to us that they apologize and ask for forgiveness first before we are willing to give it then I guess in our hearts we do not really want to forgive. That we want to see hard evidence of another party repenting shows that we do not really want to leave room for them so that the relationship can be restored again. Since Christ has already done the reconciliation, shouldn’t we then do our best to lower the bar to make their apology easy? Instead of making it is difficult for them to say sorry?

Even if the other party never asks for forgiveness, we’ll leave the judgment to God. Also from Colossians 3:17, where the reason we submit to each other is for the sake of Jesus’ name. That alone should be our motivation to forgive.

Doing that is going to cost though — the cost is on the person who is willing to forgive and actively seek restoration of the relationship. That is probably the part that most of us find difficult to swallow. It isn’t my fault, then why is it my responsibility to sew the relationship back together? I have wrestled with that one in my own life time after time and it is very hard to swallow – sometimes seemingly impossible, but remember that what is impossible with man is possible with God. Again, like Matthew 18 has suggested, Christ is our example. It wasn’t His fault either that we rejected God and try to run our lives our own way. It cost Jesus his life to get us right with God. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost us our life, just our pride – which we can do without anyway. After all, it is one of the seven deadly sins and there is a reason for that.

Everyone messes up and everyone needs forgiveness at some point.

Why am I writing about this today? Someone whom I hold very dear as a friend had a rather rough past few days personally and lashed out and said some pretty hurtful things via email. They didn’t intentionally mean to, but were caught up in their (extended) moment. Even if that person hadn’t apologized and asked for my forgiveness I would have readily given it anyway without hesitation because they and their friendship mean that much to me. In fact, I had already forgiven them before they asked. Being able to do that with that person made me think of other people in my life that I have not extended the same grace to because they did not apologize or ask for my forgiveness for the hurt they caused me and for that I need to ask their forgiveness.

Seventy times seven plus one, plus two, plus three... As God forgives, so should we.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday's Feast and TWO(!) FFT's

For those of you who are long time readers, you know that I used to do a feature every Friday, before the advent of the Friday's Feast, called the FFT AKA Friday Field Trip, where I would take you to a new, different, fun website. Well, I am going to bring a couple in this week for fun that I did either last year or the year before. I hope you enjoy them. They're below the Friday's Feast

Name two things that made you smile this week.

Emily and some emails from someone who is becoming a very good and trusted friend.

Fill in the blank: Don't you hate it when ________?

Don't you hate it when you're in the shower and someone flushes the toilet or turnes on the hot water in a faucet without warning you first? You could either get scalded or frostbitten depending on which one.

When you can't go to sleep, what is your personal remedy to help yourself drift into Lullabyland?

Hmmmmm, since I have borderline chronic insomnia, my "remedies" don't always work - however, if you'd like to share some of yours in the comments section, I'd be much obliged.

Main Course
What is something about which you've always wondered but have not yet found a good answer?

Where does the other half of Emily's socks go when they are in the dryer? Why does it take a long time to get over someone? Why do I always seem to be most attracted to the unavailable guys?

What is your favorite pasta dish?

I make the most amazing alfredo sauce so I like that with angelhair pasta, grilled shrimp (or chicken) and mushrooms all mixed together. I also have a very basic rotini pasta that is best served chilled. Rotini, diced ham, cubed sharp cheddar, cooked mushrooms and Zesty Italian dressing.

Yes, and now it has come to another FFT. Today we have two wonderful FFT's that do nothing but waste your time - in a really fun way!

So grab your brown bag lunch and hop on the bus (air conditioned with reclining seats and a clean bathroom of course).

For the women:
Are you looking for a ruggedly sensitive man? Someone who is good with his hands, loves children and is always happy to see you? Well look no further. The Brawnyman is here. This is a "promotion" that is going on at the Brawny site. They have a "rugged" outdoorsy man who does everything from complimenting you on your new haircut to understanding when you've just had "one of those days". It's HEE-LARRY-US! Just follow the link below to view the man that Brawny calls their Innocent Escapes Brawnyman. You will, at the very least, be able to get a laugh or ten out of it!

Get Your Own Brawnyman

This next FFT is for everyone and is actually a "go nowhere" field trip - one you can sit back and enjoy in the safety and comfort of Nic's Place.

"Are you tired of rhythm?"

Yes, my friends, it is the ever popular How To Dance Like A White Guy promotional video. A must have for every redneck home. It doesn't matter if you're from the North or South, rednecks are found everywhere.

So kick your feet up, pop the top to a cold one (soda that is) and get ready to have fun while learning the secrets of How to Dance Like A White Guy! Maybe you can pick up a few pointers before hand if you're going out this weekend!

Just press the start button and you're on your way to a learning whole new kind of dance to impress the other people on the dance floor.

I won't be posting Saturday b/c I will be out for St. Patrick's Day with MC and a mutual friend who is in town for SXSW! So Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!


An Irish Blessing
May the saddest day of your future be no worse
Than the happiest day of your past.

May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thursday, March 15, 2007


There is big news today about the confession of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and 9/11. With everything that he has confessed to, there are still people who are "sympathetic" to him. People right here, Americans, living in America, people he would kill without blinking an eye. It's outrageous! My very dear friend Jack Kinsella of the Omega Letter wrote an article about it that is really spot on. WAKE UP PEOPLE! You CAN NOT NEGOTIATE with extremists who want nothing more than to break us to their will and be the power over us. If we keep on negotiating, soon we will have nothing left to give but the whole of our freedom and our very lives. It's time to put them out of the business of killing us once and for all.
Did We Get the Real 9/11 Mastermind?

Nearly four years to the day from being captured in Pakistan in March, 2003, Americans have finally learned why the administration touted the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as a 'big get'.

It terms of whose hands were the most bloodstained among the enemy, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was even a bigger 'get' than Osama bin Laden. Osama may have provided the leadership and funding, but it was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who did almost all of the actual killing.

Until today, we only knew Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the 'operational leader' of the 9/11 attacks. Now that redacted transcripts of his statement before the military tribunal hearing his case have been released, we've learned what the term 'operational leader' really meant.

It also helps to explain why there hasn't been a successful major terrorist attack against a Western target since the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing. We had the brains of the outfit in custody.

In a written statement provided to the tribunal, Mohammed confessed to "organizing, planning, followup and execution" of the September 11 attacks.

"I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z," Mohammed said, according to the transcript, released by the Pentagon last night.

Mohammed described himself as the “military operational commander for all foreign operations around the world” for al-Qaeda.

In addition to his written statement, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed gave a lengthy and evidently spontaneous speech in broken English to the three-officer tribunal hearing his case.

In all, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's statement admitted to planning more than thirty-one major terrorist attacks, including, but in no way confined to, the 9/11 attacks. Mohammed confessed to being the operational leader of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six Americans.

He confessed to being behind the Bali nightclub bombing in 2002. He admitted to planning and masterminding the aborted Richard Reid shoe-bombing attempt aboard a US bound aircraft.

Daniel Pearl was abducted in January 2002 in Pakistan while researching a story on Islamic militancy. Pearl was lured into a meeting with KSM, tortured, forced to issue a videotaped 'confession, and was then beheaded on camera.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted to being the masked man on camera who personally cut off Pearl's head.

In addition to the successful attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed also confessed to planning the assassinations of Pope John Paul II, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, and former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

In his statement, KSM outlined his plans for a second wave of attacks against US targets, including the Sears Tower in Chicago, the Empire State Building in New York, the Library Tower in LA and the Plaza Bank in Washington State.

He also planned attacks against targets in New York's financial district, London's Heathrow Airport and Big Ben, and the Canary Wharf Building.

But wait! There's more! He also claimed he was behind the bombing of a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, frequented by Jewish travelers, and the launching of a Russian-made SA-7 surface-to-air missile at an airliner departing from Kenya.

In another plot, he planned to use airplanes flying out of Saudi Arabia to destroy buildings in Elat, Israel and a plot to destroy Israeli embassies in a number of countries, according to the statement.

He sent several mujahedeen fighters into Israel "to conduct surveillance to hit several strategic targets deep in Israel," according to the statement.

Also on his list of targets were American embassies in Indonesia, Australia and Japan; Israeli embassies in India, Azerbaijan, the Philippines and Australia; airliners around the world; and nuclear power plants in the United States.

He said he managed “the cell for the production of biological weapons, such as anthrax and others, and following up on dirty-bomb operations on American soil.”

KSM also admitted to planning operations against US warships and oil tankers in the Straits of Hormuz, the Straits of Gibraltar and the port of Singapore. And he planned to bomb and destroy the Panama Canal.

According to the transcripts, a computer seized during his capture included detailed information about the Sept. 11 plot -- ranging from names and photos of the hijackers to photos of hijacker Mohamed Atta's pilot's license and even letters from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to meeting with American terrorist Jose Padilla in Pakistan in 2002 to plan 'dirty bomb' attacks against apartment buildings in major US cities.


KSM's confession and extemporaneous statement at his hearing are already being slammed by human rights' groups as being the product of torture.

This, despite the fact that KSM was questioned by a member of the tribunal about allegations that he had been tortured. KSM denied it.

Indeed, he seemed proud of his accomplishments, although he admitted to a tiny bit of remorse at the deaths of women and children in the 9/11 attacks. In his own eyes, however, he is a hero, victims notwithstanding.

As he explained to the tribunal, “What I wrote here, is not I’m making myself hero, when I said I was responsible for this or that. But you are military man. You know very well there are language for war.”

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, questioned the legality of the closed-door sessions and whether the confession was actually the result of torture.

"We won't know that unless there is an independent hearing," he said. "We need to know if this purported confession would be enough to convict him at a fair trial or would it have to be suppressed as the fruit of torture?"

(KSM's body count runs into multiplied thousands and Roth is more distrustful of the United States than he is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?)

I was fascinated by the reaction from the Left following the release of the transcripts. They seemed almost disappointed.

The New York Times was almost sympathetic in its coverage, addressing KSM as "Mr. Mohammed".

The Times' noted, "there were suggestions in it that Mr. Mohammed contended he was mistreated while in the custody of the C.I.A. after his arrest in 2003," -- without mentioning that KSM specifically denied the torture claim before the tribunal.

The Times' even painted KSM as something of a martyr, writing, "[W]hile not contesting his own guilt, Mr. Mohammed asked the United States government to “be fair with people.” He said that many people who had been arrested as terrorists in the wake of 9/11 were innocent."

Later in the same report, the Times' repeated the same claim for added emphasis, writing, "He pleaded on behalf of some of his fellow detainees. “I’m asking you again to be fair with many detainees which are not enemy combatant,” Mr. Mohammed said. “Because many of them have been unjustly arrested.”

Sure. The guy kills thousands of innocents in sneak attacks, but the Times' is willing to accept his claim that his imprisoned compatriots are innocent at face value?

Let's see. This is the same New York Times that branded George W. Bush a serial liar -- but has no doubt that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is telling the truth about the rest of the Gitmo detainees.

After outlining KSM's confession, the NYTimes couldn't resist adding; "It is not clear how many of Mr. Mohammed’s expansive claims were legitimate," building on its theme that KSM's confession was somehow not as trustworthy as his claims that his fellow detainees were innocent victims of an unfair US prosecution.

And when questioned as to whether he was speaking under duress at the hearing, Mohammed said he was not. According to the New York Times, that was just another US-backed lie.

When it comes down to whether al-Qaeda's top killer is telling the truth or George W. Bush, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the more trustworthy source. Can the Times' REALLY believe that even Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is just a pawn in some insidious Bush administration plot?

This is deliberate, willful (and feigned) ignorance, and testimony to just how much the New York Times really hates the Bush administration. Since the NYTimes' doesn't mind repeating itself to make a point, I will do the same thing.

Osama bin Laden is still out there, somewhere. Ayman al Zawahiri releases another video threatening new attacks every other month.

But Khalid Sheik Mohammed was captured in March, 2003.

And there hasn't been a successful major attack on a Western target since. If the Times' is going to blame Bush for something, maybe it should blame him for that.

Fat chance.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Memeday: Crayon box survey

For those looking for the Ask Nic answers, they are on the post right below this one


1. Are you currently mad at someone?
Takes too much energy and I haven’t enough right now to be mad – I’m too busy being stressed from work and computer problems right now

2. Which of your family members has the worst temper?
Me, though Emily pouts like a champ

3. Have you ever thrown something at anyone?
No, though there are times I have wanted to really, really badly

4. Is anyone mad at you?
I'm sure someone, somewhere is for some reason

5. Are you usually mad?
Again, too much energy to waste on such a useless emotion – I’d rather be happy

6. When you're mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell?
Depends on how mad I get, what it is about and who it is I am mad at


1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise party for you?
No, though it would be nice

3. What event is coming up that you're most excited about?
Kansas City for my birthday – It’s my favorite city in the US and I haven’t been there in over 10 years so I am going this year to meet up with a couple of friends from across the country and one from there. I can’t wait!

4. If you won a million dollars, what would be your first thought?
Who can I help with part of it after I pay off what debts I have remaining?

5. If you could have anything right now what would it be?
A sassy, passionate, honest and loving relationship


1. Name? Nicole AKA Nic

2. Born in? Texas – God’s country!

3. What's your main goal in life?
To be the best mother and Christian example to my daughter that I can be

4. Do you want to have children?
I have one amazing daughter, but I would like to have more children soon

5. When do you want to die?
When I am a very, very, very old woman at the end of a happy and satisfied life


1. Do you have gay friends?

2. Lower the drinking age?
People are drinking at a younger age already, but no, I think that it should stay the same with harsher penalties for those who break that law or who “contribute to the delinquency of a minor” that way. Kids younger than 21 aren’t able to handle drinking responsibly anyway, heck, most people I know over 21 aren’t able to drink responsibly either.

3. Capital Punishment?

4. Abortion?
Morally wrong irregardless of the situation – it is the MURDER an INNOCENT human being who can not defend themselves.


1. Do you love someone?
My daughter, my mother, my best friend

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I believe in intense attraction at first sight but not real, deep, "in love" love, that takes time, trust, and energy


1. How many beds did you lay in today?
Beds? Seriously? Plural? What do you think I am, a hussy or something? Just one – mine.

2. What color shirt are you wearing?

3. Name one thing that you do everyday?

4. How much cash do you have on you right now?
I almost never carry cash other than coin change for meters and soda machines

5. Is Tom on your MySpace Top Friends list?

6. Look to your left. What's there?
A lamp

7. What's the last piece of clothing you borrowed from someone?
I can’t remember, I haven’t borrowed clothes in at least 10 years

8. What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
Omegaletter.com, Gmail, Foxnews.com, Statcounter.com, World Net Daily

9. Do you have plants in your room?

10: Does anything hurt on your body right now?
My back – it usually aches in one fashion or another – I haven’t had a good massage in YEARS. I particularly have a tight spot between my shoulder blades from looking at the computer screen today for at least 3 hours to fix some issues on a 401 page document. Yes, I got it done.

11. Do you own a picture phone?
Yes – with flash and video

12. Recent time you were really upset?
Last week


1. Guy you hugged?
Saying goodbye to a guy named Mark that I met at a friend’s housewarming party Friday night.

2. Girl you hugged?

3. Movie watched in cinema and with who?
Couldn’t begin to tell you

4. Song you listened to?
Caoineadh Chu Chulainn – an achingly beautiful Celtic song done on the Uilleann Pipes

5. Person you talked on the phone with?

6. Person you saw?
Emily and my mom


1. What are you doing right now?
This never-ending survey. SIGH!

2. What are you doing tonight?
Get clothes ready for Em and myself tomorrow

3. What are you going to eat?
No idea


1. What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to work

2. Goal?
Get through another outrageously busy day and get ready to have the next 3 days off – Wednesday by myself and Thursday and Friday with Emily!

3. Are you going to laugh?
I hope so, laughter is life to me, but I haven’t done much of that I the past several years – but I have laughed a bit in the last few weeks and it’s been really nice!

Ask Nic Answers

Ok, so as promised, here are the answers for the Ask Nic post I did two weeks ago. My apologies for the tardiness of getting them up. My computer has not been cooperating, sadly enough and I've had to re-wipe and re-load everything for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. It's a little time consuming. SIGH! Anyway, I wanted to give a very sincere thanks to my lovely, lovely blogfriends for their questions!

First up is my very, very dear blogfriend of the past 2 years, Jean Luc. He has been just such a fantastic, upbeat, cheerful friend and also is one of my very favorite blogfriends of all time (with a completely engaging and entertaining blog to boot!) and he asked:
What did you want to be when you young?
Oh without a question I wanted to be a mother. I didn't want to be a doctor, or a rodeo girl or a movie star – ok, well, there was the occasional princess fantasy, but really what I wanted more than anything was to be a mommy. I am blessed beyond measure by my daughter b/c not only did she fulfill my childhood dream but she is exactly what God knew I needed in my life. I could not ask for a more loving, pure-hearted, little girl.

A newer friend of mine that I met through the Christian Women Online writing exercise I do most every Tuesday, Laurel Wreath, is such a sweet, compassionate, joyful heart and a true comfort in many ways and she wanted to know:
What do you feel is/was your biggest accomplishment in life (so far)?
Wow, that is not an easy answer as there are a couple of them for different reasons. First and foremost, my daughter, hands down – and second one that goes hand-in-hand with the first is struggling through this difficult single parenting life as a Christian mother with a strong set of morals, ethics and beliefs that I try to pass on and use to counteract the negative influences that she comes across every day is not easy, but thankfully, she has absorbed a great deal of what I have taught her so far about the Christian life and the heritage we have in Christ and the life that He wants us to lead as opposed to what she is getting...elsewhere and being taught that lifestyle and living situation is "normal", when it isn't. It's tough to try and counteract a lot of the influence she is getting on the other side of things when she's not at school or home with me, but, by the Grace of GOD she is soaking it up like a sponge and is spiritually more aware than most adults I know – then again, don't kids usually understand the most basic truths when we, as adults, try to make the basic become the complicated until we no longer recognize it?

And finally, my very wonderful friend Michael Manning, a man who is such an encourager, is such a treasure trove of information and is a completely fascinating person to boot, was curious as to:
...I wondered what makes you laugh?
I try and find humor in everything if I can. I love to laugh. To me, laughter is life, seriously. I can not imagine living without laughing. Laughter can brighten a room and lighten a heart. It is a healer in many ways. It has been scientifically proven to release certain endorphins that counteract the negative and harmful effects of many diseases and stress. I like to laugh at silly stuff, a good comedy/comedian(ne), a funny joke, witty banter and bad clichés. I love to laugh with other people and Emily frequently makes me laugh by her actions and/or statements. She is SO the drama queen and many things have a flair of the exaggerated.

Thank you all for participating in the Ask Nic! I will have another one up this week sometime for some more interactive fun. :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday's Feast

What is your usual bedtime? Do you like that, or would you rather it be different?

Whenever my brain shuts off - usually after midnight sometime. Yes, I'd LOVE to be able to get a full 8 hours of sleep with no wake ups, disturbances, etc.

When it comes to advice, do you give more or receive more?

I give more. I am the person that most people I know come to with a problem for me to help them with, for whatever reason

Describe a memorable meal you've had.

I ate several dinners with members of the Dallas Cowboys when their training camp was here in Austin. I was friends with their head of security (a feisty, former military, short woman who could take down a man 3 times her size without blinking an eye) and got invited to many of their BBQ's and private parties. I know, it's not so personal, but I'm not in a personal sharing mood today.

Main Course
Name a work of fiction that affected the way you think about something.

Stephen King's "The Stand". It made me really think about the grouping between good and evil and the potential for greatness within them both - it's just how you choose to do with what gifts you have and what kind of person you are on the inside that tells you and others what side you "Stand" on.

What is your favorite type of fruit juice?

Sparkling grape juice - it's carbonated and bubbly. YUM!

I will be posting the answers to the Ask Nic questions this weekend. Thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nifty Survey

I have not forgotten the great Ask Nic questions that have been asked. It has been so busy that I haven't had a whole lot of time to sit and come up with the great answers they deserve. I will answer those sometime this week, but until then, here is this nifty little meme/survey I found. I like it b/c you fill in some spaces and it populates the code for the table.

Happy Hump Day! :)

Name:Nicole (Nic)
Birthday:July 5, 1973
Birthplace:Austin, TX
Current Location:Austin, TX
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Right Handed or Left Handed:Both, plus I can write upside down and backwards (at the same time) with both too
Your Heritage:American Mutt
The Shoes You Wore Today:4" stiletto heels, black with white trim, toeless with a little bow on top of the foot - LOVE THEM!
Your Weakness:Why? So you can use it against me?
Your Fears:Depths where something could be below me and I don't see it coming until it's too late
Your Perfect Pizza:Pan pizza with extra cheese, easy sauce, Candian bacon, pineapple and mushrooms
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year:1. Lose another 20 pounds 2. Fall in love
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger:LMAO or ROFL
Thoughts First Waking Up:Is it time to get up ALREADY?!?!?!?!
Your Best Physical Feature:It's a toss up between eyes and smile
Your Bedtime:Whenever my brain shuts off enough to let me fall asleep
Your Most Missed Memory:1. Being held by someone I am in a relationship with 2. My dad
Pepsi or Coke:Coke all the way! (But I prefer a Cherry Limeade - diet or regular - from Sonic beats all of them!)
MacDonalds or Burger King:McD's
Single or Group Dates:Depends on my level of interest in the person
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:Ummmmm, sweet tea?
Chocolate or Vanilla:Both
Cappuccino or Coffee:Neither
Do you Smoke:No
Do you Swear:Do birds fly? Yeah, more than I should.
Do you Sing:Every day, it's a much a part of me as breathing
Do you Shower Daily:DER!
Have you Been in Love:Yes - whoever said it was better to have loved and lost has never been there
Do you want to go to College:Maybe for a few classes that interest me but not for a degree
Do you want to get Married:Yes
Do you belive in yourself:50/50
Do you get Motion Sickness:Sometimes
Do you think you are Attractive:Sometimes
Are you a Health Freak:No
Do you get along with your Parents:Yes
Do you like Thunderstorms:Only if the thunder is low, rolling thunder - HAAAATE the loud cracking, crashing thunder. HATE IT!
Do you play an Instrument:Used to be a classical pianist
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol:Does a fish drink water?
In the past month have you Smoked:No
In the past month have you been on Drugs:Are you smoking crack? H3LL NO!
In the past month have you gone on a Date:Try well over 3 years since I've actually been on one a traditional one
In the past month have you gone to a Mall:No, I try to avoid them if possible
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos:No
In the past month have you eaten Sushi:Yuck!
In the past month have you been on Stage:Yes
In the past month have you been Dumped:I'd have to date first wouldn't I?
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:SHAH! I don't want to blind anyone - NO!
In the past month have you Stolen Anything:No
Ever been Drunk:Yes
Ever been called a Tease:Yes
Ever been Beaten up:No
Ever Shoplifted:I took a package of cinnamon toothpicks when I was a kid but felt horribly guilty about it
How do you want to Die:Peacefully in bed as a very old woman surrounded by family
What do you want to be when you Grow Up:I'm still waiting to grow up
What country would you most like to Visit:Ireland/Scotland/Israel/Australia/New Zealand
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color:Any
Favourite Hair Color:Any
Short or Long Hair:Short
Height:At least 6' (I wear 4" heels, I don't want to tower over someone - it's just not a turn on)
Weight:fit, or a few-some extra pounds but no brick walls and no "overly large" weights
Best Clothing Style:Depends on my mood
Number of Drugs I have taken:Prescription?
Number of CDs I own:Couldn't count them all
Number of Piercings:4 - that would be 2 in each ear
Number of Tattoos:2
Number of things in my Past I Regret:A few


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In Other Words - Tuesdays at CWO

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with•out [with-out, with-]

1. with the absence, omission, or avoidance of; not with; with no or none of; lacking: without help; without shoes; without her helping me; without him to help.
2. free from; excluding: a world without hunger.
3. not accompanied by: Don't go without me.
4. at, on, or to the outside of; outside of: both within and without the house or the city.
5. beyond the compass, limits, range, or scope of (now used chiefly in opposition to within): whether within or without the law.
6. in or into an exterior or outer place; outside.
7. outside a house, building, etc.: The carriage awaits without.
8. lacking something implied or understood: We must take this or go without.
9. as regards the outside; externally.
10. the outside of a place, region, area, room, etc.
11. Midland and Southern U.S. UNLESS.

pos•si•ble [pos-uh-buh l]

1. that may or can be, exist, happen, be done, be used, etc.: a disease with no possible cure.
2. that may be true or may be the case, as something concerning which one has no knowledge to the contrary: It is possible that he has already gone.

—Synonyms 1. POSSIBLE, FEASIBLE, PRACTICABLE refer to that which may come about or take place without prevention by serious obstacles. That which is POSSIBLE is naturally able or even likely to happen, other circumstances being equal: Discovery of a new source of plutonium may be possible. FEASIBLE refers to the ease with which something can be done and implies a high degree of desirability for doing it: This plan is the most feasible. PRACTICABLE applies to that which can be done with the means that are at hand and with conditions as they are: We ascended the slope as far as was practicable.

Just as breathing is life to our bodies, prayer is life to our souls and spirits. As Christians, we should not be able to go through the day without prayer much as we can not go through the day without breathing. So many people pray to ask God for things: Please let me get that job...Please let so-and-so notice me...Please let me-give me-show me-... Since when did prayer become selfish and all about God giving to us? What about praying for others? What about just thanking God for the small things He has given you? What have you thanked God for today?

I pray for my daughter, for her character, for the friends God gives her, for her future spouse. I don’t pray things for her, I pray God’s best for her, whatever it may be in whatever form.

I pray for the missionaries over the world that they would reach others, that they would be safe, that they would find help in dangerous places and situations and peace to calm them in potentially life-threatening situations.

I pray for the angels watching over us, fighting the unseen battles in an unseen realm, against the agents of the enemy. How many of you pray for their strength in defeating the powers of this present darkness that clouds and grows over the earth?

I pray for friends, family, my mom, my ex and my former step-son.

I pray whenever the thought hits me that a person or situation needs praying about or when I see something as simple as a beautiful sunset or for life giving rain when we have been without it.

Prayer doesn’t have to be elaborate, or fancy. That’s not God. Just like breathing is a habitual function that we do automatically, so should prayer be.

God knows what is going on with us, He knows what is or is not happening in our lives, but that doesn’t mean that He doesn’t want to hear from us. God made us to fellowship with Him and, yet, we often are too “busy” with the trivial to even spare 5 minutes out of our day for communication with Him. Ever wonder why God removes the “trivial” from our lives that we thought was so vital to us? Many times it’s to get our focus corrected and to get back into communication with Him.

I do pray for myself, admittedly. Everyone does. I know that God wants to give me His best, but sometimes we must ask Him for it. I also pray to become the person that God is directing me to become – even through the difficult times.

I may not pray to God long, sweeping prayers, but I pray often during the day, more of a dialogue, a few sentences here and there. Prayer is talking to God...and listening for His answers. If you get out of practice of listening to God when you are praying you need to remember that God gave us two ears and only one mouth.

Just like we would physically die without breathing, so our walk with the Lord starts to die when we do not talk to Him.

A day hemmed in prayer rarely comes unraveled.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happy Birthday!

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This is for someone who has started to become a good friend, someone I can talk to really almost just about anything. Your emails bring a smile to my face!

May you have a blessed birthday today! Thank you for the gift of your friendship and understanding. :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

It's Friday - Thank God!!!

Ok, so last night was just so much fun! MC and I went out to a little celebration called SoCo First Thursdays. It's in a really eclectic shop/restaurant area on South Congress (hence the SoCo name). Anyway, on every first Thursday of the month they have an outdoor celebration with the vendors and restaurants participating. They have street musicians and vendors and in the warmer, lighter-later months they have magicians and balloonists for the kids and it's a HUGE deal b/c it's a free thing (the music and access to vendor areas) and MC and I figure free is good. :) So we went and had drinks and appetizers and people watched and listened to good music. I got some cool new earrings that I am wearing today. I took a pic to post b/c the description can't really do justice for the awesomeness of these earrings (2nd picture)! They are red pearl Fender heavy guitar pics with a dice on top of each one. I shouldn't have gotten them but they spoke to me – not literally, I hadn't had that much to drink despite the beer bottles on the table in the picture with me and MC (they weren’t all mine, really) – oh, yeah, the other person in the 1st picture below is my very dearest friend MC. I’ve talked about her for a long time on this blog, but I’ve never posted a pic...so blogreaders and friends, that is who I talk about in such glowing terms if you ever read anything about MC that I post.

So after that we went to this little dive bar that we went to Saturday for the first time. Yeah, Saturday was fun and so was this. To digress for a moment (you notice I do that a lot), we had met a group of guys out Saturday and I laughed more Saturday night than I have in a very, very long time. Anyway, again, we went to this dive bar last night and one of the guys from Saturday was there and MC and I spent the next two hours playing air hockey and video games with him and having a real fun time. It was an unexpectedly fun evening – definitely better than my expectations. So after the pictures, I have posted my Friday’s Feast answers.

What does the color pink make you think of?

My daughter, cotton candy, the inside of a seashell – mother of pearl, flowers, big fluffy clouds at sunrise/sunset, poodles, soft cashmere pearl-buttoned sweaters.

Name something you thought you had lost, but later found.

My sense of self, my self-identity. It’s been gone for so long but I have recently started to get reacquainted with myself.

In 3 words, describe this past week.

Swamped, hectic, flirty

Main Course
What are you obsessed with?

No comment. My obsessions are my own and not for public speculation.

What kind of perfume or cologne do you like to wear?

I wear 2 perfumes depending on my mood. Kingdom by Alexander McQueen which comes in a beautiful bottle that is actually a dark red upside down heart with a silver shell – this has a little spicier floral mixture of Neroli, Ginger, Rose, and Jasmine with muskier notes of Cumin, Sandalwood, Copahu Wood and Myrrh. Then there is Michael Kors by Michael Kors. This is what I wear most right now. It has a strong gardenia/floral base but is also smoky and a little woodsy/musky too making it very sultry and exotic as well. It’s a “crowd” favorite – meaning I get a LOT of compliments on it. A lovely friend of mine from Switzerland via South Africa introduced me to it a few years ago but I just got some of my own for Christmas for the first time this past year.

Happy weekend! I will be working the Zilker Kite Festival this Sunday doing my emergency management thing. I’ll see if I can get pictures and post them after. If you are in the Austin area, please come out. It’s free and all food court proceeds go to the Prevent Child Abuse programs in the CenTex area. A very worthy cause!