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Thursday, May 05, 2005

This just in...

Yoda has a blog. No, I am not kidding. It is a totally funny experience! A blogfriend had the link on her blog (Moo Alex). Her favorite quote was:
"And tell you let me, look good in his "tighty-whities" Kenobi does not!"

A must see this is. Disappointed you will not be.

Master Yoda's Blog


mrsmogul said...

Really? I thought he was dead! LOL. PS your sidebar is way lopsided. Check it out

Michelle said...

re: rant about Austin/lack of live music...from Dooce's comments

If you come to Maria's Taco Xpress to hear Leeann Atherton on ANY Friday, you'll be in the company of law-ignoring music loving hippies covered in real clothes, not barely-there garb, and I'll buy your first top-shelf margarita (no salt? salt?)

Same for the Resentments at the Saxon Pub Sunday nights - only there, it's a Tingle-rita...

butting in on the yoda talk, but Girl, Get Some Music While It's Still Here (Before All The Clubs Close!)

Nic said...

mrsmogul: your Bloggerholic Pill Poppers are inspired! I'll take 4 please. P.S. How do I fix a lopsided sidebar?

Michelle: I agree. 10 years ago there were a lot more down home live music venues and now the ones left seem to be the BIG venues like Stubbs or Waterloo. Oh, Auschron says differently, but the live music venues here ins Austin are dwindling. Was extremely sad when they closed Steamboat. Glad to know that there's another Austinite who digs on Dooce! I'll have to take you up on that marg offer sometime. :) Tequila is my friend.