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Friday, May 27, 2005

Protect your children

Found the following on a new neat blogsite. Thanks to An American Housewife for posting this. Go visit her and say thanks!

Dear Parent, On Missing Children's day, we wanted to send you an important notification about how you can start protecting your children today. There is no cost, we just want to help.
4 Simple Steps To Protecting Your Children Today
Missing Children’s Day 05/25/2005

22 years ago, President Ronald Reagan set forth that May 25th would be National Missing Children's day. On this day, the National Alert Registry asks you to invest in the future of your children. The National Alert Registry pledges to help you protect your children with a free 4-step program to help become prepared, involved, aware, and informed.

In One Year 58,200 Children Are Victims Of Non-Family Abductions
Source: Nonfamily Abducted Children: National Estimates and Characteristics (NISMART, 2002)

STEP 1: BE PREPARED: The National Alert Registry has developed a free Child Identification Package that may help aid authorities identify your child in case of emergency.

To get your Child Identification Package please visit:
Child ID Kit

STEP 2: GET INVOLVED: Take a proactive stance in fighting to keep your children safe. Follow our 8 simple rules for protecting your children and teach them to start
protecting themselves today.

You can find the 8 simple rules at:
Protect Your Children

STEP 3: BECOME AWARE: Make yourself aware of the dangers that exist and the agencies designed to help protect you and your children.

To find more about some of these agencies please visit:
Parent Resources

STEP 4: STAY INFORMED: Run a free sexual predator search to determine if sexual predators live near you.

You can run a free search today by going to:

*** Make this National Missing Children's day successful and take these 4-steps toward making you children safe. ***

What Should I Do If Sexual Predators Are In My Area?
If sexual predators are in your area, full reports are available & include:

+ A Detailed Map of where the Offenders live in proximity to you and your children
+ Photos
+ Appearance Details
+ Name Aliases
+ Specific Conviction Information
+ Offense Dates
+ Offense Details
+ Street Addresses of Offenders

Please let us know if there is any other way we can help. Our goal is to protect your children


National Alert Registry
Customer Service
National Alert Registry

Now, having posted that up I also urge you to go to use THIS SEARCH ENGINE. It's easy and free, and you don't have to register to become some sort of member. It is the FBI Investigation Programs; Crimes Against Children search place.

But when you go to your state and zip code take note that it may say that they don't maintain their database on a regular basis or something of the sort. Get on 'em.

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