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"Wait on the Lord, be strong and of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart...wait on the Lord. Psalms 27:14


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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Guest post

OK, I know you are clicked on Nicole's link, expecting to get an uplifting and inspiring message from your favorite girl from Texas! Instead, you get.….. me, Cmhl, a former Texan. If you keep going and hang a right at the intersection, you'’ll find yourself at my humble abode, Crouching Mommy, Hidden Laundry. Go on, visit, I'’ll just be waiting here...

Back so soon?

I can't say that you are in for a treat with MY writing, but I know you will enjoy the guest poster that Nicole has lined up for tomorrow!

Looking at the schedule, it appears that today is HDQ day here at As My World Turns, which is loosely translated as the "“humpty day question."” Didn't there used to be a humpty dance? Bueller? Am I dating myself? Moving on...… the humpty day question rules are as follows, "“ask me a question about anything you want to know about me, but please keep it CLEAN as this is a family blog."”

*cracking knuckles*

Ahhhhhhh...…. Such fun!

So, clever reader, the floor is open. Ask any question that has been weighing heavy on your mind about Nicole, and I will be pleased to answer! Be aware, however, that I have never met Nicole, ergo my answers will probably be fabricated. As such, you may ask me a question about myself, or better yet, ask a question of tomorrow'’s guest poster!

Post your questions in the comments,… I'’ll be patiently waiting..… And have a wonderful trip, Nicole!


Monty said...

Dear cmhl,
I read the banner streaming by and I undertsand the concept that I am saved simply by the fact of my faith. But does that relieve me of my responsibility to try to be a better person?

Thank you in advance.

Overwhelmed! said...

Nicole (or Cmhl), how did you get those neat graphics on your sidebar? :)