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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Guest Post #2 - Thankful Thursday

no_average_girl filling in for Nic today and picking up where Cmhl left off. Thanks for introducing everyone to us - the, might I say, wonderful, charming, beautiful, sincere, generous, loving - what's that, Cmhl? Oh, hurry and finish before I make us both sound stuck-up...sure, ok - umm...where was I? Oh yeah, sweet guest bloggers Ms. Nic lined up? ~snickers~

So far, it's been my pleasure to work with Cmhl. I actually just met her moments ago, but I think we're both two kindred spirits and will get through this with ease! :-)

Today is Nic's Thankful Thursday post, and since she's given me the lock and key (a.k.a. username and password! ~evil grin~) I'm going to use that liberty as an eye-opener!

Thankful Thursday: What no_average_girl is thankful for in Nicole

A friend who's sincere, witty, funny, and honest.
The invitations to be myself, crack up at others, and the opportunity to do so in a clean, wholesome enviroment.
Love generously flowing from Nic into others' lives.
Encouragement is like a river from Nic's posts, comments, and her life style.
Sheer genuineness - for who Nic is.
Life which Nic so boldy shares with others.
The binding chords of care of a mother to a daughter.

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I know I'm posting as Nic...sorry for the confusion guys - I know I had your hopes up :-P


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Glad I'm the first to comment here. Both you and Nic are favourite ports of call for me. You've done a wonderful job in Nic's place here.

cmhl said...

Love this post!!