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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Can I get a 20/20?

Nope, apparently not. I went to get my eyes checked for the first time in about 3 1/2 years - yes I know, procrastination at its finest here folks. I wanted to get contacts again since I haven't really worn them since probably 2004 b/c at that time Em was so busy being grabby at the eyes, nose, etc. due to her age that it was safer to wait it out until she got older. Of course, while there it came to my doctor's attention that my prescription had changed (DUH!) - no, I will not divulge what it is but suffice it to say it is nowhere close to 20/20. She decided to let me try out two different pairs of contacts to figure out which one I liked best. So after being there for 2 hours, what with the whole eye dilation scenario, I went home very carefully and waited with great anticipa...................tion to try out the first of my two trial pair of contacts.

This morning comes around and I get ready to put in my first pair of contacts and WHOA! The first one went in with no problem. Comfy, clear. I could see without glasses in my right eye. Good first step. I put the left contact lens in and...ouch! Itchy. Scratchy. Watering [left] eye. So I take it [the contact lens] out and flush it with saline aaaaand try again. Nope. Not this time either. So I do the little contact dance about 4 or 5 times and finally just decide to deal with it. After dabbing my watering eye, I back up and WOW! Everything is a lot bigger than it was with glasses. HUH? Oh that does not bode well for the pants I'm wearing. HA! Just kidding. Things look good so far. So I go out and look around the house and - wait - Houston, we have a problem.

Ok, what does the term nearsighted mean? It means that you can see things close to you. What I am not is farsighted. I NEED contacts and/or glasses to see in the distance and actually these days even in the near distance. (I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade so you try and figure out what my sight is like now many, many years later - but I digress). So what can I NOT do with these contacts? See clearly in the distance. Close up is great, but even 50 feet away things start to have a fuzzy outline. Not good - especially when driving. I was so disappointed that it actually ticked me off.

So tomorrow I shall try the other pair of contacts that they gave me to try and if I have the same results then I'll be on the phone to the optometrist asking for a stronger script on both eyes or something. A stronger script has got to be better than what I had today.

On the plus side I found a really darling new pair of frames that look great, but it will take at least a week or two to get them in b/c I ordered the "light" lenses - which means they don't look half as thick as what they would have 15 or even 10 years ago. I hope they come in before I go on vacation to a reunion at the end of May/beginning of June.

And that's a story for another time - the vacation planning that is.


no_average_girl said...

glad to see you got contacts, but hate to hear they are giving you trouble...as a fellow contact lense wearer, i understand about the itchy, water eyes and seem to be a fountain trying to flow that contact right out of your eye!

hopefully tomorrow will yield better results! :-)

greatwhitebear said...

got two words for you.. reading glasses