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Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Meanderings & Guest Bloggers!


Main Entry: hooky
Variant(s): or hook•ey /'hu-kE/
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural hook•ies or hookeys
Etymology: probably from slang hook, hook it (to make off)
: TRUANT -- used chiefly in the phrase play hooky: one who shirks duty; especially : one who stays out of school without permission

That’s a term normally reserved for school-aged kids elementary through the teen years. It’s “played” when there is a test being given that one hasn’t studied for or for going to the beach, lake, friend’s pool or whatever when there is perfect weather on said given day.

Today I want to play hooky from work. I’ve been stressed lately, a little depressed and lonely, actually kind of feeling like a little pity-party – though not consciously or purposely. Just feeling down.

Today I actually feel pretty good. The weather is PERFECT hooky weather. Bright beautiful sunshine. 74 degrees – unheard of for May in Central Texas. Blue, blue skies and a few lazy, puffy clouds. Nice cool breeze and the humidity isn’t too bad.

I want to take Emily and go on a picnic somewhere in the country and just be her and me and no interruptions from the cell or email or any electronic gadgets.

Emily said something that broke my heart yesterday. On the way to church she stated that she didn’t want to be a mommy with babies who had to work. She would rather be a scuba diver. (If it came down to having babies and having to work and not be home for them) No matter how many times I’ve tried to explain it to her, she’s still 4 and doesn’t understand the concept of money and what it’s used for and that as a single parent who is literally living almost paycheck to paycheck I have no choice on whether or not I want to work.

If it were up to me, I would be a stay at home mom. My plans in life didn’t include working outside the house after I had children. Unfortunately, I made a lot more than “The X” and was the primary breadwinner and insurance carrier for all of us. Now, I have no choice but to work outside the home, even though I would rather, in my heart of hearts be home for Emily during the days – or at least be able to work part time. However, in Austin, there is no part time job that would pay even half of what is needed to live on as a single parent in this economy and with the cost of living here. I'm barely making ends meet as it is with what I make and what I make is a lot better than what most jobs offer here in town. It would be a lot less “tight” if I were getting child support, which was SUPPOSED to have started in April, but I still haven’t seen a penny of it yet. At least then I would not have to be so concerned about which bills I have to pay with this paycheck and which ones I can hold off on until next paycheck in-between groceries and gas.

I know that God provides. He always does. He always has and always will. Job 10:12, Luke 12:22-31. I just wish that things wouldn’t be so tight between those times.

Maybe I can ask Him for the winning lottery numbers. Oh, but then I would actually have to play the lottery. ;)

Oh well. I'll stay here at work and plow through the day so that I can get a paycheck and be able to go on vacation with Emily in two glorious weeks! Yes, I will be gone for 7 days. Starting the day after Memorial Day. From Tuesday to Monday!

Will I take my laptop with me? I don't know but most likely not. I can check/respond to email via my phone but will I really want to? I'll be meeting up with MANY friends from across the country and some of their kids in lovely Branson, MO. This will be a great time to just get away with my precious girl. I may be asking some of you to guest blog for me while I'm gone if you want to.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, please let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me at nboedeke@gmail.com. I will get with you regarding password, etc. for this venture. I've never had guest bloggers but I have guest blogged for others before so I know a little of how it works.

As you know, I have specific posts on specific days and if any of those appeal to you, please let me know which one(s) you would like to cover.

Here is the schedule of what posts I do on what days:

Sundays – whatever comes to mind
Mondays – Monday Meme (self explanitory - a meme on a Monday - see the post below this one), Monday Meals (usually a tasty meal that is easy to make for those who are “culinarily challenged” or who have children and includes a side dish(es), entrée and a dessert) or Monday Meanderings (what's on my mind)
Tuesdays – Truthful Tuesdays (usually answering questions from the previous weeks HDQ/Ask Nic session) or whatever comes to mind
Wednesdays – HDQ (the "humpy day question") and Ask Nic (ask me a question about anything you want to know about me, but please keep it clean as this is a family blog)
Thursdays – Thankful Thursdays (What Nic is thankful for this week)
Fridays – the FFT (Friday Field Trip – a link to a fun, funny or interesting website) and the Friday’s Feast
Saturdays – whatever comes to mind

It will be possible to have multiple guest bloggers on one day if more than one person wants to do a specific day.

Have a beautiful Monday!

Oh, and one more thing. Did any of y'all see Grey's Anatomy last night? Am I the only one here who was completely "OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!" at the ending? I can't wait for the 2 hour finale tonight! It was a toss up between 24 and GA, but after last night, GA has my vote. WOW! So, do you think Denny bites the dust? Dr. Burke? Will the other heart surgeon (Burke's rival) be rushed over from Mercy West to do surgery on Burke and/or Denny now that Izzy has set this horrific chain of events in motion? And what will happen in the Mer/Der/Addison triangle? Does anyone even care anymore? Though it was SOOO obvious that she wasn't talking about Doc the dog when she responded to hunky McVet's statement.


Chrixean said...

You definitely need time away with your little girl. Hope you enjoy the blog break:-)

Btw, i've opened up my blog for the week for special prayer requests. Just drop by if you would like to leave a request or simply would like to intercede in prayer for the others. God bless!

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