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Monday, May 01, 2006

"Today We Protest . . . Tomorrow We Vote"

I am posting an article done by my friend Jack Kinsella of The Omega Letter regarding the Day Without "Illegal's" (my term b/c they're sure not immigrants b/c immigrants came here the LEGAL way) protest today. The interesting thing is, EVERY SINGLE MEXICAN IMMIGRANT that I know that came here the LEGAL way are the ones most vehimately opposed to the crap that is going on right now. They are angry at the illegals (btw, illegal means criminal) for trying to take the easy way instead of working for citizenship.

The thing that concerns me the most - if they succeed in getting that citizenship like they want, they will turn America into a 3rd world country in 10-20 years. They can't fix their own corrupt country so they want to come here and make ours exactly like it - break it in other words (not that our country hasn't started to break on its own from the partisan bickering and fighting anyway).

My taxes go to pay for the indigent care of these illegals. I refuse to call them "undocumented workers" b/c that's nothing but the PC BS at its best. They are ILLEGAL aliens. Not even immigrants b/c immigrants came here the LEGAL way. I'm ticked b/c money that could go toward my daughter is going for the care of these people who sneak into the country as a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. I feel for their situation. I do. Nobody wants to live in a cesspool country, but that doesn't mean that I want them coming here to turn my country into another cesspool.

Today I was wondering why the drive to work was so great. Hardly any traffic. Then I remembered that thousands were staying home protesting and my only thought was - ahhhh, the drive is much nicer this morning.

I make it a point to get to know the people who do the manual labor around the office in case we need anything. They're much more responsive if they know you. And you know something? I thought it awfully interesting that the Mexican/Hispanic workers at our office complex who do the lawn care, maintenance, janitorial, etc. ARE ALL HERE TODAY.

At the end of this article I have included a letter from a legal immigrant who wrote it to the WND editors. It's a great piece of work from someone who came from that situation to America but did it LEGALLY. Their thoughts on this illegal rights junk just might surprise you.
"Today We Protest . . . Tomorrow We Vote"

That was actually one of the slogans I saw being carried by illegal aliens marching to protest US immigration reform laws; "Today we protest, tomorrow, we vote."

Although many of the protesters have been warned not to, many of those photographed were doing so under the shadow of their national flags -- mostly of Mexico.

Indeed, if one squinted just a bit to blur out the identifiably American background images, then looks at the marchers, the signs and the green flags . . . no WONDER some pundits have dubbed illegal Mexican immigrants as 'America's Palestinians.'

Today's May Day protest (Is this a good time to point out that 'May Day' originated as a celebration of the Satanic High Holy Day of Beltane?) is ostensibly intended to demonstrate to America how much America needs it's illegal immigrant workers in order to maintain America's economic health.

Giev Kashkooli, from the United Farm Workers' Union, told the BBC: "They are people who are working, who share the values that other Americans share. They're farm workers who are feeding the nation."

He paints an attractive picture -- people sharing American values, feeding the nation, etc., but the most important value shared by Americans is that America is a Constitutional Republic governed under the rule of law.

What makes America great is that no person is above the law. Even the president of the United States cannot violate the law without facing consequences. (One might point to Bill Clinton as the exception that proves the rule, but Clinton stood trial in the Senate, whether he was convicted or not.)

One cannot simultaneously break federal law and share American values of law and order. And while it sounds noble to claim it is immigrant farm workers that 'feed the nation', they are 'feeding' the nation with their employer's crops . . . crops that could be harvested mechanically, as are some 80% of the US agricultural crop that is harvested mechanically already.

But today's briefing isn't intended to take a position on the rightness or wrongness of obeying US law. It is about the 'right' being claimed by illegal immigrants to break US immigration law as a first step toward legal residency.

Mounting an argument in defense of existing law, (or mounting one in defense of breaking it) is like debating the circumference of the earth with a member of the Flat Earth Society.

Neither side can get past the central point of disagreement so debating points go to the one who can use the prettiest phrases, since neither base position can be conceded by the other without surrendering their own side.

This is where the immigration dialogue is reminiscent of the Palestinians. Neither side can advance an inch unless the other side surrenders completely. Until the Palestinians concede Israel's right to exist, debating a two-state solution is pointless. Unless Israel concedes that Islam is the rightful owner of Temple Mount, any discussion of a divided Jerusalem is pointless.

Debating whether or not illegal aliens have a legal status in the United States, based entirely on the fact they are ALREADY here, requires a concession by the US that federal law only applies to those predisposed to obeying it -- more like federal 'guidelines' to be ignored as individual circumstances dictate.


An official study published by the Mexican government's National Council on Population (Conapo) establishes that the Mexican government is pursuing a deliberate policy that IT terms "reoccupation."

"More than a century after the U.S. invasion of Mexico that resulted in the annexation of Texas, Mexicans are 'reoccupying' the territory, but through less violent means and for different reasons," reported Monica Mendel of TheNewsMexico.com news service on March 25th.

"Most of these immigrants live in border states like California, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, the same ones Mexico lost when President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna signed an agreement to end the U.S. invasion in 1848 by ceding 2.5 million square kilometers of Mexican territory to the United States."

Sounds like the same argument being offered by the Palestinian Authority -- only the names have been changed.

Americans are 'occupiers' of Mexican territory they obtained illegally -- just like Israel is 'occupying' Arab lands they obtained illegally -- although by applying that standard across-the-board would validate an argument that India is part of Greece since Alexander conquered India in 327 BC.

Under that standard, Kuwait really IS part of Iraq, sort of, since bo0th were part of Turkey's Ottoman Empire -- but not really, since it didn't become Iraq until after the British defeated the Ottomans in World War 1 -- but not really, since Iraq used to be Babylon in the 6th century (and therefore is entitled to rule Jordan and Syria) and so on.

By publishing the Conapo study, the Mexican government has formally embraced the concept of "demographic warfare" -- re-conquering the southwestern United States through unchecked illegal immigration.

Last year, Mexico's EWE news service published an interview with the celebrated Mexican novelist Elena Poniatowska in which she noted: "Mexico is at this moment recovering territories it lost in the past to the United States thanks to emigration."

"The common people -- the poor, the dirty, the lice ridden, the cockroaches are advancing on the United States, a country that needs to speak Spanish because it has 33.5 million Hispanics who are imposing their culture," observed Poniatowska. "Mexico is recovering the territories yielded to the United States by means of migratory tactics."

The whole 'illegal immigration' debate has been framed as a debate over whether or not America is a 'compassionate' nation. But the 'Day Without Immigrants' protest isn't aimed at evoking American compassion, but appealing to American greed.

'Compassion' has nothing to do with it. The march's organizers don't intend to, as they put it, 'shut down' America's biggest cities in order to break American hearts with their plight, but to break America's economy with their numbers.

The 'Day Without Immigrants' is an effort to achieve a political goal by using threats to the US economy to enforce their agenda.

Using threats as a form of political persuasion has a name: Terrorism.

And if it works as planned, this will be just the beginning.
Slapped in the face
Posted: March 31, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2006 WorldNetDaily.com
As an immigrant who came to this beautiful and blessed country legally, I am deeply offended and upset for what I consider a slap in my face by the opportunistic Democrat politicians and the gutless Republican leaders in Washington. They have betrayed all of those who played by the rules to become U.S. citizens.

It is really a disgrace that both Democrats and Republicans are allowing that these thugs and law-breakers disrupt our cities, mocking our own institutions, burning American flags, waving Mexican flags, and challenge our own law enforcement freely and with no restrictions. White Americans do not understand that if they do not defend their native country with conviction and resolution, they are over and the total collapse of America is a matter of time.

White Americans are too naive to understand -- some even are so afraid to admit the truth -- that we Hispanics are familiar with all of these massive manifestations. In Latin countries, we are taught -- from high schools all the way to the university -- to hate America. We are taught that the root of our social, political, and economical chaos is the oppressive imperialism of America toward poor countries. That our governments are just puppets of Yankee imperialism, and that the solution is the extermination of the capitalist system embodied in the evil American Empire.
The Mexican left in America, represented in organizations like MECHA, MALDEF, CHIRLA, LA RAZA, and others, know this reality and they use it to mold the public opinion, and to inflame the emotions of frustrated and resentful illegal Mexicans and Central Americans against this country. These racist organizations do not even care about the Hispanics. They do not love America. They are socialists who are dreaming of making of America another Cuba or Venezuela.

They even insult and reject Hispanics who are against illegal immigrants. They exploit the ignorance of millions of illegal Mexicans by the use of communist propaganda. They are not civil-rights organizations -- they are political organizations whose agenda is the implementation of socialist programs in All-American institutions.

One of their tools is the Hispanic media or Mexican media. They represent only the Mexican population. They do not speak for Argentines, Peruvians and the rest of South American immigrants. Their programs are focusing on the preservation of the Mexican tradition and against any assimilation of Mexicans to the American way of life.

They are shaping the minds and attitudes of Mexicans by telling them they are oppressed and victims of the white American society. The Mexican media in the USA support Hispanic politicians who are Democrats who believe that illegal immigration is acceptable. These Hispanic politicians, many of who can barely speak Spanish very well, are a fake and an embarrassment. They are just a bunch of opportunistic politicians who hold values opposed to the vast majority of Hispanics in the USA.

All of these organizations and politicians do not speak for me. I love America, wave my American flag, pray for America, and oppose any amnesty to illegal immigrants who came to this country violating our immigration laws. I support the building of a wall on the border of Mexico and the United States. I believe that those who wave the Mexican flag should go back to Mexico and live in that corrupt country.

I believe that those protesters -- who were a combination of anti-American groups and resentful illegal Mexicans -- should go to Mexico and protest before Vicente Fox and demand from him and his government jobs and social justice. Finally, I believe that all illegal Mexicans in this country should unite, march and chant: "Thank you America, Thank you America, I love you America, I love you America."

Caesar M. Arevalo

Nic's Note: No, thank you, Caesar for being willing to be so outspoken on your thoughts and views regarding this subject.


Ontario Emperor said...

"I believe that those protesters -- who were a combination of anti-American groups and resentful illegal Mexicans -- should go to Mexico and protest before Vicente Fox and demand from him and his government jobs and social justice."

It is a felony to protest against the Mexican president.

greatwhitebear said...

Nic - I am dissapointed. This poem smacks of racism, is highly offensive, and greatly beneath you.