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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beatles Wisdom

The wisdom of the Beatles, as it were. Boiling down and cutting away everything else these words get to the heart of the matter. And in the end, the love you TAKE is equal to the love you MAKE...love, to love, to give love, to be loved, to receive love...most people would argue that it is not correct to say that the love you receive is equal to the love you give, but in reality...young children who love unconditionally and unreservedly, notwithstanding, it really is about the kindnesses you give to others. To truly love someone, you give of yourself without expecting anything in return. The measure of feeling you receive when you are loved back is one of the most beautiful and pure of emotions in this world.

Someone who doesn't give love out and doesn't receive love in return is a miserable soul. For it is by the giving and receiving of love that we learn to be more open with others, more willing to share of ourselves and our possessions. Someone who has all the riches of the world but does not have love is the poorest person indeed. 

Love with the wrong person can be like poison to your heart. Oh, but love with the right person, whether for a short time or forever, is exhilarating, freeing...opening your eyes to a world of possibilities. And you discover that you can do anything when you have that love. At that moment in time...all you need is love. Love is what makes the proverbial world go 'round. Those who find it are blessed. Those who squander it, foolish.

Love, whether love for a significant other, child(ren), parent, family and/or friend is meant to be treasured, cherished, nurtured and treated with great care. Give and you shall receive. Make and take. Without strings or conditions or hesitation. In my life I loved you more... 

Even the Bible agrees..."but the greatest of these is LOVE". (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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