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Monday, December 11, 2006

Musical Monday

My dear blogfriend Lois Lane politely "questioned" as to if I was going to post any sound bites from the Christmas Cantata that Em was a part of. (Of course the polite question was the kind of rhetorical question that mob bosses ask their subordinates - it leaves no room for a "no" answer.) Well dearest, I did ya one better.

I captured two videos of the kids singing their songs. The first one is cute, but the 2nd one had me laughing so hard you could hear me on the video at the end. It definitely shows that Em is the youngest in the choir. The next kid is at least 6 months older than she. Em had her hands over her mouth b/c she kept singing with the adults and the kids director kept trying to get her to stop so finally Em took it upon herself to cover her mouth with her hands to stop singing with the adults when she wasn't supposed to. I should have videoed it from the beginning, but I wanted to just get the kids singing and then by the end, my little Em just went manic with the air trumpet and air violin, and trying to blow out the advent candles, and swinging side to side...

They did two cantatas yesterday morning and the videos are from the second one. All the kids were wearing out, but Em just got kind of hyper. I talked to the kids music director after and she said that she had the hardest time keeping a straight face when Em did her "air orchestra".

In both videos Em is on the far right, in the second row, right next to the adult chior, raising her arms and doing other things. She is about level with the choir director's hands as she is directing. You can't miss her, especially in the 2nd one. At one point she started taking her arms out of her sleeves and all I could think of was, "BABY! We don't take our clothes off in church!" She looks like a little ADHD kid. LOL!

The video is a little shaky b/c I took it on my digital camera and had to hold the camera up to get a "decent" view of the kids.

Ok my lovely, lovely Lois, this is for you! Enjoy it!


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