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Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Musings - Adventures in Dating Part Duex

So, I’ve been a little remiss in my blogging duties and I apologize for that. I do have a good reason though. A REALLY good one.

I’ve been corresponding with someone I met on eHarmony – someone actually really, really great, from what I can tell so far.

I'm not going to go into great detail, but you know how when you find someone that you REALLY just “click” with? Yeah, that’s this person. I can’t believe that I am admitting this to y’all, but the highlight of my otherwise rather non-eventful evenings, after Em is in bed and sleeping, is sitting up emailing back and forth. I mean, this guy is answering all of my questions rather honestly, humbly and forthrightly. He’s not trying to sugar coat or impress. He’s willing to say he's not perfect but willing to give and take with the Lord’s direction. And, he has a great sense of humor and a couple of times he’s written some unexpectedly sweet things that really made me do the giggly, grin(ny), girlie thing. The whole “AWWWWWWWWWW!” factor. This is the first time in going on 8 years that I’ve had that feeling and it feels so nice and actually brand new that I get a little (ok, a lot) nervous. You know, the whole, “is this guy too good to be true?” or “am I revealing too much about myself too fast and will it just completely scare him off?” kind of thing. DEEP BREATH NIC! DON'T HYPERVENTILLATE!

See, that last question is something that I’ve always had trouble with. Guys like a challenge, right? Well, I’ve never really been a challenge so much. I don’t believe in playing games and I kind of put it all out there, take it or leave it. And this time it actually makes me nervous that I'm not more of a "challenge". Oh, I can be coy and flirty and sassy, and I enjoy being coy and flirty and sassy but I just don’t believe in playing hard to get if I'm really interested in someone. And women all over the world are screaming “NO!” at that one. I figure if there is a right person for me that God is leading me to and vice-versa, then he’s not going to mind that I put myself out on a limb, even though I have no surety of reciprocation of interest. Oh, but this guy...this guy is one of THOSE guys. You know...the kind that you pray to find and pray hard to find. He’s funny in a quirky way that I just dig and get, he’s sweet, he’s genuine, he has a really good heart and a good head, he wants and desires God’s best for him and he’s not afraid to try new things (and those are just a few among a lot of other things that I could list). He enjoys country dancing, dark beer and all kinds of music – he even sings. (!!!!!) Not to mention he’s hella cute and has these amazing blue/gray eyes that are so kind and warm. He’s even seemingly ok with the fact that I'm divorced and have my wonderful Emily, even asks how she's doing b/c she's been sick over this past weekend (turns out she has strep!).

ACK! (Sorry, having a nervous little freakout moment.) I think he’s someone that I could talk to for hours and never get bored and THAT is super important to me. I’ve never really had someone that hasn't been "just a friend" that I have been able to talk to for long periods of time without running out of things to say, but this man is fascinating to me. I'm looking for someone who is the last person I talk to at night and when I wake up the next morning he's the first person I want to talk to. I want someone I can just be myself with and that includes the really big dork that I am sometimes and not have to be embarrassed by myself. I don't know, but this guy has that kind of potential.

One thing that I got excited reading about him was that he is from an area up North that is VERY close to the majority of my relatives (less than an hour away). So...when I saw that he was from that area, I thought “Someone who could appreciate where my family comes from and what they are all about and would not go running off in the other direction!” LOL!

There’s so much more to tell, but I think I’ll keep it low key on this one. After all, it’s something brand new, but very comfortable already and, well, exciting to me! But this, this is something that I think I want to guard for a while, see where it might go. I have some really good feelings about this one though and that’s enough for y’all to know right now.

Oh, except one more thing. He is currently stationed in Iraq as a scout for the Army. I would appreciate your prayers in keeping him safe. His deployment is supposed to end in February, so there’s plenty of time to get to know each other before then and after that, if this does go anywhere, then we’ll see what happens. I'm hoping for good things. :)


Michael Manning said...

Nic: I already have my fingers crossed for you. I have read a bit about this and it seems to have a good success rate. Wishing you good luck. You deserve the best!!! lol!

Uisce said...

Awwwww!! ::kissy kissy noises::

Sorry, it's just that I'm VERY immature!


cmhl said...

yayyyyyyyyyyy!! fingers and toes crossed! just have fun, don't over-analyize!

Nic said...

LOL, CMHL! Over-analyzing is not something I've been accused of often so I think I'm safe there!

MM, you're a darling friend, thank you so much for the well-wishes. You've always been an encourager to me! :)

Uisce - yeah dear, most guys are. LOL! Miss your blog, looking forward to the next one!

no_average_girl said...

awwww, I'm so thrilled for you, girlfriend! :-) I can't wait to see what the Lord chooses to do with your life, and I'm excited to be a spectator as all of His blessings unfold!!! Love you!

chauncey said...

Yep. They always sound swell. Let me tell you about myself:

Things I Love:
Long walks on the beach, with that special someone, sharing my day and my reflective self.

Long chats by the fireplace, with that special someone, glass of wine, soft music, sharing my inner-most self.

Gazing into the eyes of that special someone, communicating without saying a word, sharing my cosmic self.

Thing I Hate:
Having to move from my Big Chair and ESPN to do...anything.

Running out of beer.

Talking about dumb stuff with creepy girls who get too close and invade my personal space.

Radical One said...

so excited for you, girl! i know this is a fun and eventful time, but i'm sure it can have it's share of stress also, as you're looking for answers. so just breathe and look to God for wisdom.

and as far as the whole "playing games", my thoughts are just be yourself and you'll be plenty of a challange for the male gender. lol....wait that may sound bad for us girls...what i mean is that we were just naturally created with a beauty and a mysterious side that they just can't quite figure out. so you just be the beautiful person that God created you to be and you'll be "captivating", for the one that God has for you!


Velvet Cowboy said...

Good luck in your dating endeavors! I've heard eHarmony is great!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nic, there is someone out there for each of us, but it's just finding that person. Good luck to you, my friend.

Kelly said...

That Chauncey IS a devil! Don't listen to him. Have fun but for now keep your guard up a little... Ha! i'm giving advise...Don't listen to me either! Listen to Lisa, she sounds smart and sweet!