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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Princess Picture Tuesday - Picture Perfect

Many of you have asked for pictures of the trip so I am going to oblige. We didn’t do anything spectacular, but it was a truly lovely trip overall! Those of us who went, most of us had been online friends for 2-4 years and email and chat on a frequent basis, so it was more like a family reunion than meeting for the first time! There was a level of ease and fellowship that I haven’t felt in a very long time and I had a hard time leaving.

Anyway, first up are pictures and a short video of my Em at her graduation. (I’ll have a couple more pics posted tonight). Let me tell you, one look at the video and you will see why I said in my last post that Em will be the class clown. ;) Then again it could also be that she was just really excited!

Getting ready at the school:
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Em’s excitement is building!
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It’s...the pose:
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This was in the few minutes before they called all the kids to the “holding” area to get them together by class.
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A tired mommy and an excited child!:
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Dun-dun-DUNNNN! The video. Try not to laugh too hard! (Even though you can hear me cracking up)

Happy about graduating:
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The after “party” at Red Robin. Em LOVES this place. Not only do they have the BEST fries ever, perfect every time, she loves seeing the Red Robin and giving “it” a hug. It’s the highlight of her time there – every time:
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Now for a story and some pics from the Branson trip:

What can I say about the Branson gathering? I can say that I didn't want it to end! I look forward for the day where we are called Home and it doesn't have to end and EVERYONE can be there!

I do have to tell a quick story about one of the guys and his sons before going into the pictures. Joe is someone I have been chatting with online for most of the four years that I have been on the Omega Letter. He has three sons, ages 18, 17 and 14. Joe truly is a Gentle Giant (with a capital "G" - he say's he's only 6'3" but I think he's a wee bit taller than that). He can be quiet, but when he has something to say, people listen - kind of like EF Hutton. LOL! He's also incredibly intelligent and he has a real and genuine zeal and fervor for the Lord which is awesome to behold! Anyway, the youngest Jake was the object of Em’s kiddie crush. He was quiet but has a beautiful, kind smile and was super sweet to Em even though he knew she had a kiddie crush on him. I really can't say enough thanks to Jake for being gentle on Emily with her kiddie crush. Most boys his age would have been pretty unkind about a 4 year old having a crush on them.

When Em said 'bye to Jake only the Friday afternoon we were there as I was taking her to the cabin and Jake’s 17 year old brother Joel said "Did she just say 'bye Jake?" Emily was immediately mortified and as soon as we got to the trailer she started crying and said "I should have said 'goodbye everyone'. Now everyone will know I like Jake. I'm so embarrassed!" So the drama from a little child but Emily is more sensitive, aware and grown up than most kids her age. I told her it was ok, that they would forget it. Knowing they wouldn't but hoping that they wouldn't say anything further about it. She was so scared that she would be teased for it but Joe’s boys never even mentioned it to her after that so I owe a big debt of gratitude to them for being kind and sensitive to her feelings. They really are great boys, raised right.

The creator of the Omega Letter, Jack Kinsella, and his wonderful wife Gayle sent us off on a wonderful journey home with stomachs, spirits and hearts full on Sunday. If you have been reading my blog for a long time or have ventured over to my blog on prophecy you know that I have mentioned him numerous times. Jack has been told by God to sell everything and travel around the country, preaching at churches that will receive him regarding these End Times we are living in now. It is astounding how so many churches have NO knowledge of exactly what is happening in the world on a spiritual and Biblical basis concerning the prophecies in the Bible b/c the pastors either a) doesn’t believe that what is going on in the world has anything to do with Bible prophecy OR b) the believe but do not talk about it b/c it is regarded as “too controversial”. He literally is going across the country in a used RV to do obey God’s command to him. I told him he was the modern day equivalent of the prophets of old traveling everywhere, having no home, telling others who would receive them about God and what God had in store for the future. BTW, if you are interested in having Jack speak at your church regarding this subject, please let me know and I will get you in touch with him.

Anyway, that Sunday Em and I didn't leave until close to 2:30. Much later than I had anticipated but I wouldn't have traded one single, precious minute of it. This time of fellowship was just amazing and it really was such an encouragement for everyone. How I pray that where ever Jack and Gayle's journey leads them that each and every visit with the gathered OL members is just as warm and wonderful as the one in Branson was! I didn't want to ever go home. I could have stayed there with everyone until the Lord called us home. Emily has said several times since we left...SIGH...very sad face...Mommy, I just really miss everybody from Branson already. I really miss them all. So do I. This was just such a special time that I will cherish always and I can't not tell you how much I am already looking forward to next year! Almost as much as going to our eternal Home.

One of the people there said that the whole dynamic of the online relationships had changed now that those who were there and were active participants in the forums/chat had finally met. It's like we all were friends before, brought together by common bonds, but now that has deepened several notches now that the mystery has been taken away as to who those people really are and now that we have come to know each other "off-line", so to speak. I sooooooo can't wait to do this again next year!!!
Joe and his boys (with Em and Gary in the background):

Em, Gary (in the background) and Jake:

Lynda and Larry – who are graciously letting us use their 1800’s B&B for the gathering next year!:

Em sitting at Gary's cabin:

Jack and me (The INFAMOUS short hair as it has grown out a couple of weeks by this picture – it was shortly before this picture was taken I began dealing with the beginning of a migrane - lovely circles under the eyes):

Em and Gary - she told me that Gary was like a grandpa to her. Em just adores him:

Bob listening to Jack and Helen talking to Gayle:

"I'm a little teapot..." No, not really! Bob, Frank, Jack and Ken having some fun:

Em and Laura doing chalk drawings:

Me, (Em's hidden), Connie, Frank, Gary, Ken, Laura, Georgia, Jack and Gayle - Frank and Connie's daughter Sandy is taking the picture:

Jack, Georgia and Ken chowing down at breakfast on Saturday:

The guys listening to Jack talk on prophecy:

Helen, Bob and Gary:

Jack really getting into the meat of the discussion:

Joe and two of his boys, Jake and Josh listening to Jack:

Saturday night - the amazing feast! Gayle and Georgia enjoying each other:

Listening to Jack again - I could listen to him for hours on end:

Em and Laura - so cute! I just love this picture!:

The chalk artists (clockwise) Joel, Jake, Laura and Emily:

Some of the chalk art:

The last morning - Jack, Frank and Jim (Songbird) need coffee:

Frank, Em and Gayle enjoying the break from the occasional rain that morning:

Frank was teaching Em how to do the "Hollywood Air Kiss" - Em wasn't buying it, she wanted a kiss on the cheek for real. LOL! Frank was one of Em’s favorites:

Jack and Joe (the Gentle Giant. Jack’s about 5’9”ish so you can imagine how tall Joe really is)

Jack just enjoying the company:


Killired said...

looks like an awesome time! em looks cute in her grad gown! when son #1 graduated from kindergarten... they had homemade caps with tassles... very cute... no gown... the school colors are green and yellow... the boys wore green and the girls wore yellow... i think the teacher and the asst made them becasue they look too hard for the kids to have made them.. but the tassles are made out of yellow, green and white yarn. i will have to post a pix of him... but he was moody that day!

Velvet Cowboy said...

Nic. You have a beautiful family!

Velvet Cowboy said...

You little girl looks like her mom, She's going to be beautiful!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A great collection of pictures, Nic

AubreyJ said...

Family and friends... Nothing better in this world is it...?
Looks like everyone had a great time!!!
Take care...