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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a wonderful award!

I am SO EXCITED! I got a Beautiful Blogger award!

Thanks to Jo for this award, she is a real treasure and encourager and to be given this by her means a lot! So, now I must tell you seven things about me . . .
1. I'm forever grateful to my Lord and Savior for never once turning His back on me, even when I was doing what I ought not to do, several times. Without Him I would be nothing and I would not have the blessings I do nor would I know how to look for and appreciate them.
2. I'm so in love with my husband it's not even funny. He gets me more than anyone else has ever done and he's patient with my quirks and with me. In him I have truly found a home, a place where I belong. He is my soulmate. He's a great daddy to my daughter and our son and he has made my/our lives complete. (I also am so in love with my daughter and son that my heart fills to overflowing with the love they bring out in me)
3. I really like my guns but I have a special affinity for my knives. I have two sets of perfectly balanced throwing knives. Forget the daddy at the door to terrify the boy into acting right . . . it'll be me. LOL!
4. I love to encourage and affirm others. I believe that there's too much tearing down in life and not enough building up and b/c it takes a lot of effort to build up and only one careless statement to tear down, I spend a lot of time building others up to counter the damage done by every day thoughtless words that are thrown out there.
5. I LOVE to write. I have COUGHseveralCOUGH manuscripts that I have started but never finished. I was told by a few pub'd friends of mine that what I had was rather good. Why have I never finished them? IDK. Maybe fear of failure. Maybe fear of success. SIGH! Maybe I'll finish them at some point.
6. I've been told by several people that I have a GOR. GEOUS. voice but I absolutely can NOT sing in front of large groups of people when I know they're watching me. I literally get weak in the knees and my voice shakes so bad I almost sound like Katherine Hepburn when she was older. I hate having stage fright b/c I love to sing.
7. I can organize events, people and projects like there's no tomorrow and have a real knack for it but have absolutely zero organizational skills when it comes to clutter and stuff and housework. Why is that?
I am passing the blessing along to six other blog friends of mine who have blessed me in very different ways and through their friendship, words and life are BEAUTIFUL BLOGGERS to me:
MiPa @ Miriam Pauline's Monologue
Graham @ Captain Picard's Journal
Lois Lane @ Home Fires
Esthermay @ The Heart of A Pastor's Wife
Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith
Christy @ Searching for Butterflies (She also happens to be my real life friend!)


Anonymous said...

That is so fantastic you were awarded this award and rightly so! Thank you so much dear Sister for passing it on to me...it definetely made my day. Praying all is well with you, God bless you!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thank you so, so much, Nic! You are a great blogfriend, and a pleasure to know.