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Friday, February 26, 2010


It is time to implement another gem that went by the wayside. The Friday Field Trip – affectionately known as the FFT.

The FFT is where I bring you to places around the web – or even here on my blog on occasion. Some of these will be repeats from years past b/c, really, I don't expect you to go back and try to find them from 2005-2007. Kind of a hassle.

Today we have two wonderful "go nowhere" FFT's that do nothing but waste your time - in a really fun way! I think this was one of my most popular FFT's.

So grab your brown bag lunch and have a seat for a good bit of fun in the safety and comfort of Nic's Place!

For the women:
Are you looking for a ruggedly sensitive man? Someone who is good with his hands, loves children and is always happy to see you? Well look no further. The Brawnyman is here. This was a "promotion" that was going on at the Brawny site. They had a "rugged" outdoorsy man who does everything from complimenting you on your new haircut to understanding when you've just had "one of those days". It's HEE-LARRY-US! These gems have been preserved on youtube and have been embedded here for your viewing pleasure. Just click the videos below to view the man that Brawny calls their Innocent Escapes Brawnyman. You will, at the very least, be able to get a laugh or ten out of it!

This next FFT is for everyone and is great for those who need dance lessons.

"Are you tired of rhythm?"

Yes, my friends, it is the ever popular How To Dance Like A White Guy promotional video. A must have for every redneck home. It doesn't matter if you're from the North or South, rednecks are found everywhere.

So kick your feet up, pop the top to a cold one (soda that is) and get ready to have fun while learning the secrets of How to Dance Like A White Guy! Maybe you can pick up a few pointers beforehand if you're going out this weekend!

Just press the start button and you're on your way to a learning whole new kind of dance to impress the other people on the dance floor.


Heather said...

Hey this is my new blog!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great to have FFT back!