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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Manic Monday - Heat

There are different kinds of heat.

There's the heat that comes from eating a jalepeno or horseradish or curry. The kind that starts out on your tastebuds with a mild warmth that bursts into an inferno and explodes into your sinuses and behind your eyes, making them water and causing you to gasp - or curse - depending on how strong the flame is. It's can be fairly painful but in a way a good kind of pain - well, at least the horseradish is a good kind of pain - the others just burn the tar out of the tongue and nothing seems to help the burning whereas the horseradish only burns the tongue momentarily.

There's the heat like today's temperature. It hit the high 90's today though the temp gauge in my car was at 101 from must sitting in the driveway when I went to pick Emily up from her afternoon visit with Matt's parents for Easter. It was extremely humid too. Hot and dry is good, hot and humid is not good, especially here in Texas. It's a cloying, wet heat that wraps itself around your body, suffocating your pores so that you sweat, even on your arms and can't cool off even though you're just sitting there. It's still 90 at 9:45. This is July/August temps here, not mid-April temps.

Then...there's the kind of heat that comes from a look. From a single glance between two people. The kind of heat that thoroughly warms your insides and makes it impossible to get the person you shared that look with out of your mind. It makes you feel restless and needful and if the look is hot enough, it's enough to make you sizzzzzle, leave you breathless, speed up your pulse, give you butterflies in the very depths of your stomach and curl your toes. That kind of heat makes you feel a little shaky, a lot tingly, empowered, confident, even a little bold and, well, desirable and sexy - it makes you want more. It makes you want to purr like a happy kitty. That kind of heat makes you want to be near that person, to share their space. It can make you, frankly, a tiny bit obsessed over the person who gave you that look full of such wonderful heat in the first place.


That's the kind of heat I haven't felt in a really long time. I miss that kind of heat. Does it ever last? I mean, really, does that kind of heat ever last between two people? Have you ever kept that feeling for that person long after you first felt it, does it burn out if the flame is too high, too much and too fast or does it fade after time once the newness and mystery of that person wears off?

In honor of that heat, the promise of it, the memory of it, the myth of it, instead of a cliched song like "Fever", here is the classic song by Queen from the movie Highlander - "Who Wants to Live Forever".

Who dares to love forever?
When love must die...
But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today


Mike J. said...

I believe it is possible to keep that heat, Nic, and fan it and nurture and keep it burning forever.

See, I have an similar vision for the woman I'd fall for, who'd capture my hear, and it's not so much the heat (guys don't need a lot of prompting for that). I know that somewhere along the line I'll meet someone, and we'll become good friends. As I get to know this woman, I'll like more and more of what I find out about her as a person, and I'll find myself wanting to spend more time with her, not so much for passion but simply because I like her. Then, as time goes, I'll find this person, wether she's physically pretty or not, becoming more and more beautiful to me. One day, I'll realize she is just the most gorgeous creature God ever made, because her spirit and soul is lovely, which leads to heartfelt love and beauty in the eye of the beholder.

That's the love and passion, to me, that will light the eternal flame. The physical flame that only turns the butterflies in the tummy and curls the toes is passing. The eternal flame that causes the heart to smolder and soul to warm is what's timeless, and that can always be stoked to flame at touch of a hand or the kiss of a lip.

Beckie said...

WHEW! I thought Virginia got hot in the summer; glad I don't live in Texas. Can't take the humidity. Yes, the third kind of heat does exist after 23 years of marriage and when Mr. Right comes, it will be there forever! Hope you had a blessed Easter!

BTW...you've been tagged!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm never a fan of extreme heat.

Thanks for visiting my party, Nic. Wouldn't have been the same without you!

one4JC said...

SIGH....As I sit here at the computer at 3:43 pm (that's the afternoon :o)it is only 57 degrees outside....And I do believe the heat can last if it is nutured and cared for to keep it "glowing".

Mike J. said...

BTW, it's a brisk 69 degrees and sunny here today, with a very light breeze. Perfect spring weather.

greatwhitebear said...

67 and sunny here. The perfect weather for eyes to meet and generate heat. sigh!