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Friday, April 07, 2006

It’s time for the FFT. As some of you know, the FFT is the Friday Field Trip. Sometimes I take you to another site of interest and sometimes, like on the last FFT, I keep you here at Nic’s Place AKA As My World Turns.

Today I want to bring you to a fun little site called "The Sloganizer". It’s a humorous site that brings up advertising slogans from the past and inserts your keyword that you typed into the slogan. I rather liked mine that I got. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know what your first slogan you are given is.

Here were my first two slogans:

Hope It's Nicole, It's Nicole, We Hope It's Nicole...
Oh the enthusiasm is so nice to have on that one!

The Biggest Nic's Place Pennies Can Buy.
Yes, that would just about be my budget too.

So go sloganize yourself and let me know what it says about you!


one4JC said...

Wouldn't You Like To Be An One4jc Too?

One4jc Stays Sharp 'til The Bottom of the Glass.

LOL Loved the selections

Bill said...

Great find!

For a Hard-Earned Thirst, Master Yoda's Blog. :D

Be Like Dad, Keep Master Yoda's Blog.

Bill J.
"Master Yoda's Stupid Intern"

no_average_girl said...

my new one is...

Recommended By Dr. No_average_girl. lol

cmhl said...

If only everything in life was as reliable as a cmhl! hahaha

utenzi said...

Michele sent me here to visit you, Nicole.

It seems like those slogans could be a little more on target for you, Nic. When I did it I got one that was really quite... cute. LOL Maybe a mite pert--sufficiently so that I'd not publish it on a family blog!

Carmi said...

The Sweet You Can't Eat Without Carmi.

I'll retreat under my rock now.