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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok so this HDQ will be fairly simple.

What do you find fascinating?

Me, I find life fascinating – especially the life of my daughter. She literally is a miracle. Even the doctor who was my OB and her nurse practitioner said that she should not have happened and yet there she was and so she was a miracle. I find that the fact that God knew that I would need this precious gift to keep me going through some of this stuff just amazing and utterly fascinating. I know that if I didn’t have Emily there to be strong for that the stuff I’ve been going through and dealing with in the past couple of years in my marriage, I would probably have had some pretty big problems personally. However, and this may sound really unfair to those of you with “perfect” lives and/or who don’t have children and haven’t really had any adversity to speak of in their lives, apart from God, Emily is my #1 stabilizing factor in my life. I stay strong because I have to take care of her. I keep on going some days when I am at the bottom of the well emotionally and tapped out because of her sweet smiles and generous heart and kind spirit and her love. She is my own personal angel in human form. The miracle of her fascinates me.

I also, from a Christian and Biblical perspective find Biblical prophecy fascinating. There are so many things coming to fruition in the world right now, as I type this, that were written about by prophets as long as over 2,500 years ago! It’s absolutely fascinating to me. I started reading about Biblical prophecy back in high school but didn’t seriously start studying it until about 4 years ago and the things that are happening now are things that were talked about by Daniel, Zephaniah, Zechariah, Jesus, John, Joel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Malachi and a few others. Daniel wrote about the 10 kings that would reign under the rule of the AntiChrist and those same 10 kings that Daniel wrote about over 2,500 years ago are the same 10 core, founding members of the WEU today. Fascinating to me that the signs that Jesus talked about in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 in regards to His return for the Church (comprised of all true, professing believers who have taken Jesus as savior of their lives) are the very things we are experiencing now. He called them birth pains. Just like labor, these signs start coming harder, larger and closer together and at no other time in history have they all come together at once in this magnitude. The very subject of Bible prophecy and seeing it come to fruition right before our eyes fascinates me so much that I started a separate blog about it dedicated solely to Bible prophecy and the Christian life.

So anyway, again, the HDQ for today is: What do you find fascinating?

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Nature, my grandkids, sociology