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Friday, March 31, 2006

10 Weird Things about Myself! (And the FFT)

My very dear blogfriend No Average Girl tagged me on this meme. I love memes b/c #1 it’s a way to tell you more about me and, well, it is a cheat for a post when I’m running low on energy and thoughts. Some of these you will have read before but most you probably don’t know as you most likely don’t know me personally apart from this blog.

10 Weird Things about Myself!

1. I have this freaky ability to sing a song that I have never heard before without missing hardly any words as I’m listening to the song lyrics. Now give me the same song to sing after that with just the music and no lyrics and I can’t remember a word in it to save my life.

2. I have one pure white eyelash on my right eyelid – I was told by a friend many years ago that it meant that you were extraordinarily blessed by God with amazing gifts and talents.

3. I’m ambidextrous AND I can write with my right foot too. I haven’t tried with my left foot yet.

4. I can read backwards and upside down – at the same time too.

5. I can tie a knot in almost any cherry stem with my tongue...

6. ...and I can make a cloverleaf out of my tongue.

7. I love the smell of rubbing alcohol, new tires and gasoline.

8. I’m a hand talker. I don’t mean I do sign language, though I can do the alphabet and a few words and phrases. I mean I will be on the phone and will be talking about something and my hands will mimic the motion, even though the other person can not see me at all. It’s completely an unconscious movement and I’ll often not realize I’m doing it until I finish making the motion with my hands. Matt used to make awful fun of me for doing it but it wasn’t something that I could control. It’s just part of me.

9. I fall in love rather quickly, regardless of the person’s faults and flaws, and take a very, very long time to fall out of love – which is why divorce is not an easy thing for me to have ended up pursuing. I think I’ll be keeping my heart close to me for a while.

10. I’ve lived in Austin all my life and I don’t have an accent when I talk...but for 3 exceptions.

• When I start talking about Minnesota or Iowa I start getting a northern accent b/c I spent several weeks up there during most of my childhood summers and a few Christmas vacations as well.
• When I’m angry, I get a noticeable drawl.
• When I drink enough to get me pretty “tipsy” I get a severely affected drawl (nothing I can control – it just comes out) – I sound like a redneck woman though I prefer to think of it more as a Southern Lady...it just sounds nicer! As I told my friend MC, “just b/c I drawwwl doesn’t mean I’m druuunk – yet”. Actually, when I start to drawl I know that I don’t need to have any more to drink so that I can still be responsible and in control of myself. Though b/c my tolerance for alcohol is really high those times are extremely rare, especially b/c I very rarely drink. I’m at home too much taking care of my Em.

Ok, I’m not tagging anyone but if you want to tag yourself, please leave a message so I can check out your 10 weird things about yourself on your blog.

Happy Friday! Thank GOD it’s here!!!
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no_average_girl said...

hey girl...glad you got tagged! lol it was a great list, thanks for sharing! i do wish i could know what made you so beautiful! :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I don't know what people thought when they saw you writing with your foot!

greatwhitebear said...

#'s 1 and 4 would seem to indidcate great intelegence.

#3 would seem to indicate atleticism.

#'s 5 &6: I am too sober to comment on these. maybe sometime when i am blogging tipsy!

#'s 7.8.9: Me too! Once again, scary!

#10: Even though I grew up in Michigan,I have no accent either! Oh wait. Lopers don't have an accent anyhow. My bad.

greatwhitebear said...

wow.. I really need to start spell checking my comments!

Duke_of_Earle said...

"Weird" doesn't begin to describe some of those talents of yours! What a great list. I'm jealous (I think.)