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Saturday, October 21, 2006

For Bragging Rights!

So, today's the big game. HORNS vs. Huskers in Nebraska. The 167th in Iraq are based in Nebraska and they are sooooo looking forward to this game. They're especially excited b/c it comes on at 7:00 their time - or 1900 for you military minded folds. They don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the game and they're planning a nice cook out too. It's nice that they are able to get together and do that over there. Several of the guys over there have blogs and a few of them are waxing poetic about the game and how they're going to win. HA!

They're talking smack about my team and about winning. A couple of times this week I've been putting in their blog comments section "GO HORNS GO!". Heeheehee! I say that this game is for bragging rights. ;) However…I'm sorry for all you Husker fans out there, especially the 167th, but we really are going to pull a smack down on your team. Yes, I am a little bloodthirsty when it comes to Longhorn football. Don't mess with my HORNS!

Nebraska and Texas are both 6-1 this season and the game is expected to be a close matchup but Texas is predicted overall to win by 7 in this game. They enjoy a 6-4 record in this matchup.

Remember...GO HORNS GO!

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Could the temperatures be so different from these two cities? Snowing pretty heavy in Nebraska in the 2nd half, upper-80's here in Texas. Bring the snow on down here!

What a game! Texas needs to replace their regular kicker. Seriously. Missed two field goals and one extra point, leaving 7 points on the table and brought us to one of the most exciting last 3 minutes of any game that I've seen in a very long time. At 2:23 left in the game it was a 1 point game - with Nebraska leading, then at 2:17 left Nebraska fumbled on a crucial play giving it to Texas who brought it back to the 22 yard line.

With 27 seconds left Coach Callahan from Nebraska used a "coach's challenge" trying to delay the game and shake up the confidence of the sophomore replacement kicker who graduated here in Austin and who won a spot on the Texas team as a walk on. Bailey kicked it straight through the uprights to lead by 2 with 23 seconds left. Talk about a NAIL BITER! Bailey is the hero of the game in my opinion! My throat is sore from yelling! WHEW! Texas is still in National Bowl contention even on an ugly, last minute win like that. It should NOT have been so close. Coach Mac...GET RID OF THE REGULAR KICKER AND REPLACE HIM WITH BAILEY. As I said before:


Sorry 167th. B/C of my Dan I root for the Huskers in every other game except when they come up against MY BOYS. There's always next year, when y'all will be back stateside to see the matchup in person. :)


toygirl said...

Hooke 'em, Horns!
(Sorry, but they need more help than you do!)

David said...

here from carmi,
God ( the one true and living God) bless you!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It#'s a big match for you, Nic. Sorry I can't see it!

Get 'em Horns!