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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

HDQ for today...

Ok, I was surprised and pleased last week that most everyone's answer to the HDQ "What do you believe to be true even though you can't tangibly prove it?" was God. I believe Him to be true as well beyond any shadow of a doubt. How is it harder to believe in one Supreme Being that created all life and the Universe rather than a race of aliens created us or that we evolved from slime? Personally I find those harder to believe than the thought that just maybe there is one Supreme Person who spoke and everything was created.

So, today's HDQ is less "thought provoking".

What is your biggest pet peeve or one of them and how do you deal with someone who does it unintentionally?

Mine is people calling me Nikki. No offense intended to the Nikki's out there, I'm sure you are lovely people, but I hate that name. I am Nic or Nicole. NOT NIKKI. If you want to piss me off real quick...call me Nikki. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

How do I deal? I say as politely as possible. “I’m sorry. I prefer not to be called Nikki. It’s Nicole or Nic if you want but not Nikki.” Of course some people don’t get the hint and still call me Nikki so then, if I’m in a grumpy mood, I ignore them until they say something like “I’m talking to you.” “Who, me? I’m a Nicole not Nikki so I didn’t know who you were addressing.”


Ainsley said...

The one-upper. I really dislike when people have to one-up you no matter what you're discussing. For example, "Hey, my baby got a tooth!" The appropriate answer is, that's great, NOT, "Oh, MY baby got his first tooth MONTHS ago and now has four." The one-upper is closely tied in with the know-it-all; this same person will then launch into an explanantion as to why your child is slow to teethe, even though they have no medical background whatsoever. Argh, so frustrating!!

-xtessa- said...

my mother-in-law! LOL! seriously, i have so many, i can't choose one so easily... i guess, i'll go with something that happened recently.

i hate it when people don't turn off or put in silent mode their celfones in movies and during mass. i mean, there's a notice right before the movie starts and even the priest requests this before mass, yet, some people just don't listen. and it irks me even more that they let it ring and not answer, pretending that it's not their fone ringing.

Nic said...

Both of those are fabulous! I totally agree with both of those. Er, not the MIL xtessa! I happen to have gotten a wonderful MIL who is a blessing, even when she ticks me off on the occasional odd year. :)

I forgot to add another HUGE peeve of mine and will do so in my post. Amend it so to speak. LOL.

Megan said...
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Megan said...

I cannot stand when people call me "Meg" without asking me what I prefer to be called. I will never correct them, but I'll make a note of it... I think it's just good manners to ask someone what they prefer to be called.

And I, too, hate the one-upper. Whatever bad you have, they have it worse, and whatever good, they've got it better. :p

greatwhitebear said...

I HATE it when people ask me if I have been "saved". The question hints at a moral superiority that is almost always only in the questoners mind.

So I always answer, "I'm sorry, I am not in need of rescue, but if you need perform one for your eagle scout badge..."

I guess thats not very tactful, but some questions just don't deserve tact.