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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Has the 9/11 Memorial been Hijacked?

This is truly awful and makes me mad. Read on...
The memorial at "ground zero" in New York is supposed to honor the memory of the victims and heroes of that day. Sadly, it has been hijacked by politically-correct groups and will become a platform for lessons about tolerance and "freedom." The memorial will be 50,000 sq. feet and underground. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that on top of that will be a 300,000 sq. foot "International Freedom Center" multi-cultural institution. Don't get weary and bored here. Read on. The intention is that the victims of 9/11 and the attack itself will be de-emphasized by the Freedom Center's focus on other things.

So here are a few of the diversions, all of them worthy of attention, but not at "ground zero." The plight of Native Americans, Chinese dissidents, the Soviet gulags, and even the Holocaust, a subject for which I have a passion and have written a best-selling book about, but I don't need to learn more about it at "ground zero." The attack on America, thanks to the "International Freedom Center", will be lost in this global, multi-ethnic lesson on tolerance. Yet 9/11 is a uniquely American tragedy for Americans who don't wish to forget.

As Debra Burlinghame, who lost her brother, pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon says, "This on-site International Freedom Center which will overshadow the much smaller 9/11 memorial, has a purpose of judging America's actions through her history which will prove that 'we deserved what we got on 9/11.' It will satisfy those who consider the post 9/11 provisions of the Patriot Act to be more dangerous than the terrorists the Patriot Act is designed to apprehend."

Who is behind the "International Freedom Center" designed to draw your attention away from the 9/11 memorial onto other issues? The ACLU, of course. Another, Eric Foner of Columbia University says, "I'm not sure which is more frightening--the horror that engulfed New York City or the apocalyptic rhetoric coming daily from the White House."

Don't think for a minute that the "International Freedom Center" has any intention of taking one on a real "journey through the history of freedom" as they say. Their idea of freedom isn't that of most Americans. The public will come to see the 9/11 memorial to pay their respects at the place where heroes died. They want a personal connection to this day of infamy on our shores. They want to touch what touched them that day that changed the life of every American forever. But they will first be herded through the "International Freedom Center's" multi-million dollar debacle designed to suggest that America just might be a terrorist nation itself.

The IFC are ideologues hoping to use the memorial site as a visual aid to promote their own agenda.

If it bothers you that the 9/11 memorial will turn into yet another outpost of anti-Western terrorist sympathy placed on top of the ashes of the victims of 9/11, then call New York Gov. George Pataki at 1-518-474-8390.

I have established a permanent memorial to 9/11 on my Web site, www.olivetreeviews.org, then go to "Terrorism: U.S." May we never forget, particularly the fallen heroes of that day.

God is our "Homeland Security Director." He has had favor on us for almost four years. It may never happen again, though that is unlikely, for these are the "perilous times" of II Tim. 3. In the meantime, Americans who have been deeply touched by that event need to be allowed to remember minus the propaganda.

Awaiting His return,
Jan Markell


No_Newz said...

Sheesh! No wonder why it makes you mad.
Lois Lane
P.S. I missed you a bunch!

epiphany said...

Guess what Nic! You are the complimenting commentor's site of the day. How cool is that? Enjoy the compliments...You definately deserve them...specially when you write really good posts like this one.

BTW that now makes two of us from the Ever Vigilant Exchange to get a go visit this site from CC.

Enjoy and have a good day. :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done, Nic. This was a five star post that alerts us to what others are trying to do. Well written.