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Thursday, June 16, 2005

10 Things about me

Like I stated two weeks ago, I was probably going to cut down on the 15 Things About Me to 10 Things About Me.

1) I have two tattoo's on my lower back. I already have my next 3 planned. Whether or not I get them is another matter. The first one I got was the dolphin yin/yang. I was 27 and was either going to get a tat or get my belly button pierced. I decided to get a tat. It hurt like a you-know-what! Got it in the middle of my lower back. I modified it from a design I saw elsewhere and brought the drawing in so that the artist could use it. My second tat I got when my dear friend and critique partner Amy Edwards (she's published now! Go Amy!) had hers done. THis one didn't hurt hardly at all. It's a four leaf clover. A symbol of good luck and prosperity. The four leaves symbolize Faith, Hope, Love and Luck. I have a cross for Faith, my "N" (Nicole) for hope, "E" (Emily) for Love and I have the Luck part blank b/c I don't really believe in Luck. I believe in Providence. Here are pics of my tats.

2) Steak and potatoes are my favorite meal. But then again you probably already knew that.
3) I grew up driving a stick/standard car, started at the age of 14. Didn't own an automatic until 2001.
4) I am a minivan mom.
5) I am an only child. My mom was unable to have children and my parents adopted me at birth.
6) I love musicals. Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Oklahoma and Sound of Music are among my favorites.
7) I have only been truly in love twice in my life.
8) I was serenaded once at a frat party. It was very sweet and surprisingly, the guys could sing very good.
9) The worst burn I ever got was when I went tubing in New Braunfels. I thought, "Well only be out on the river for a couple of hours, it's 10 in the morning, NAH, I don't need sunscreen." Completely forgetting that THE INNERTUBE WAS BLACK! Oh yeah, I burned so bad my skin started to swell with fluid and my joints were so stiff that I could hardly bend them. A week later I was peeling so badly on my chest near my shoulder/underarm area that I peeled into my skin which left a scar for several years which is now gone.
10) I have only had stiches once, in my left foot when a girl dropped a glass jar in art class at summer camp in 5th grade and it sliced into my foot. There was no pain until about 30 minutes later I was told I was going to have to have stiches. Then BOOM! Tons O' Pain. The doctor told me that if it had been less than 1mm deeper I would have had severed tendons in my foot.


Michael said...

The sunburn sounds painful.

I also like musicals....

Karyn Lyndon said...

OMG...I LOVE musicals. I wish life was a musical. Sometimes when I'm sitting in a boring meeting in a stuffy conference room at work I imagine the Vice President jumping up on the table, tap dancing and singing. Wouldn't that be great??? I had to do training in New York for 3 months and I got to see 13 broadway shows. It was PURE heaven.

Twist of Kate said...

Those were all very interesting things, I learned a lot!!! :) Hey Nic, here from Michele today...

Beanhead said...

Nice to meet you. The sunburn sounds really painful. BTW here via Michele's.

Paul said...

Cool tats, checkin you out via Micheles today :)..



TheBisch said...

Not a minivan... Nooooo! :)

Here from Michele's... neat site.

Ainsley said...

Hi there, thanks for your comment at my site. If you're looking for tattoo ideas, here's one that I really like: http://www.welltempered.net/adinkra/htmls/adinkra/akok.htm
(if I ever have the guts to get one, that it.) I like the idea of getting something that sort of defines how I see life, or how I'd like to follow it. Does that make sense?

Bill said...

Nic: I like the Dolphin yin-yang one! Very nice, and unique, very cool to have one you modified for yourself!

and a great '10' list.. well done!