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Saturday, June 11, 2005

First Book Review

Ok, y'all know that I review ARC's for my writer's group. ARC's are Advanced Reading Copies that the authors get months before the book actually hits the shelves. I am posting my first review that I've done since I started the blog. I talked about Dee Davis and some other friends in a previous post. Dee is so sweet and gracious and funny and she endears herself very well to other people. I had the priveledge of spending time with her this past Tuesday at her booksigning at the Barnes and Nobles in the Arboretum. A group of 6 of us went to dinner after and just had a blast. Good food, good friends, good conversation. It was what I needed!

Anyway, I wrote this review of Dee's current book Enigma to be published this month in our newsletter. As promised, I am sharing it with you, as well as any future reviews I write. Which I will be writing 2 reviews for the September newsletter: First Love from Julie Kenner (Her darling daughter is PQAL's playmate) and Exposure, the last book in Dee's trilogy. I hope you enjoy the review and if you pick up the book, or the trilogy, you definitely won't be disappointed. This book is not a romance but rather a SWRE (suspense with romantic elements). It's great for either gender!

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Enigma by Dee Davis
HQN Books, June 2005
Review by Nicole Boedeker

Two loners are forced to work together to solve a series of deadly bombings. Can they find the missing pieces of the puzzle and crack the case before time runs out for one of them?

CIA operative Payton Reynolds carries a burden of guilt that makes him the top of his game as he takes insane risks trying to atone for his past. He also excels at not letting anyone past the walls that he’s constructed around his heart. Bomb specialist Samantha (Sam) Waters, a loner with a reputation for not being a team player, is both admired and shunned by her peers because of her young age. When the two of them are partnered up on the trail of tracking a madman with a penchant for destruction and a growing appetite for murder, more than the bombings they are investigating are explosive.

When the bomber’s targets take a personal turn for Sam, the team at Last Chance soon realizes that she is the object of a madman’s obsession. Will they be able to track him down and bring him to justice before one of their own becomes the next casualty in this battle of the minds?

Move over Linda Howard and Suze Brockmann, there’s a new queen of Suspense Romance in town and her name is Dee Davis. Why do I enjoy reviewing books? It is because of true gems like this latest effort by Ms. Davis. Enigma, the second in her enthralling Last Chance trilogy, is by far the best work that she has put out yet. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Ms. Davis’s works before and she has really excelled at the craft of putting a perfectly tuned suspense story together. Her writing is tight and fast-paced, keeping you entranced and turning the pages long into the morning. I was disappointed when the story was over because I wanted to immediately read the next and final book in this exciting series. If her growing number of fans have any say, the Last Chance trilogy will expand into a regular series that will catapult her to the top of this genre alongside such stellar sensations as those mentioned above. I expect more exceptional works from this extremely talented author and can’t wait to read Exposure, the final book in the extraordinary Last Chance trilogy, hitting the shelves in September 2005.


Duke_of_Earle said...

Dang, Nic! If I ever get published, would you do a review for me?

Great job!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You sound a great reviewer, Nic. I'll have to do a Weekend Question about books sometime in the future.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Your review certainly entices the reader to pick up her book!
I love to write poetry and short pieces of prose.
My main occupation is as an artist, but I intertwine the two passions.
It's a pleasure to have found your blog via CC!