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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Update on precious little Layla Grace March 7

Sweet Layla Grace has had some good days, but yesterday was not a good one. She is still hanging on. Barely. She is weaker and is not even interested in the ice chips of juice that they've been having to give her so that she can keep those down better than from her sippy cup. She cries when her mommy, Shanna, tries to hold her now. This precious angel baby has touched the lives and hearts of so many.

She's been holding on for so very long and fighting to stay here, but her little body is tiring out and, barring God's will to provide a miracle for this little miracle, this might be her last day or two on earth before she soars to heaven to the arms of Jesus. Her mom just let us know a few minutes ago that: Layla woke up a few times last night. She's very weak & can no longer sit up on her own. She's still refusing any kind of drink or ice chips.

You can follow her story here:
Layla Grace's Twitter.
I also have a post about her and her situation here: Layla Grace, Layla Grace, earthly angel with a cherub's face

Some other sad news I found out. The same time they found out that Layla Grace's cancer had come back with a vengence, was when her father got laid off. So there is no income coming in at all right now for Layla Grace's family at all, but they believe and trust in God and He has provided so far.

For those of you who live in the Houston area, at 2:00 today at THE MERIDIAN, there is a rock concert for Layla Grace with 10 bands who have generously donated their time to this worthwhile cause. All proceeds go to Layla Grace's medical fund. And on Tuesday the Chuy's off of 290 and Highway 6 will be doing the following: Starting at 4PM they will donate all of the bar tips and match what is brought in and the servers will also be donating all of their tips as well, to Layla Grace's medical fund. Layla Grace's family is, in turn, going to donate 1/2 of those proceeds to the Texas Children's Medical Hospital for the care, treatment and medical research of children with neuroblastoma.

Thank you for all of your prayers toward heaven for this precious little earthly angel!

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