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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Other Words for March 23

Oh how this quote has been my life for so long. I've always had a problem with wanting others to accept me and be my friend, instead of just being myself and instead of just wanting God to accept me as I was.

I thought I had to be skinnier, prettier, more agile, more fun, the life of the party, a better dancer, witty, tell stories to make others laugh, be louder so everyone would notice me. Instead of noticing God in me.

I've always had an inferiority complex and it has led me down some really rocky roads and into some sticky situations. I'm not proud of my youth. Heck, I'm not proud of some of my adulthood either, if I'm being honest.

I never really thought about using my God-given gift to help others. I didn't think it was sparkly enough. I'm a crow, I like sparkles and bling and flash. But as I've matured spiritually, I realize that my God-given gift is one that better serves me and everyone around me instead of trying to force myself to have a non-God-given gift fill that place in my life.

For those of you who know me from blogging, you'll know that I tend to leave comments that are very encouraging and uplifting. I've been told by several "real life" Christian friends that I'm an encourager and have natural empathy because I'm the person who can literally FEEL the emotions of others and that helps me to better be able to use that gift of encouragement. I'm the one to whom my friends go to when they need a friendly shoulder, ear, advice or to just get a verbal pick me up.

Two of my other wonderful blog friends also have the gift of encouragement and they have freely bestowed it on me when I have really needed it. Thank you dear MiPa and Graham .

Have you ever complimented a complete stranger and seen their demeanor change? I love doing that! I enjoy brightening someone's day with my words of kindness. Thing is, I never say something I don't mean, especially in regards to compliments. If I don't feel it, I don't say it. I'd rather stay silent than be insincere.

I'd LOVE to be a wonderful prayer warrior like my sweet blog friend Peggy. Have you SEEN her prayers? They are astounding in their beauty and power and fervent righteousness. Unfortunately, I rarely have the concentration needed for that kind of prayer – one of the detriments of having ADD. Even in a quiet room I'm easily distracted. That's why I'm so glad to have the gift that I have. It fits me. It for sure fits my personality. I love trying to take care of everyone and make sure they're ok, that they have what they need, that they're happy and feel welcome in my world.

My God-given gift of encouragement doesn't only make others feel better, it makes ME feel better. I love making someone feel better by encouraging them in the words that God gives me. Those times are especially special to me because it's like I'm voicing God's encouragement through my mouth and I get an extra super huge warm fuzzy at those times, like a hug from God. That's God's gift to me for using His gift given to me.

Please visit our hostess this week Deborah for more perspectives on this week's In Other Word's quote.


Tami Boesiger said...

I can almost feel your excitement as you talk about using your gift. Keep doing what you do, sister!

Debbie said...

Nic, I love your gift of encouragement! This is something that people need and long for. A kind word or a smile is sometimes all that's needed too.

I understand much about the past and the mistakes. Been there and done that. I spent years trying to figure myself out instead of looking to the One who created me. Duh!

Well at least we got to this point, right?

Keep encouraging Nic!

You are a blessing in our bloggy world,

Debbie said...

One more thing!

I also have been blessed by Peggy's prayers. She's awesome, isn't she?


Anonymous said...

Nic, your encouragement IS evident, and so needed in today's world. Brightening someone else's day also brightens your own. One thing about encouragement is that it really only works when you give it away. How like God is that??

Denise Hughes said...

"My God-given gift of encouragement doesn't only make others feel better, it makes ME feel better." This is a powerful truth. When we are truly doing what God has called us, and empowered us, to do, then God meets OUR needs as well. Praise God!

Thank you for your encouraging words today!

Ivan said...

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