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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Update on Layla Grace March 4, 2010

Here is the latest on Layla from her mother, Shanna.

Around 11:30 last night, March 3, 2010: Layla woke up for a short time this evening. After some juice (which came back up) & lots of love & cuddling, she's back in her bed asleep. She was able 2 stay awake 4 about 10 min. The longest she's had her eyes open in a while. She couldn't lift her head up, but looked around. Layla is still in her bed peacefully sleeping like an angel on earth. Can't wait until she wakes up so I can hold her!!

About 30 minutes ago: Layla woke up for about 30 min & asked to be held. It hurts her little body to be held for too long so she asked me to lay her back down. She's sleeping again and I'm sitting on the floor next to her bed. It's so quiet, calm & peaceful in her room.

Please continue to pray for little Layla Grace's comfort and healing. She is an exceptional little girl. You can follow her story at the link in her name or via Layla Grace's Twitter. I also have a post about her and her situation here: Layla Grace, Layla Grace, earthly angel with a cherub's face

Thank you for your prayers for this precious earthly angel!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Nic.

Peggy said...

Blessings Nic...thanks for the updates...since I don't Twitter or Facebook. Come say a prayer for her at The Lighthouse of Prayer!


Tell her family we are lifting them daily!

Angela said...

I want to thank you for standing in the gap precious sister for this family and little girl. ((hugs))

I'm heading over to my blog to update it and add her to my Fearless Friday post.