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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Update on Layla Grace March 9, 2010

Well, it's been quite a while since the last update. Last night at 7:39 was the last time we heard word of how she was doing. It was not good. Her father, Ryan was with her, talking to her and comforting her and she was not doing well at all.

The pastor for Layla Grace's family said a short while ago that they are so honored to know that so many people are out there praying for them. He promised that no matter how dark this time gets for the Marsh family that he will remain steadfast with them and will not let them go. He said that Layla will probably go at anytime but he hadn't heard anything yet, even though it's been almost 24 hours without an update. He did say though to keep praying! Just keep praying...

So many of us feel that so long without an update means that she has already passed on into the arms of Jesus where there is no more pain, sickness, sorrow or fear, or is about to pass and the family is having their own grieving time in private. We are alternately dreading and anticipating what the next word brings. I must confess, every time my phone text buzzes, my heart jumps and my stomach turns.

The address to send cards to Layla/her family can be found here http://laylagrace.org/about.

You can add prayers for sweet Layla Grace and her family at the Lighthouse of Prayer. To add yours, click on the words "Prayers Uplifted to The Throne".

To read more about little Layla Grace from her parents, please visit laylagrace.org

To read more about her from previous posts of mine, you can click on the tag "Layla Grace" and all of them will be pulled up for you.

Thank you for caring about this precious little angel, for praying for her and her family and for holding her in your hearts. It is all so very appreciated.

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