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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Ok, I know, I know, I haven't posted in a while. Been busy. So, today there is a variety of things I'm posting and later tonight when I can get the pics off of my camera, I'll post them on here as well. I have a meme, a poem and some stream of consciousness writing to post. I've never really been into stream of consciousness writing, but I have had so much going on that it's really the only way to put it down without writing a freaking novel.

Favorites Meme


TIME OF DAY: 20:00 or – on the 12 hour clock – 8:00 PM. Em is usually in bed by that time, on Thursday's Grey's Anatomy is on and usually, when Em is with her dad, that is the anticipatory time right before I step out the door to go out dancing or out with friends.
DAY OF THE WEEK: Saturday. I don't have to get ready for work, I can stay out late at night since church starts at 11:00 the next morning, be lazy during the day if I want, watch movies, lounge in my PJ's and have, in general – USUALLY – no expectations for myself on that day.
SEASON: Fall. The crispness and the colors, the warmish days where one can still wear shorts usually and the cool nights where usually a jacket or sweatshirt is required. Perfect camping weather, perfect bonfire weather...oh, and it's FOOTBALL season!!!
HOLIDAY: Christmas – all the lights, the celebrations, the decorations, the music/carols/songs, the lift in people's spirits to be nicer, the anticipation and excitement of children as they count down to Christmas and, most important of all the others, the birth of Jesus is celebrated.
BEACHES: Never been to a good beach, just the Texas ones and they're kinda dirty though the pictures that I've seen of islands in the Pacific that are stunning. It's kind of irrelevant though b/c I'm a mountain girl. I love the snowy mountains in the winter and the snow capped mountains dotted with trees and flowers in the summer.
FLOWER: White and yellow daisies. They're such a cheery flower!
TALK SHOW: Hand's down – Glenn Beck. He tells it as it is and makes no apologies or excuses – even though he is on the Communist News Network. Pretty much is their "token" conservative.
MOVIE: All-time favorite? The Princess Bride
SOAPS: Right now I'm in the Bath and Body Work's Coconut Lime Verbena stage. Crisp and cool with a hint of the tropics.
BEVERAGE: Liquor: Tequila; Beer: Guinness or Lambic Frambois; Wine: Clos du Bois Merlot or a good, chilled Café Zinfandel; Soda: Sonic's Route 44 Cherry Limeade.
FRUIT: Hmmmmm, watermelon, mango or pineapple. I can't choose just one!
SNACK: I'm not such a snack-y person but maybe I'd have to say honey roasted cashews or Ruffles potato chips with Kraft's French Onion dip.
FOOD: A center cut buffalo filet cooked medium rare/medium with my mashed potatoes. That NEVER will change
RESTAURANT: In Austin: Austin Land & Cattle (NOT affiliated with Texas Land and Cattle, which is an abomination to steak everywhere); In Dallas: YO Steakhouse; Chain restaurant: Pappasito's for their chicken fajitas.

Also, stolen BORROWED from Uisce is this poem that I really like and it spoke so much to me and in a way it fits partly with my stream of consciousness stuff. I wish I had someone to anticipate this with.

will today be the day
heart bursting open
secrets hidden
too much to hide
treasures buried
how many lifetimes
waiting and saving
will today be the day
heart broken open
feelings revealed
nothing to hide
given away
will today be the day

Ok, and now with the SOC stuff. This may or may not be in order of events, though probably not. I've never really done SOC so this probably is nothing like it. LOL!

I hate having acute bronchitis b/c it lingers and I'm hacking and coughing this crud up and when will it ever end? It takes time away from my being able to go to Krav Maga b/c I can't keep up with my lungs and coughing and hacking all over the place. The humidity and heat doesn't help either.

On Memorial Day I was kissed for the first time in almost a year. It was pretty hot! I liked it...a lot... I really kind of like the guy. Never thought I'd be attracted to someone who is almost my height, maybe an inch or so taller, but I realize how comfortable it is, really. No neck cricks and no back aches from reaching, stretching, bending, trying to get to the other person. I'm not expecting anything from him. I like his friendship, I really liked the kisses but he's not a long term relationship for me that I can see. He's someone I wouldn't mind casually dating though.

A different kind of date to remember – Emily was baptized on Sunday! She's been asking for over a year to be baptized. She made her decision to become a Christian three days before her 4th birthday and it was a surprising event for me b/c I didn't realize that she was doing it until she was half way through. It was a joyous moment for me as I have been praying since before she was born for her to make that decision early in life. Jack and Gayle were in town this weekend which is why the church allowed her to get baptized last Sunday instead of this coming Sunday. Jack spoke at my church to an unprecedented completely packed service both hours. Not one seat left empty in a 2,000 seat church for either service and it looked like even some standing room only stuff going on as well. His reception that afternoon was pretty packed as well. It's been good to see them. I'm their road tour coordinator and set up the speaking engagements for him across the US between April and October. I'll be seeing them this weekend to in San Antonio for another event. It's been nice to see them several times this year so far. And nice to have the meetings in places to stay that are cheap – as in free.

UGH! I'm so poor right now. I STILL haven't gotten my tickets to Kansas City for my birthday b/c of things coming up and the prices are doing nothing but rising. I wonder if God is trying to keep me from going, even though I really want to see my friends and really want to get back to Kansas City to just enjoy it and a live baseball game. I don't like baseball on TV, couldn't get into watching it in earnest on the tube, but live? Now that's hot!

Speaking of hot...yeah, that kiss was pretty smoking. Ok, kisses plural, yes, a few more than one. I wonder if he's thinking about them too. It's been about 10 months, according to him, since his last kiss. I don't understand why exactly. Man, he really has beautiful green/grey eyes that hold a hint of blue sometimes and a great smile and I can talk to him for hours on end. He's smart, articulate, funny and really, really laid back and down to earth. Yeah, even with the no expectations, I admit I'm kinda crushin'. He and his roommate live about 3 blocks from me. We met through a mutual friend who is the ex of my best friend, MC.

While we're on the subject of MC, she and I and another friend went to the Biker Parade this weekend and it was glorious and smelly and LOUD and awesome! Oh, and I rode on the back of a bike Friday night after the Biker Parade downtown. MC and I had a friend that was riding in it and we met up with him after. We hung around downtown for a while and then decided to go to this fun little dive bar about 5 or so miles away (it's clean, well lit, has old fashioned table Ms. Pac-Man and air-hockey, etc. and is one of the best kept secrets in South Austin). Well, our friend who was in the parade had never been there so MC said "Who's going to ride with Rob to tell him where to go?" My hand shot up before she was even finished. I was all "Is there REALLY any need for discussion on this? MC, you HATE motorcycles in theory and in practice though you like to look at them. Deb, you own a Harley and can ride anytime. I have not been on a bike since 1994. I WILL be riding with Rob." They all got a big kick out of that. I refused the helmet (NO COMMENTS ON THAT THEY WILL BE DELETED – IT WAS MY CHOICE) and rode with tears streaming out of my eyes from the wind and my hair flying back with this HUGE grin on my face the whole way. It was absolute FREEDOM! I loved, loved, loved it!

I've been cheated, been mistreated, when will I be loved? Good lands, ain't that the truth! That was the first song I ever sang karaoke on. Heck, I'd just settle for a date right now, though I did get those kisses. And, I admit, it was nice, really that he made the move. It was completely unexpected and took me by surprise...the first time. The second time I knew it was coming and dove in with both feet. SIGH! Yeah, I know I've talked a lot about the kissin' but when you're (as MC says I am) touch starved and there's this mutual attraction...or maybe it was the beer talking?...it just kind of stays on the forefront of your mind.

And beer. As Buffy would say "Beer Good!" and as good ol' Ben Franklin said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!" MC introduced me to this fantabulous beer that I immediately tumbled head over heels for. Of course it's a bit expensive at almost 5.00 per bottle, but the bottle is a pretty big one. It's called Lambic Frambois. It's a raspberry beer that tastes very unlike a beer and it super, duper tasty! Of course at the price, that's one beer that I won't be indulging in on a regular basis, but it'll definitely be enjoyed on the occasions I can. :)

Ok, so that's all for the rambling SOC, which I'm still not sure if I did it right. I have a lot left inside I could talk about but I won't right now.

Happy Wednesday! We're on the downhill slide to the weekend and I will be extremely happy for that! It's been a really, really busy past four weekends in a row. No rest for the weary. Hope your's is beautiful!

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's a lengthy post, Nic!

Being a big fan of Virginia Woolf, I love streams of consiousness writing.

Sunday was a big day for you with Emily's baptism. You must have been so proud of her.

I've always wanted to see a live baseball match, but never can here in England.