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Friday, September 08, 2006

My 9/11 Tribute

The 5 year anniversary of the attack on OUR HOME TURF by Muslim terrorists is upon us. Say what you want - that these men "hijacked" a so-called "peaceful" religion, fact is every single one of them was Muslim. Every single one. On September 11, 2001 they didnt hijack their religion, they hijacked 4 planes, here, in America, our home. They murdered over 3,000 people, not just Americans but of all nationalities and all religions - all in the name of their "religion of peace". We are not at war with a few select people, we are are war with a religion. Fact is, Islam calls upon it's "true" followers to kill by the sword those who do not convert to their religion. How is that "peaceful"?

Let me clarify, I do NOT hate Muslims, but I believe that they follow a completely misguided religion. It is true that the majority of Muslims are not associated with extremists, however, where is their outrage at these atrocities that their fellow Muslims have perpitrated against others - including those of their own faith that they deem as "too moderate" or "too Western thinking"? If extremist or fundamentalist Islamists account for only 10% of the Islamic faith, 10% of 2 Billion is still 200 million extremists who want to kill in the name of their "God". Why do not the other 1.8 BILLION Muslims do something about their extremist Muslims if they find what they do reprehensible? Or do they find it to be so? If their "God" is one of love and peace like they proclaim, then why does he command in their "holy" book to kill those who do not believe as Muslim's believe? Is that what a loving and peaceful God does? No.

Today's terrorists and extremists are not truly "God fearing", or "God loving", or even "God following" but rather evil, sick, twisted and narrow minded men that think that they can overcome and subjugate everyone that is not like themselves with their murderous ways.

No true God or Prophet tells his followers to KILL those that don't believe in him or stand in their faith's way... And if if there is a God or Prophet that says to kill all those that don't believe in him, or follow him... Then I say they are not THE true God or a true Prophet of God, but rather just another of history's many past false gods, prophets and twisted leaders that can only be found when you search through some of the most painful past of human history.

When searching for these tributes to post on my blog, I came across a website that stated the following:

I've tried to keep religion and religious beliefs out of much of the content on this page, however when I received the following link I felt it should be shared. This tribute still has a 9/11 theme to it, however its main theme is much more religious in its message. It is still a powerful message for anyone. This is a Religious/Christian themed Tribute to 9/11...

When I first posted this tribute - I offered an opportunity for visitors to vote if this tribute was appropriate for this 9/11 tribute page, of the first 500 votes I received in the first 2 weeks, I received only 10 that thought this tribute was inappropriate. I have suspended the voting and will keep it on my page.

Also, after considering the message of this tribute, I would like to know if anyone has found or can offer me an Islamic/Muslim faith based Tribute that has a similar message for the innocent victims of 9/11 (which did include many innocent Muslims and others of different faiths).

Specifically if there is an Islamic/Muslim based 9/11 Tribute that has a message of LOVE and Compassion, and not one of Jihad and death to Infidels... let me know and I'll gladly add it right next to this Christian based tribute on my 9/11 tribute page. NOTE: It's been 6 months now and still no one has sent me an Islamic/Muslim faith based tribute to the victims of 9/11... I'll keep waiting...

It makes one wonder why not? If Islam is the religion of peace and love, then why are there no Islamic tributes to those who died on 9/11? Could it be because what it is about at the heart of it is Jihad and the murder of those who do not subscribe to their beliefs? Why is it that the only people in the world who were celebrating with unfettered glee this horrific tragedy were of the Islamic faith? So I ask the same thing of you. Find me a Muslim/Islamic site that has a tribute to the victims of 9/11. If you can find one, please let me know. I doubt you will, even if you search for a year.

It is time to revisit those events of 9/11. Tragic, horrific and a waste of life. 9/11 WAS and IS the beginning of the war of Islam against America, Christianity and Judaism. The god of Islam IS NOT the same as the God of Christianity. The god of Islam sends your sons to die for him whereas the God of Christianity sent His Son to die for YOU.

It's ok to get angry when you see these images and remember what happened, it's ok to cry, the time for political correctness is over. They still want to kill us and they will not change their minds through "talking", "sanctions" or "negotiations".

Remember what happened and who did it. Take back America from those who would destroy Her in the name of appeasement and political correctness. Stand for what you believe in. Loving your country, supporting your troops and being unashamedly patriotic IS NOT A CRIME!!!

WARNING: Some of these videos include very disturbing images of the planes hitting the Towers as it was broadcast on the TV channels. There is also some mild profanity due to home videos that captured the first plane slamming into the North Tower at 8:46 AM EST.

Please, God, may we NEVER FORGET and may these images remind us just what is at stake. Our faith, our freedom, our sovereignty and our very lives.

This tribute is the Christian one that was the subject of the above quote. It is a stirring and beautiful tribute. Click here for the flash presentation that ran on my blog on 9/11.

This next tribute had me crying uncontrollably the first few times I listened to it and it still makes the tears flow every time I listen to it. It is a new rendition of the song "Heaven" but it also has a little boy talking to his daddy on September 11, 2002, a year after his daddy died in the WTC attack. He doesn't understand the true concept of death and what happened to his daddy and it is just heartbreaking to hear him talk to his daddy.


Click here to download this 9/11 Remix of "Heaven"

Some of the best tributes via YouTube...

My Immortal Tribute

Only Time/President Bush's Speech Tribute

What A Wonderful World Tribute

For some other tributes, please click the following links to open up the tribute in a new browser to watch separately.

Excellent Flash tribute with the music of Sarah McLaughlin's "Angels"

The following Macromedia Flash Tribute uses the Enya song "Only Time" as the background for its presentation, this tribute is longer and follows timelines past the day of the attack. It does include some images of WTC jumpers, which can be disturbing for some.
"Only Time Tribute"

Extremely touching tribute set to the music "Can't Cry Hard Enough" by Victoria Williams
"Can't Cry Hard Enough"

A lovely tribute for the Heroes of Flight 93
"Little Did She Know...She'd Kissed A Hero"


When I am called to duty, God,
Where’re the flames may rage,
Give me strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.
Help me embrace a little child
Before it is too late,
Or save some older person from
The horror of that fate.
Enable me to be alert,
And hear the weakest shout
And quickly and effectively
To put the fire out.
I want to fill my calling
And give the best in me.
To guard my every neighbor
And protect his property;
And if according to Your will,
I have to lose my life
Please bless with Your protecting hand
My children and my wife.


Lord I ask for courage
Courage to face and
Conquer my own fears...
Courage to take me
Where others will not go...

I ask for strength
Strength of body to protect others
And strength of spirit to lead others...

I ask for dedication
Dedication to my job, to do it well
Dedication to my community
To keep it safe...

Give me Lord, concern
For others who trust me
And compassion for those who need me...

And please Lord
Through it all
Be at my side...

Three different versions of A Soldier's Prayer

Soldier's Psalm 91 Prayer
By Harriet Yoder

O Lord Most High, help me to dwell in your secret place and abide under Your shadow.

Help me to believe and say out loud for everyone to hear that You are my refuge and my fortress; that You are my God; and that in You I put my trust.

O Lord God Almighty, please deliver me from hidden traps and diseases.

Father God, cover me with Your camouflage; hide me under Your wings; and let Your truth be my shield and buckler against the fiery darts—the lies—of the enemy.

Lord Jesus, help me not to be afraid of terrorists' attacks in the night; or weapons that fly by day; or sicknesses that walk in darkness; or destruction that wastes at noonday.

O Holy God, though a thousand fall at my side, and ten thousand fall at my right hand; please let it not come close to me and my companions.

O Lord Most High, let me live to see the reward of the wicked, because You are my refuge and my home. Let no evil conquer me and let no plague come into my house or near my family.

O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer, please set angels over me to keep me in all Your ways, to bear me up in their hands and to keep my feet from stumbling.

Father God, help me to tread upon the lion and adder and trample the young lion and the dragon under my feet.

Lord Jesus, I love you with all my heart and I know Your name. Deliver me and lift me on high to soar with the eagles. I call upon you to be with me in times of trouble to deliver and honor me because I know Your name. Please show me Your salvation and satisfy me with a long life.

I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ


A Soldier's Prayer

God our Father,
Help me to remain true to my ideals
during my service to my country.
Help me be what is in America,
the land of the free.
May I realize that I represent
what our country stands for.
My uniform is a symbol of duty and valor both in peace and in war.
I take up arms to defend what all Americans hold dear:
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Grant me the strength to live according to these ideals,
the courage of my convictions,
and the resolve to endure whatever dangers threaten.
With you at our side I fear no evil
and resist every enemy,
secure in the knowledge
that you hold me in the palm of your hand.

The Soldier's Prayer
By Jeremy R. Gipson

Now I lay me down to sleep
Another day I did survive.

Tomorrow when the morning breaks
I pray the Lord my soul revive.

Give me courage. Give me strength.
Help me fight for what is right.

Bless my wife and children, Lord,
Give them rest and peace tonight.

Please protect my fellow soldiers
As we trek across the sand.

And when the battle rages
Help us boldly take our stand.

And when protesters back in my homeland
Wave their banners high -

Help them know they could never enjoy freedom
Had not a soldier died.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If you have a 9/11 tribute on your site or blog, please enter your information below so that others can visit your tribute.


Anonymous said...
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Bunchuk said...
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one4JC said...

Absolutely wonderful and touching Nic...mine isn't that good but I added myself to your list.

one4JC said...

By the way...is there any where I can find the first Flash playing video with "Where were you?" theme?

AubreyJ said...

Very nice tribute, Nic... on a day I pray we never forget...
Thank you...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A five-star post, Nic. You have really written a tribute of worth. Well done. So many others ought to read it.

Killired said...

wow nic... you have posted quite a tribute and not just to one person like those of us doing the 2,996 but yours is to everyone and that is wonderful! i watched the video's and am trying to open the heaven song... i dont think i've ever heard it before...

i forgot about the 'where were you' video so it was a wonderful reminder.

god bless us all and peace to all the families and friends of the innocent people who were sacrificed 5 years ago today.

Amelia Elias said...

http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/news/15477076.htm (scroll down to the 3rd paragraph)
http://www.masnet.org/news.asp?id=3727 from the official Muslim American Society's website

You know me, hon. Challenge me to find something and I will. Took less than 10 minutes on Google, which makes me wonder if anyone else even looked. Okay, they're not BLOG tributes, but I'm equally impressed by people leaving their homes and actually DOING something in tribute that actually helps others.

You also know I have no sympathy at all for terrorists of any kind, but I do have to object to painting the entire religion with the same brush. The Koran also states that killing any woman or child, or any person outside of war, is forbidden. Not an often quoted section. Asking the other non-radical Muslims to "do something" about the terrorists and extremists is like asking the Baptists why they don't do something about the Lutherans--easy to say, harder to do. It also overlooks all the imams (sp?) and Muslim leaders who immediately condemned the attacks on 9/11, and the many moderate Islamic programs that exist to reach out to new converts--who happen to be the most likely to embrace extremism.

Thank you for a very moving post! I know that we will never forget and will never stop honoring the fallen. I personally would love to see bin Laden brought to justice for crimes against humanity. I think that seeing him on trial, brought to justice for the thousands of murders that occured on 9/11, would go a long way to bringing some much-needed peace and closure to all those who lost loved ones on that day.