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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day sucks

Yes, I said it and I feel that I am entitled to think that today. No one to hold, no special dinner, not one thing to make this day stand out from any other ordinary day today. I had a shake for dinner here at the house. Oh boy. Yum. It's not that it was bad, b/c it wasn't but I would have preferred something with more "spunk" but of course all places were booked solid. You would think that I could get just one good thing that I wanted on Valentine's Day. Just one, but NO. I was going to get a little present for myself b/c by God if I'm not getting something from someone else, I should at least be able to get what I want for this day. Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. It came out today. Went to 5 stores this evening. FIVE. Not a single one had it. None. Not even in the back. They were sold out, had been sold out since the early afternoon. There's a little something they need to learn which is called "anticipation of the consumer". Did they NOT think that it would sell out? PUH-LEEZE. Grow some brains, learn the demographics for the DVD's coming out and order accordingly. I'm grouchy tonight. Ticked. Upset and overall this is the worst Valentine's Day I ever had, didn't get cr@p, except two lovely cards from Emily and my mom - the only bright spots of the day. Cr@ppy day to be single and going through a divorce and wishing you weren't. Yes, I'll say it again...Valentine's Day sucks.


Mike J. said...

I feel ya, girl. I worked tonight, till 9pm, so some co-workers could have the night off to do some things with their significant others.

Dang it.

Don't worry, though. The @%&!#@%$iness of it lessens with time. Small consolation, but it's true.

Hang in there!

cmhl said...

I'm sorry Nic... that is really hard..

greatwhitebear said...


I am really sorry too. Although you did get valentines from the most important people.

I think it is all about perspective. I got a card from my granddaughters, and a Terry's Chocolate Orange from my daughter. I sat home on the couch, drank a couple of Leinenkugels, and watched tv.

Somehow, it seemed like a good Valentines! I think beer is the key!

Carmi said...

I'm so sorry that an overcommercialized frenzy of consumerism resulted in your having a bad day.

I hate this holiday for similar reasons, and I wish humanity would simply latch on to the realization that happiness does not come from buying stuff in advance of retail-driven holidays. They have NO meaning whatsoever.

It'll get better. You're too kind a person for that not to be the case.