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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Church Sign Wisdom - Part Four and Update

Ok, so I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that though I don't have an "upper respiratory infection" per say, I have severe chest and sinus congestion which has in turn given me a secondary infection in my trachea. I wondered "Just how does one get an infection in their TRACHEA?!?!" (WARNING: THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION IS NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!) My Doctor said that because of my violent coughing and all the mucus from the chest and sinus congestion that the mucus got into the irritated areas in my trachea caused by the coughing and created little pockets which got infected. Yeah, YUCK! Gross! So I'm on antibiotics for the next 10 days. The doctor said that I wouldn't start feeling better until Sunday. So that's another weekend gone. Now, here's the interesting thing. I'm highly alergic to any hydrocodone, which means I can't take codeine or vicodin so the prescription cough suppresants are out of the question. He said that even though I'm on antibiotics that I should go ahead and "self medicate" with my favorite alcoholic beverage before I go to bed. I didn't bother to tell him that I have a freakishly high tolerance for alcohol so I wouldn't be doing that. So by Sunday I should start feeling better. I really hope to start feeling better before then b/c today at work just wore me out. I was there for 10 hours today...all of them working, no lunch, b/c we were so stinking busy. By the time I dragged myself out of there I could barely walk to my car. The doctor advised me to stay home today but I couldn't let Rebecca be there with 37 regular employees, 20 out of town visiting workers with the the president of our division coming in to town tomorrow and finalizing the upstairs expansion not to mention that she's the executive assistant. Yeah, needless to say I couldn't let her do all of that by herself so I convinced the doctor to reluctantly give me clearance to go back today - relatively against his wishes. Rebecca actually called me yesterday to ask if I was going to be there today and then told me I sounded awful. Gee, thanks, I already knew that. Tomorrow back to the grind for another full day. I'm wishing I had taken the doctor's advice to stay home one more day. LOL!

Ok, so I'm putting up another set of church signs. And seriously, person who disparages the signs by saying drivel like Do you think putting a witty phrase on a sign does anyone any good...does this encourage us to live our lives differently...or do they just make Christian laught and turn non-believers away from experiencing authentic relationships and truth from people? you know who you are...does it really matter in the scope of things? You don't like them, don't read them. Others enjoy them as I do. They are wise, catchy little sayings that anyone who cared to could take to heart and learn from them. It's not a topic for discussion b/c this is my blog and I will continue to post them b/c I enjoy them and I like the sayings. If you think they're lame like you stated previously, you don't have to come back and keep reading them, but if you do read them, I don't want to hear anything from you how you don't like them b/c it was your choice to read them in the first place. SIGH.

More Church Sign Wisdom

376. The light of the world knows no power failure
377. Christians have a better journey with a destination that's out of this world
378. The herein determines the hereafter
379. If you want to cast a big shadow stand in God's light!
380. Enjoy this day! Compliments of God.
381. If you make money your God, it will hound you like the Devil
382. Free food: Bread of life, Living water, Milk & honey
383. When life knocks you on your knees – pray there
384. A. S. A. P.-Always say a prayer!
385. Christians, keep the faith – but not from others!"
386. Man creates the distance, Jesus builds the bridge
387. Having part time religion is like having part time work, it won't support you
388. I'm a master mechanic. Let me fix your life – Jesus
389. When you see God's Hand in everything, it is easy to leave everything in God's Hands!
390. Moments spent with God reap benefits that lasts a lifetime
391. The easiest way to bring up a child in the way he should go is for you to be traveling that same route
392. Jesus built us a bridge with 2 boards and 3 nails
393. Jesus can turn your E-F-I-L around
394. If you think meek is weak, try being meek for a week
395. Sin offers much and pays little
396. Come on in, we're Heir Conditioned!
397. God doesn't make mistakes, but he can correct ours
398. Serving God tomorrow won't help you today
399. This Church is on fire! But you don't need to call 911
400. Just because we came from dirt doesn't mean we have to wallow in it
401. What kind of legacy are you living?
402. Life: the time God gives you to determine how you spend eternity
403. God intervenes in the affairs of men by invitation only
404. Start "Standing On The Promises" instead of just setting on the premises
405. There are no "self-made" Christians
406. God is more interested in the shape of your character than the size of your bank account
407. You can know the Word of God and yet not know the God of the Word
408. Some hearts need a pace-maker, all hearts need the Peace-maker
409. Got Jesus? It'll be hell without Him!
410. ATM inside. Atonement, Truth and Mercy
411. Eternity is a long time to think about what you should have done
412. Eye for an eye? Soon everyone's blind
413. Trust God's authority, not man's majority
414. There will be no recount when the Roll is called up Yonder
415. Spare the rod and spoil the world
416. The saints win here every Sunday
417. Would you rather suffer in this life or the next?
418. Inside: Everything you always wanted to know about heaven and hell but were afraid to ask
419. Stop, Drop, and Roll will not work in Hell
420. Sinners believe in good luck, Christians believe in Good Lord
421. The only tact needed for evangelism is contact
422. Salvation is what we receive, not what we achieve
423. Salvation by Grace is like a parachute; there just is not any substitute
424. Our spirituality is like a airplane ride, the higher we rise the smaller things on earth become
425. Not to accept Jesus on His terms is to reject him
426. Don't ask to know God's will until you are ready to do it
427. No time for Christ? He has an eternity for you
428. Take the word of God and take God at His word
429. When things go wrong, don't go wrong with them
430. If you run with dogs, don't be surprised when you get up with fleas
431. A temperamental person is easy glum, easy glow
432. Friends multiply joy and divide sadness
433. A shut mouth gathers no foot
434. The smallest deed is greater than the grandest intention
435. If you growl all day, you'll be dog tired all night
436. The Truth Fears No Investigation
437. Nothing I do to punish another for hurting me, brings me healing
438. When we stop loving, we stop living
439. Character is doing what's right when no one is looking
440. Being a believer takes more than just believing
441. Tomorrow is uncertain but forever is for sure
442. You can't slide uphill
443. You don't have to attend every argument you're invited to
444. Continue to put off until tomorrow what you shouldn't do at all
445. ADVICE: Those who need it don't heed it and those who heed it don't need it
446. Reality challenges popular beliefs
447. When it comes to prayer don't hang up, hang on!
448. Jesus – coming soon for a soul near you.
449. The empty tomb proves Christianity. The empty church denies it.
450. Soul food served here
451. Don't give up. Moses was once a basket case!
452. Opportunity knocks once. Temptation leans on the doorbell!
453. God doesn't have a plan B
454. Why don't you stop trying to figure God out and start trying to figure Him in?
455. Nike says "Just do it", but Christianity says, "It's a done deal!”
456. The Devil Is Not Afraid Of A Dust Covered Bible
457. Remember the scars and stripes of the Savior this 4th of July
458. Life offers many choices. Eternity has 2. What's yours?
459. Faith sees things not as they are but as they will be
460. The "product" is a better indication of my relationship to God than the "profession"
461. In our Father's house are many mansions, Wont you be our neighbor?
462. GOOD – GOD = O
463. A Child Of The King Should Bear A Family Resemblance
464. To Avoid Sin's Tragedy – Learn Satan's Strategy
465. If you don't find your God-given purpose, Satan will supply one for you!
466. Jesus –The One who would rather die than live without you
467. The first step to hearing God is to listen
468. Having trouble finding the perfect gift? HE IS HERE!
469. When you are in deep water -- Trust the ONE who walked on it.
470. Body piercing saved our lives
471. Are you too busy acting like a Christian to be one?
472. Remember your first amendment. It's freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.
473. Is God your spare wheel or your steering wheel?
474. If you get grief because of your faith, you must be doing something right!
475. P.U.S.H.- Pray Until Something Happens


lawbrat said...

Those are great Church signs.

A friend of mine has a saying on her emails, and I love it.

My worst day with God is better than my best day without Him.

I read it every time I get an email from her, and love it more and more each time.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent church signs, Nic!

greatwhitebear said...

"I have a freakishly high tolerance for alcohol."

I think I love you!

RC said...

you in an earlier post in this one. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, but honestly...I just wanted to make a statement about how I think church signs are not effective in parting wisdom.

You may disagree and I am fine with that. Just so you know, I posted this exchange of ours on my own blog (strangeculture.blogspot.com).

I hope that it is alright with you.


one4JC said...

I read very quietly here most of the time but I'm tagging you for a meme on my site at:



Kevin D. Hendricks said...

So what, RC's not allowed to comment? You've got comments open, so you should take the negative along with the positive comments. And it's not like RC was being especially harsh.

That's how blogs work. You give your opinion, and the rest of the world can share their opinion in your comments.

Brent said...

Never cared for the signs myself.

Cute? maybe.

From my experience, are they effective in reaching people with the true message of the church? No!

In my opinion the latter point is the most important.