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Friday, April 15, 2005

Good week/Bad week

Bad week:
So what do you do when you have no job? Believe me, I've been looking. I have been looking for 3 months for a job. I have my resume out everywhere. I kick royal bootie as an admin. I left my previous job b/c the hours were so God-awful. I was getting there around 8-8:15 in the mornings (no set time to come in) and getting home between 7-8 in the evenings for the most part. When I am told that my daughter is walking around the house holding my picture and crying that she misses me and needs me and pretty much keeps it up until I get home, it's just not worth it. Family is more important than any job, no matter how good it was or how much it paid. Maybe I'm a schmuck, but when the light in my life is suffering because of it, I'd rather be home. However, Matt has her during the day since he works nights so I'm starting to go stir crazy from not having a job. Plus the whole money to pay the bills, etc is kind of a necessity. Had an interview yesterday and it was pretty good, however a big red flag was raised b/c they do not do dependant converage for insurance. Sorry, MUST have insurance for my daughter. I also carry my husband too b/c as long as we're married if anything happens to him I'm responsible for the bills too. Texas is a funny state like that. I found out Tuesday that the job I wanted so badly was given to someone else. It just about broke my heart. See, I've been praying for a job with certain specifics and I know that God will not let me down. I've asked Him to not let me be offered a job that is not where He wants me. So far none of the jobs I've interviewed for have been offered and for the most part that's been a blessing. With the exception of the one that I didn't get. I cried over not getting that one. But, there is a reason that I didn't get it. I might not know what it is but God didn't want me there for some reason. Ok, so that was the bad week.

Good week:
Matt has been really great. He took Emily and I out to lunch at Gattitown yesterday and we had a blast. He paid for everything. It seems that things are getting easier between us. Which is really nice. He also has been treating me pretty good too. I can start to see the man I fell in love with a long time ago again. He even agreed today that it had been really nice this week. I've really been missing him throughout all of our problems. It seems like he's slowly starting to turn the corner back to where he belongs. With his wife and daughter. I've prayed an awful lot for him b/c he's not a Christian, and made a really good showing of running the other direction. Now, he has openly been more willing to talk about Christian things, is even reading a book by a great preacher, not to mention reading the Bible too from time to time. So I'm hopeful. Prayerful. I've been praying for years now that I will not leave this earth until Matt becomes a Christian. So that has been the good week. It's been a long time coming. A very, very long time. Thank you God for the extra special small blessings we are given from time to time in addition to the everyday blessings.

On a different topic, a friend of mine, Brenda Bradshaw, (not that the name should mean anything to you, just to let you know who she is) relayed a beautiful story on her blog about a dear friend of hers who has been deaf most of her life and got the cochlear implants done two months ago and turned on yesterday. She hears better now than most people do after 5 years of having the implants turned on. Now, if you were to know Brenda, she is acerbic and has a biting wit and is just so hyper-enthusiastic and wonderful. There is no happy medium with her. You WILL know what she is thinking and feeling at all times. She just can't hold it in. She's definitely an interesting character and sentimentality doesn't really seem to eminate from her so her last two posts on her blog have been surprising. Surprisingly beautiful. Anyway, if you want to check her out, she's at Brenda's Blog.

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