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Thursday, July 29, 2010

They grow up so fast!

Just a real quick note before I go to bed (SO MUCH on my mind...the move - will we be completely ready on time, I think not b/c it's so hard to pack with an active baby who is dealing with separation anxiety (I can't put him in a room by himself but I can't put him down in the apartment b/c we have stuff/boxes, etc. everywhere) - and now the story below so I will most likely have to take at least part of Friday off, if not the whole day in order to be ready on Saturday...oy, I digress!) Anyway, I just had to share the following...

Soooo, I put Nate to bed earlier and then kept packing for this weekend's move and I hear noises coming from Nate after about 15 minutes so I walked in to see what His Little Highness was up to and WOWOWOWOWOW...he'd pulled himself up and was STANDING in the crib, leaning over the railing and looking out the door to see who was going to come through the door. Scared the "you-know-what" out of me because he was leaning over so far he almost fell out. He was sooooo proud of himself and I was proud of him. It is now time to lower the bed in his crib, but we have to take it partially apart to lower it b/c it is a very sturdy crib. HE'S GROWING FAR TOO FAST! This PLUS the 4 teeth this week that have come in within two days of each other... He just turned 8 months old LAST Monday! He is seriously growing too fast. He hasn't even completely started crawling yet. He's sorta got it. He needs to crawl before he walks! It's all about how the brain wires itself and kids who walk before crawling have a hard time reading.

I SOOOO have my hands full with his little active self and my wonderful 8 year old Emily who is needing more mommy time right now and the move.

Ok, maybe once the move is done, my insomnia will go away and I can sleep adequately again. SIGH!

'Night all...or, actually morning...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nate will be have conversations with you soon!

Missie said...