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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday 13 - my first one!


I'm not so awesome at writing an opening today so my Thursday 13 will just be a list of things I've discovered regarding parenting a newborn at 36 vs parenting a newborn at 28 thanks to my 8 year old daughter.
1. It takes a LOT more energy to handle a newborn at 36 than it does at 28.
2. I need a lot more sleep as I get older and find myself getting a lot less now that I have an 8 year old to get ready for school, a 7 week old to get ready for daycare, a husband to encourage and entertain as he is looking for a job and a ME to get ready for work.
3. I've learned that the things I was all paranoid about the first time around are really no bog deal.
4. Binkys CAN be rinsed off with water, juice, etc. if dropped on the floor instead of automatically fretting about sterilizing them RIGHT AWAY!
5. ALWAYS allow for extra time out the door in the morning. It is inevitable either you will get spit up on or the baby will spit up on itself just as you're about to either put them in the carseat or walk out the door. PLAN FOR CONTINGENCIES!
6. Add the Mylicon to the bottle as you're mixing it instead of waiting until the baby is all gassy after the bottle. It will save your baby a lot of discomfort.
7. It's OK to have the baby be passed around between relatives and friends. They actually learn to be a people person instead of freaking out around new people.
8. Make sure to get a 2nd base for your carseat. It will save invaluable time transferring the baby from one vehicle to another.
9. Making your own baby food is preferable and much less expensive than buying store bought food. You can even use an ice tray to freeze the excess you make b/c the food will keep up to two weeks and each cube of food equals on ounce.
10. If you feel like something is wrong, trust your instincts. Just b/c a parenting book, advice, tidbit that you've read or been told says one thing, don't assume that it's correct. If you think something is wrong with your baby, they can't communicate to affirm it, take them to the pedi. Better to be safe than sorry.
11. That being said, DON'T BE PARANOID!
12. When getting out of a vehicle with a toddler who is walking – never, ever, ever turn your back or let go of their hand in a parking lot. If you have to juggle a purse or something, make sure you have that stuff together FIRST before you get your kid out of the car seat/booster seat.
13. When talking to your baby, keep the room quiet. Turn the TV off, the radio, the computer. Make it all about your baby and look directly in their eyes. They will focus better without other noises to distract them and you will have a sweet time of bonding.

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1 comment:

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wise words, Nic. Great to have a 13 from you.