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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A new chapter

So, Oscar and I started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and I had to admit, I was a little leery about Oscar's enthusiasm about the course. He seemed a bit reticent when I was discussing it with him. With his severe dyslexia, a classroom setting is NOT a good learning place for him but this is a video and class dicussion after with some homework each week. The more I talked about what the course was like, the more interested Oscar was b/c video and discussion are easy for him to grasp and absorb.

Oscar really enjoyed Wednesday's first class DVD and the great thing is the CD's that come with the course. He's SUCH an auditory learner b/c of his dyslexia, so these are perfect for him in his truck and is totally gung-ho about getting the $1000 emergency fund started. We have to buckle down and get the basic budget on paper for our homework Wednesday. I think I'm a little concerned about seeing where our monthly finances fall right now. I know that we have to do this b/c we're getting nowhere fast on our finances and I don't want to live this way forever. I know we can do better and I KNOW that if we don't do it now, we never will.

I'm looking forward to week 2 on Wednesday. Thankfully we don't have far to go b/c it's at out church, which is right across the street from where we live. Keep us in your prayers that we really learn to change our lifestyle and finances so that we can get out of where we are now and be financially sound and savvy, the RIGHT way...Biblically and going by what God says.


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So great!!! Praying for ya, you can do this!!!!!