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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Meme Theme

I have a couple of memes that I am participating in that are kind of fun and pretty easy! My thanks to my very dear blogfriends Captain Picard and One4JC for these memes. Also, I am going to do a fun little exercise that I think you will enjoy!

Here is the first meme:

Can you go to Google (the location may be slightly different to where you are in the world)? Type in your first name and the word 'needs'. For example 'John needs'. Let me know the results in the comments.

My answers are (pretty surprising on a couple):

...Nicole Needs a Boob Job (Thanks but not really, I have plenty already)

...Nicole needs a few good home-town friends to hang out with (I have some great ones!)

...Nicole needs to purge some aliens (Um, I'm sure I don't know what they're talking about here)

...Nicole needs to hit the glass harder (What glass would that be here?)

...Nicole needs to get her glow, charisma, and energy back (Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition on this one - they're right but how to go about doing it?)

...Nicole needs beers and hamburgers (Works for me!!!)

...Nicole needs a real man who is taller and bigger than her (I'd settle for just one please)

...Nicole needs is to know that there is someone in this world she can trust (With my heart you mean)

Now for the next one:

1. Go to Wikipedia and put in your birthday, without the year, in the search bar.

2. List on your blog 3 events, 2 births, 1 death and 1 holiday that happens(ed) on your birthday. 3. Then tag 5 more friends to do it!

July 5

3 Events:
1. 1865 - The Salvation Army is founded in the East End of London, England.
2. 1937 - Spam, the luncheon meat, was introduced into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation.
3. 1989 - The sitcom Seinfeld aired its first episode. (For my many, many friends who are Seinfeld fans - though I don't know why)

2 Births:
1. 1810 - P.T. Barnum, American circus owner (d. 1891)
2. 1963 - Edie Falco, American actress

1 Death:
1. 2002 - Ted Williams, baseball player (b. 1918)

1 Holiday:
1. Isle of Man: Tynwald Day - 1266 (There weren't many and this was the most interesting one)

Now for the really fun stuff! Can you make up or do you know some book titles and authors that go together well? I had so much fun doing this one last year on Captain Picard's Journal! The below titles are examples of a collaboration between myself and someone else. Enjoy!

The Clifftop Accident by Eileen Dover
Elegant Cars by Iona Ferrari
Map Making by Easton West
Litigation Techniques by Sue Yu
A Risky Way To Earn Money by Robin Banks
The Long Journey To Paris by Francis Faraway
Hostile To Culture by Phyllis Tyne
Singing In Pubs by Carrie Okey
Ten-Pin by Bo Lingalley
A Study Of Mathematics by D. Vision & Ad Ishun
The Contingency Plan by Justin Case
My Crazy Life by Batsin D. Belfry
All About Occam by Ray Zorzedge
Anger Managment by Flip U. DeByrd
The New Existentialism by Toby Ornottoby
Inside The Bunny Ranch by Amanda Licknblow
Making Money by Bill Fold
Handling Sibling Rivalry by Sharon Sharalike
1001 Laughs A Minute by Joe Kerr
Your Heart And You by Angie O. Graham
How To Get Ahead In Life by Watt A. Nass
Trannylicious by Adam Sapple
The Wisdom of Baghdad Bob by Major Lee D. Feated
The Hollywood Diet by Annie Rexia
Superficial by Faye Slift
The Breakfast In Bed Cookbook by Hammond Eggs
Praise Him! by Hal E. Luya
The Art of Self-Defense by Holden McGroin
The Book of Party Etiquitte by Kay Ken Kofee
Which Meat To Choose? by B. Forlamb
Cooking Food Quickly by Mike Rowave
Bad Luck All Round by Des Astor & Cal Amity
Bogart: A Life In Film by Cassie Blanca
Memorization Techniques by Drew A. Blanc
The Vicar's Life by Hugh Morless
Famous Mishaps In History by Dee Zaster
Proper Sleeping Techniques by Payne N. DeNeque
Life Inside Windsor Palace by Roy L. Ball
Travel Games for Kids by Ari Deryet
A Look Inside Sapphic Society by Les Beahan
Burps, Farts and Other Rude Noises by X.Q. Schmee
Surprising Things You Never Knew by Al B. Dammd
Housebreaking Your Pet by P. Oliver DeFleur
Medicine By Any Other Name... by Jen Erick
Ten Easy Steps to Becoming A Morning Person by Eurasmus B. Draggin
Queen of the Double Wide by Iona Trailer
The Easy Guide to Family Traveling by Cara Van
Pop Psychology by Norm Al Gai
Sinking Ships by Lou Slipps
Tender Expressions by Olive Yu
How to Get More Back On Your Taxes by Lou Pole
Home On The Range by Barb Dwyer
He Said What? by Shirley Eugeste
Timeless Love Songs by Sam & Janet Evening
Semper Fi - My Life As A Military Wife by Maureen Core
The Films of Macaulay Culkin by Homer Lone
Coming Up With A Plan by Ivan Idea
A Life Down Under by Oz Tralia
Knocked Out by C. Ingstars
Help Me! by May Day
A Breeze Is Blowing by Wynne D. Weather
Sound Advice by Luke B. Foryouleep
A Substitute For Butter by Marge Areen
The Shortcut by D. Tour
Handling Hemherroids by Arsen Fyre
Plumbing For Dummies by Dwayne Pipe
The Game's Afoot by Hugh Dunitt
Manners Matter by Hugo First
Foot Fetishes by Iva Bunion
America, Land of Diversity by Mel Tingpot
The Life and Times of Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson by S. Moe Queed
Courage In the Face of Fear by Azheet Midrawrz
Robotics in the 21st Century by Anne Droid
The New Wee Willy Winky by Oliver Towne
So You're Single...Get Over It! by N. D. Nyle
The World Is My Oyster by Meg Alomaniack
The Irreverent School Boy by S. A. Creligious
All For One by Hugh Nanimus
The Flood Heard 'Round the World by Noah Zark
The Problem With Truancy by Marcus Abcent
Traveling the Orient on a Budget by Rick Shaw
From Weed to Feed - The New Salad Greens by Dan D. Lyons
I Have A Headache And Other Excuses by Yu No Funn
Huggable You by Ted D. Bear
The History of America by Lana DeFree and Homer DeBrave
The Heroes of 9/11 by Les Twee Forgett
Good Intentions by Helena Handbasket


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a great collection, Nic! I had forgotten my book TWQ last year. You had some funny ones there.

In addition to the needs I displayed in my Journal I found...

.....needs Goulash! (I'm not Hungarian!)

.... needs sleep (this time of day!)

....needs variety and social stimulation (that's true!)

and lastly...

..... needs to go back to Iraq to buy some more rugs, but without 100 troops guarding him with helicopter gunships flying overhead. ...

Anonymous said...

Yay, I can spot a few of my titles among that list, which is fine by me.

When I'm travelling into work, I listen to Terry Wogan's breakfast show on BBC Radio 2. Many of his listeners write & e-mail in with a wide variety of comments, using pseudonyms like some of the names you've mentioned. A couple of random examples of these include Des Parrot-Measures & Shona Mercy.

one4JC said...

How about:
Under the Bleachers by Seymour Butts
Spots on the Wall by Who Flun Gpooh
Rusty Bedsprings by I. P. Nightly
How to Beat Fatigue by Ima Dragon

Sorry I couldn't resist!

evision said...