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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Update on Dan

Thank you all for your prayers. I spoke with Dan last night at length and got the extended version of the story, rather than the short version in a noisy Chinese restaurant while in shock. It turns out that Dan actually did drown and was unconscious. He said that he was holding his breath as long as he could and was praying but just couldn't hold it anymore and he said that everything went white, was white everywhere he looked and that he felt lonely and scared but he kept on praying and then he lost consciousness. Said the next thing he knew he was out of the canal and on the side. He didn't think he was that bad off and tried to get up to help get the others out but that some of the guys were holding him down telling him to not move.

He told me that the canal they rolled into was a 7 foot canal and the only thing that could be seen of the Humvee was about a foot space that included one of the doors where the rescuing soldiers has wrestled and pried one of the the armored doors open. He said that if the door was completely shut that the HUMVEE would not have been able to be seen at all b/c it was completely submerged in the water so a big thanks to God that they were on patrol with the other men who saw this happen.

Dan is breathing easier, but coughing a lot. The concern is that without the oxygen he is on, he can not get enough oxygen into his body on his own. If that is still the case in a week, if his body is not taking in enough and holding the oxygen on its own then he will be taken stateside for further treatment.

But, just like Dan, he was thinking of others first, namely the rest of his platoon. He said that there are 30 of them there from his unit in Nebraska and with three of them taken out like this his concern is getting back to Iraq to be able to boost their spirits and finish his duty.

The names of the other soldiers are Specialist Walcott and Staff Sargeant Hanson (the worst off of the three). Both of those are going stateside for at least a few weeks for sure.

Again, thank you all for your prayers. They mean so much and are greatly appreciated!


Chrixean said...

oh my.... Praise God that he is alive and recovering. Truly a reason to be thankful for the Lord's saving hand and the prayers that stormed the heavens... God bless you and your family, Nic...

cmhl said...

wonderful news, nic..

Michael Manning said...

Nic: We have lost two boys from my neighborhood here due to a 500 pound car bomb. Matt Maupin is still missing. Thank God your friend is okay. Cher has put her own money behind Project Helmet. They cost $73 each but the insert web and pad help prevent head injuries. Just wanted to mention that. lol! And thanks for the Good News!