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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We interrupt our regularly scheduled series for a special report

This just blew me away. Here is a report on the top 101 "pro-gay" companies with a 100% rating and another list of the top companies who sponsor abortion rights, etc. The "PC term" for is is "Reproductive Rights", but let's not be PC for once and call it what it really is - the right to kill your baby if you want to. It's a BABY not a choice! I find it a little sick and sad that the self-proclaimed "baby company", Johnson & Johnson, are at the top of both lists. Imagine that...the "baby company" being a big sponsor of abortion rights. If they're not careful they'll give themselves out of existence.
Corporate America cuddles up to 'gays'
Pro-homosexual giants: Apple, Best Buy, Chrysler, Ford, IBM, Dell, AT&T, Sprint, Nike, Kraft, Pepsi
By Joe Kovacs

Many of America's most succesful companies continue to snuggle up to homosexuals, with a record 101 firms receiving a perfect score for "gay"-friendliness, according to a new ranking by a homosexual-rights group.

"Corporate America knows that treating employees fairly is not just the right thing to do, it's good for the bottom line," said Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which released its annual Corporate Equality Index.

"The enormous growth we've tracked in fair employee policies proves that corporate America is making good on the old adage: what's good for business is good for America."

The index is the nation's only rating system for corporate policies on homosexual, bisexual and transgender policies, and rates companies on a scale from 0 to 100 percent based on a variety of indicators, such as policies prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, diversity training, and equal health-care benefits.

Among this year's findings:

A record 101 companies score 100 percent, attributed to a sharp increase in gender identity non-discrimination policies. In 2002, only 13 companies earned a perfect rating.

Today, 5.6 million people work at the 101 companies that score 100 percent. Three years ago, approximately 690,000 people were employed by the 13 companies with a perfect score.

Eighty-one percent of scored companies offer health benefits to the domestic partners of employees, up from 70 percent in 2002.

Some companies are proud to flaunt their perfect scores, including insurance and financial giant MetLife.

"Our corporate vision to build financial freedom for everyone is all-inclusive for a reason," said Debra Capolarello, senior vice president and chief talent officer for MetLife. "We recognize that our employees have diverse strengths, our customers have diverse financial needs, and we are committed to ensuring that respect for diversity remains ingrained in our culture."

At Prudential Financial, CEO Arthur Ryan said, "Diversity continues to be key to the ongoing success of our company, and we remain committed to ensuring an inclusive and supportive work environment for all people."

Eastman Kodak, the photography company criticized several years ago for firing a 23-year veteran who objected to a pro-homosexual memo, also received a perfect 100 score for "gay"-friendliness.

"Diversity and inclusion is a key business imperative for us," says Kodak president Antonio Perez on the company's website.

The index notes that in electronics retail, Best Buy offers full protections to homosexuals, while competitor Radio Shack scores a 29 percent and Circuit City holds a 43 percent score.

It says corporations "actively working against equality" include Emerson Electric with a 29 percent score; Entergy with 36 percent; ExxonMobil with 14 percent; and Perot Systems with a 14 percent score.

The HRC says ExxonMobil "has the dubious distinction of being the only U.S. company to roll back both benefits eligibility for its employees' domestic partners and a sexual orientation non-discrimination policy."

In the financial sector, Citigroup and J.P. Morgan Chase each score 100 percent compared to MBNA that has given money to anti-homosexual groups, and scores only 43 percent.

Other companies which have relatively low scores on the pro-homosexual chart include Alltel, Aquila, Archer Daniels Midland, Bayer, Cracker Barrel, H.J. Heinz, Hormel Foods, May Department Stores, Maytag, Nestle Purina PetCare, Newell Rubbermaid, Nissan, Rite Aid and Rohm & Haas.

Click here to read the 2005 Corporate Quality Index. Report is in .pdf format.

Below is the list of the top 101 companies, in alphabetical order, scoring a perfect 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign's 2005 Corporate Quality Index, with policies beneficial toward homosexuals:

Agilent Technologies
Alston & Bird
American Airlines
American Express
Apple Computer
Bausch & Lomb
Best Buy
Borders Group
BP America
California State Automobile Association
Capital One Financial
Charles Schwab
Cisco Systems
CMP Media
Credit Suisse First Boston
Daimler Chrysler
Deutsche Bank
Dominion Resources
Dow Chemical
Eastman Kodak
Ernst & Young
Estee Lauder Companies
Faegre & Benson
Ford Motor Co.
Freescale Semiconductor
Gap Inc.
General Mills
Global Hyatt
Goldman Sachs Group
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Jenner & Block
Johnson & Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group
Kraft Foods
Lehman Brothers Holdings
Levi Strauss & Co.
Lexmark International
Lincoln National
Lucent Technologies
Mellon Financial
Merrill Lynch
Miller Brewing
Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams
Molson Coors Brewing
Morrison & Foerster
NCR Corp.
New York Times Co.
Northern Trust
The Olivia Companies
Owens Corning
Prudential Financial
SBC Communications
SC Johnson & Son
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
Southern California Edison
Sun Microsystems
SunTrust Banks
Tech Data Corp.
US Airways
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
Worldspan Technologies
Wyndham International
Below is the list and addresses of the TOP funders of abortion rights and Planned Parenthood - you might be surprise to see some of the baby/child drawing companies on this list:
AGRICULTURE: American Home Products.

ANIMAL CARE: American Home Products, Fort Dodge, & Schering-plough.

APPAREL/SHOES: Britannia, Dallas Cowboys, Dexter Shoe, Dockers, Fechheimer Brothers, Fruit of the Loom, Great Pacific Iron Works, H. H. Brown, Hudson Trail Outliers, Justin Boot, Levis, Lowell Shoe, Nacona Boot, Patagonia Slates, Tony Lamb & Walt Disney.

BANKS: Bank of American Bank One, Coruscates, First Union, J. P. Morgan Chase, The Money Store, Northern Trust, OFFITBANK, Principal, Wachovia & Wingspan.

BROADCASTING: A&E, ABC, Disney Channel, E!, ESPN, Fox Family, KFOR-W, KFSM-W, Lifetime, Telemundo, Touchstone, WHNT-W, WHO-TV, WNEP, WQAD-W, WQXR-FM, WREG-W, & WTLR-W. (Note: May of these companies also have radio affiliates.)

BUILDING PRODUCTS & TOOLS: Acme, American Tile Featherlite, Johns Manville, & Shaw Contract Flooring.

COMMUNICATIONS: Clear Channel, Nationwide, Sony & Working Assets.

COMPUTERS & INTERNET-RELATED: Careerpath.com, Expediacom, GATX, Go.com, Hotmail, Microsoft, Sierracities.com, Small Dog Electronics, Solaris, SPARC chips, Sun Microsystems, toysmart.com, Web-iv, & Working Assets.

DEPARTMENT STORES: Great Pacific trop Works, Hudson Trail Outfitters, Levi Strauss, & Patagonia.

ELECTRONICS: Digital Audio Disk, Etak, Iawa, Psygnosis, Small Dog Electronics, Sony, Tokyo Electron Arizona, & UltimateTV.

ENTERTAINMENT: 550 Music A&E, ABC, Buena Vista, Columbia Pictures, Columbia Records, Columbia TriStar, Crave, the Culver Studios, Dimension, Disney Channel, Disney World, Disneyland, E!, Epic Records, ESPN, EuroDisney, Harmony Records. Hollywood Pictures, Hollywood Records, Hollywood Touchstone, Lifetime, Lyrics Sheet Records, Mammoth Records, Mirage, Relatively Records, Sony! Sony/A-iv Music Publishing, Telemundo Holdings, TriStE Pictures, Walt Disney, & Wonderland Music.

FINANCIAL SERVICES: Bank of America Bank One, Banque Rivaud, Berry Hal-tell Evers & Osborne, Brown & Cp. Securities, Chase, CIGNA, CNA, Corestates, CorporateLink, CORT Business Services, . Delaware Investments, Diversified Fund Management, Evergreen Asset Management, First Chicago Leasing, First Data Resources, First Options of Chicago, First Union Bank, First USA, Fortis, Freddie Mac, Gates McDonald & Co., GATX, Hazlehurst & Assoc., IDS, International Capital, J. P. Morgan Chase, Jennison Assoc. Capital, Leeds & Kellogg, Lincoln National, Mecklenburg Securities, Mentor Investment Group, Money Gram, The Money Store, Nationwide, NEA Value builder Investor Services, Neckura Group, Northeast, Northern Futures, Northern Global Financial Services, Northern Trust, NT Global Advisors, OFFITBANX, Optima, The Principal, Prudential, Prudential Securities, RCB Trust Intimations, RFC Capital, Robert Flemming Holdings, Sierracities.com, Spear, Textron, Transatlantic Trust, Volpe Brown Whelan & Co., Wachovia, Wesco Financial, Wheat First Securities, Wheat First Union, Wingspan Bank, Woodward FST, & Working Assets.

FOOD-RELATED: Bread & Circus, Bread of Life, Dairy Queen, French Broad Food Coop, Fresh Fields, Merchant of Vino, Newman's Own, Pass Eater egg decorating kit, See's Candies, Wellspring Grocery, & Whole Foods Market. '

FURNITURE: CORT, Jordan's, Nebraska Furniture Mart, RC Willey, & Star.

HEALTH (OVER THE COUNTER): A & D products, XCT Fluoride, Acute, Advanced Care Products, Advil, Afrin, Akzo Nobel, Anacin, Anbesol, Band-Aid bandages, Berlex Laboratories, Citrate, Carefree, Centrum, Chap Stick, Chlor- Trimeton, Cilag, Clean & Clear, Clear Passage, Coppertone, Coricidin, Correctol, Cushion Grip, Denorex, Di-Gel, Dimetapp, Dr. Scholl's products, Drixoral, Duffel, Duration, Feen-A-Mint, Fibercon, Flexagen, Gyne-l.aotzimin, Imodium A-D, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Janssen-cilag, Johnson & Johnson brand products, Lotrimin M, McNeil Consumer Products, Medipren, Medtronic, Mexsanw Micatin, Monistat 7, Muskol, Mylanta, Mylicon, Neutrogenw to.b.' Ocucliar, Organon, Ortho Dermatological, Ortho-McNeil, Pediacare, Pepcid AC, Piz Buin, Preparation H, Prevent & Reach toothbrushes, Primatene, Robitussin, Scheming AG, Schering-plough, Sentron, Serenity, Sesame Street vitamins, Sine-Aid, Solarcaine, St. Joseph aspirin, Stayfree, Sundown, Sure & Natural, Tinactin, Tylenol, Whitehall-Robins, Wyeth; & Wyeth- Ayerst.

HEALTH (OTHER): Akzo Nobel, Berlex Laboratories, Chem-frs, CIGNA, Cilag, Genetics Institute, Immunes, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Janssen-cilag, Kmser Permanence, McNeil Specialty Products, Medtronic, Organon, Ortho Dermatological, Ortho-McNeil, Schering AG, Schering-plough, Sentron, Whitehall-Robins, WYETH, & Wyeth-Ayerst.

HOME: carpet (Cabin Crts, Commercial Carpets, Cumberland, Queen, Redbook, Salem, Shaw, Sutton, & Trustmark), & Shaw Contract Flooring.

HOTELS: Loews, & Walt Disney.

INSURANCE: American Legacy, Central States Indemnity, CIGNA, CNA, Colonial Insurance Company of Wisconsin, Farmland Mutual, Financial Life, First Penn-pacific Life, First Union, Forbes, Fortis, GEICO, Czeneralcologne Re, WA Himarari Life, Insurance Intermediaries, Kaiser Permanente, Lincoln National, Loews, Merastar, National Casualty, National Indemnity, Nationwide, ne Principal, Prudential, Scottsdale Insurance, Sony, Troy Fain, United States Liability, Universal Surety of America, Vista Insurance, Wachovia & Western Surety.

JEWELRY: Ben Bridge, Bosheims, & Helzberg.

MAGAZINES: American Heritage, ASAP, Discover, ESPN, Family Fun, Family PC, Food (Q Wine, Forbes, HL Global, Golf Digest, Godship Operations, Golf World, Travel to Leisure, & FL

NEWSPAPERS: Boston Globe, Buffalo News, Daily Comet, Daily News, Daily World, International Herald Tribune, Lake City Reporter, Marco Island Eagle, New York Times, Santa Barbara News Press, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Star-Banner, The Courier, The Dispatch, The Gadsden Times, The Gainesville Sun, The Journal Gazette, The Ledger, The News-Leader, The News-sun, The Press Democrat, The Tuscaloosa News, Time Daily, Times-News, Wilmington Morning Star, & Worcester Telegram to Gazette.

PUBLISHING: American Express, Berkshire Hathaway, ESPN, Fairchild, Forbes. Hyperion, Justin Industries, New York Times, Northland, Scott-Fetor, Sony Music Publishing, & World Blk.

REALTY SERVICES: Prudential. J. P. Morgan Chase & Prudential

SPORTS: Anaheim Angels baseball, Dally Cowboys football, & Mighty Ducks hockey.

TIME PIECES: Bulova, & Walt Disney.

TOBACCO: Lorillard Tobacco (Kent, Maverick, Newport, & O1d Gold cigarettes).

TOYS: toysmm.com, & Walt Disney.

TRANSPORTATION: American Steamship, Bell Helicopter, Berkshire Hathaway, Cessna Executive Jet, GATX, General American Transportation, Great Lakes Shipping, Phelps Dodge, & Textron.

TRAVEL: American Express, Disney cruise lines, Expedia.com, Revere Travel, & Thomas Cook Travel U.S.

MARBLE, PLASTICS, STEEL, COVERINGS, BRICK, COPPER, MINERALS, CEMICALS, WOOD, &/OR STONE: Acme Building Brands, Akzo Nobel, American Home Products, Columbian Chemicals, Crown, Featherlite Building Products, International, interpol, Justin Industries, Phelps Dodge, Precision Steel, Shaw Contract Flooring, & Sikkens.


Akzco Nobel -- Operations: pharmaceuticals (relating to reproduction, birth control, infertility, menopause, psychiatry, immunology, rheumatoid arthritis, & atherothrombosis), veterinary vaccines, coatings (Sikkens, International, Crown & Interpon, etc.), chemicals, & Organon. WRITE: Mr. Cees J.A. van Lede, Chairman & CEO, Akzo Nobel NV, Velperweg 76, 6824 BM Arnhem, Postbus 9300, 6800 SB Arnhem, The Netherlands. Phone (31) (26) 3664433 or 800-241-8812 (USA division) or 800-387-1326 (Canadian division). Website: akzonobel.com. Letters may be copied to Mr. Bruce Robertson, President, Organon Canada Ltd., Ste. 700, 200 Consilium Pl., Scarborough, ON M1H 3E4.

American Express -- Operations: insurance, travel services (Revere Travel, Thomas Cook Travel U.S.), financial services (Money Gram wire service, Optima & CorporateLink cards, IDS, First Data Resources, & International Capital), & publishing (Food & Wine, & Travel & Leisure). WRITE: Mr. Kenneth I. Chenault, Chairman & CEO, American Express Co., 90 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ 07302. Phone: 800-528-4800, ext 0, or (201) 209-4999. Website: americanexpress.com.

American Home Products -- Operations: chemicals, healthcare, (Advil, Anacin, Anbesol, Caltrate, Centrum, Chap Stick, Denorex, Dimetapp, FiberCon, Flexagen, Robitussin, Primatene, Preparation H), biotechnology, agricultural products (insecticides and herbicides), Genetics Institute, Immunex, veterinary (Fort Dodge Animal Health), Whitehall-Robins, Wyeth, & Wyeth-Ayerst. WRITE: Mr. Robert A. Essner, President & CEO, American Home Products Corp., 5 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ 07940-0874. Phone: (973) 660-5000. Website: ahp.com.

Bank of America -- Operations: financial services. WRITE: Mr. Kenneth D. Lewis, CEO, Bank of America Corp., 100 N. Tyron St., Charlotte, NC 28255. Phone: 888-279-3457 or 800-333-6262. Website: bankofamerica.com.

Bank One -- Operations: financial services, First USA, Wingspan Bank, & First Chicago Leasing. WRITE: Mr. James Dimon, Chairman & CEO, Bank One Corp., 1 Bank One Plaza, Chicago, IL 60670. Phone: (312) 732-4000. Website: bankone.com.

Berkshire Hathaway -- Operations: Dairy Queen, See's Candies, insurance (GEICO, Central States Indemnity, United States Liability, & National Indemnity), Benjamin Moore paints & stain, Wesco Financial, newspaper (Buffalo News [Buffalo, New York]), home furnishing (Jordan's Furniture, Nebraska Furniture Mart, RC Willey, & Star Furniture), building products (Acme, Johns Manville, Featherlite, & American Tile), carpet (Cabin Crafts, Cumberland, Queen, Redbook, Salem, Shaw Commercial Carpets, Sutton, & Trustmark), Shaw Industries (contract flooring), jewelry (Ben Bridge, Borsheims & Helzburg Diamonds), uniforms (Fechheimer Brothers), Fruit of the Loom clothing, footwear (Justin Boot, Nocona Boot, Tony Lama, Dexter Shoe, Lowell Shoe & H.H. Brown), publishing (World Book, Northland, & Scott Fetzer), MidAmerican Energy, Justin Industries, Precision Steel, Executive Jet, General Star, Genesis, Ardent Risk Services, Herbert Clough, CORT Business Services (CORT Furniture Rental), GeneralCologne RE, & FlightSafety International. WRITE: Mr. Warren E. Buffett, Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., 1440 Kiewit Plaza, Omaha, NE 68131. Phone: (402) 346-1400. Website: berkshirehathaway.com.

Cigna -- Operations: insurance, financial services, mental health, substance abuse & employee assistance programs, pharmacy services, disability, medical cost & utilization management, Benefits Access, Healthsource, Intracorp, INA Himawari Life, & MCC Managed Behavioral Care. WRITE: Mr. H. Edward Hanway, Chairman & CEO, CIGNA Corp., 1 Liberty Pl., Philadelphia, PA 19192-1550. Phone: (215) 761-1000. Website: cigna.com.

Dallas Cowboys -- Operations: professional football team & related clothing, sports equipment, etc. WRITE: Mr. Jerry Jones, President & General Manager, Dallas Cowboys Football Club Ltd., 1 Cowboys Plaza, Irving, TX 75063. Phone: (972) 556-9900. Website: dallascowboys.com.

Forbes -- Operations: publishing (Forbes, ASAP, Global, American Heritage, & FYI), Digital Media, Mutual Fund Evaluator, Digital Tool, & Stock Market Course. WRITE: Mr. Timothy C. Forbes, COO, Forbes Inc., 60 - 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011. Phone: (212) 620-2200. Website: forbes.com.

Fortis -- Operations: insurance & financial services, & Assurant Group. WRITE: Mr. Hans M. Bartelds, Co-Chairman, Fortis AMEV, Archimedeslaan 6, 3584 BA Utrecht, The Netherlands. Phone: (31) (30) 257-65-76. Website: nl.fortis.com. Letters may be copied to Mr. J. Kerry Clayton, President & CEO, Fortis, Inc., 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza, 41st FL., New York, NY 10005. Phone: (212) 859-7000. Website:  www.us.fortis.com.

FREDDIE MAC-operations: mortgage credit. Write: Mr. Leland C. Brandsel, Chairman & CEO, Freddie Mac, 8200 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, VA 22102-3110. Phone 800-424-5401 or (703) 903- 2000. Website: freddiemac.com.

GATX-operations: leasing mfd liquids terminals services, railcar management, Great Lakes Shipping, & pipelines, equipment financing, leasing of commercial jets, information technology equipment, General American Transportation, & American Steamship. Write: Mr. Ronald H. Zech, Chairman & CEO, GATX Corp., 500 W. Monroe St., Chicago, IL, 60661-3676. Phone: 800-428-8161 or (312) 621-6200. Website: gatx.com.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON - operations: health-care & diagnostics, birth control pills, Sesame Street vitamins, Tylenol products, dental products (floss, ACT fluoride rinse, Prevent & Reach tooth- brushes) baby products (powder, oil, shampoo, Johnson's baby lotion, etc.), Acuvue contact lenses, Pediacare, Neutrogena Sine-Aid, Medipren, Pepcid AC, Micas, Iridium A-D, Band-Aid, sun-protection products (Piz Buin & Sundown), Mylantw Mylicon, feminine products (Carefree, Monistat 7, Stayfree, Sure & Natural, & ço.b.'), Serenity, Clean & Clear, Advanced Care Products (ChemTrak, etc.), Advanced Sterilization Products, Centacor, Cordis, Direct Access Diagnostics, EXcon Endo- Surgery, Greiter AG, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Cilag, Janssen-cilag, Depuy, ALZA, Independence Technology, R. W. Johnson, Janssen Research Foundation, Noramco, Lifescan, McNeil Specialty Products, McNeil Consumer Products, Ortho- Clinical Diagnostics, Personal Products, Ortho Biotech, Penaten, Roc S.A., Ortho Dermatological, Indigo Medical, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Therakos, R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute, & Vistakon. Write: Mr. Ralph S. Larsen, Chairman & CEO, Johnson & Johnson Inc., l Johnson & Johnson Plaza New Brunswick, NJ 08933. Phone (732) 524-0400. Website: jnj.com.

J. P. MORGAN CHASE-operations: financial services, real estate, LabMorgan, Brown & Co. Securities, & Robert Flamming Holdings. Write: Mr. William B. Harrison, Jr., President, Co- Chairman & CEO, J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., 270 Park Ave., New York, NY 10017-2070. Phone: (212) 270-6000. Website: jpmorganchase.com.

KAISER PERMANENTE- Operations: health-care. Write: David M. Lawrence, M.D., Chairman & CEO, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan loc., l Kaiser Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612. Phone: (510) 271-5910. Website: kaiserpermanente.org.

LEVI STRAUSS - operations: apparel, Brittania & Dockers (including Slates). Write: Mr. Philip A. Manneau, President & CEO, Levi Strauss & Co., 1155 Battery St., San Francisco, CA 941 1 1. Phone: (415) 501-6000. Website: levistrauss.com.

LINCOLN NATIONAL-operations: insurance & financial services, American Legacy, First Penn-Pacific Life, & Delaware Investments. Write: Mr. Jon A. Boscia Chairman & CEO, Lincoln National Corp., 1500 Market St., Ste. 3900, Philadelphia PA 19102-2112. Phone: (215) 448-1400. Website: lfg.com

LOEWS-operations: hotels, insurance, financial services, Troy Fain, CNA, Lorillard Tobacco (Kent, Newport, Maverick, & Old Gold cigarettes), RSCKO, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Hull & Cargo Surveyors, Universal Surety of America Western Surety, & Bulova (times pieces). Write: Mr. James S. Tisch, President & CEO, Loews Corp., 667 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10021-8087. Phone: (212) 521-2000. Website: loews.com.

LOST ARROW-.--operations: apparel, Great Pacific Iron Works, Patagonia & Hudson Trail Outfitters. Write: Mr. David Olsen, CEO, Lost Arrow Corp., 259 W. Santa Clara St., Ventura CA 93091. Phone: 800-523-9597 or (805) 643-8616. Website: Patagonia.com.

MEDTRONlC-Operations: biomedical technology, MiniMed, Arterial Vascular Engineering, & Sentron. Write: Mr. Arthur D. Collins, Jr., President & CEO, Medtronic Inc., 71 0 Medtronic Pkwy., Minneapolis MN 55432-5604. Phone: (612) 514-4000. Website: medtronic.com.

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NEW YORK TIMES - Operations: newspapers (Boston Globe (MA & NH), Times Daily [AL], The Gadsden Times [AL], The Gainesville Sun [FL]), Times-News [NC], The Courier (LA), Lake City Reporter (FL), The Ledger( FL), The Dispatch (NC), Daily News (KY), New York Times (NY), Star-Banner (FL), Daily World (LA), Santa Barbara News-press (CA), The Press Democrat (CA), Sarasota Herald-Tribune (FL), Spartanburg Herald Journal (SC), Daily Comet (LA),  Tuscaloosa News (ALI, Worcester Telegram to Gazette (MA), Wilmington Morning Star (NC) The News-Leader (FL), Marco Island Eagle IFL), The News-sun (FL)? to International Herald Tribune), magazines (Golf Digest, Golf Shop Operations, & Golf World broadcasting (KFSM--TV (AR), WHNT-'I'V (AL), WHO-TV (IA), KFOR-TV (OK), WNEP (PA), WQAD-TV (IL), WREG-TV ('IN), WTKR-'I'V (VA), & WQXR-FM (NY), information services (Times Fax, & Times On-Line Services), C&S (City & Suburbs) Delivery Systems, forest product (Donohue Malbaie, & Madison Paper Industries), Careerpatitcom, Classified Ventures, Community Newsdealers, Retail Sales, & Headliners. Write: Mr. Russell T. Lewis, President & CEO, ne New York Times C 229 W 43rd St New York NY 10036. Phone: (212) 556-1234. Website: nytco.com.

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PRlNCIPAL - operations: insurance & financial services, Delaware Charter Guaranty & Trust, Equity FC, hasta Capital Management, Patrician Assoc., the Admar Group, Petula Assoc., Fl- Asuransi Jiwa, HealthRisk Resource Group, Magus Properties, Princor, & Trust Consultants. Write: Mr. J. Barry Griswell, President & CEO, Principal Financial Group, 71 1 High St., Des Moines, IA 50392-0100. Phone'. 800-986-3343 or (515) 247-5111. Website: principal.com.

PRUDENTIAL --..operations: financial services, real estate, & insurance, Merits, Jennison Assoc. Capital, Executive Benefit Services, & Volpe Brown Whelan. Write: Mr. Arthur F. Ryas, Chairman, President & CEO, Prudential Insurance Company of America, 751 Broad St., Newark, NJ 07102-3777. Phone: 800r346-3778 or (973) 802-6000. Website: prudential.com.

SCHERING AG-operations: pharmaceuticals, & Berlex Laboratories. Write: Mr. Giuseppe Vitw Chairman, Scheming AG, 13342 Berlin, Germany. Phone: (49) (30) 468-1 1 1. Mr. Lutz Lingnau, President & CEO, Schering Berlin Inc.. P.O. Box 1000, Montville, NJ 07045-1000. Phone (973) 276-2000. Website: schering.de/eng.

SCHERING-PLOUGH-Operations: healthcare (Dr. Scholl's products, Duoflm, I.zltrimin M, Mexsanw Tinactin, A & D products, Afrin, Chlor-Trimetona Clear Passage, Coricidin, Correctol, Cushion Grip, Di-Gel, Drixoral, Duration, Feen-A-Mint Gyne-Lotrimin, Ocuclear, & St. Joseph aspirin), sun care products (Coppertone & Sol-came), Muskol insect repellent, Pinq (Easter egg decoration kit), animal healthcare & Mallinckrodt. Write: Mr. Richard J. Kogan, Chairman & CEO, Schering-plqugh Inc., 2000 Galloping Hill Rd., Kenilworth, NJ 07033-6530. Phone (908) 298-4000. Website: schering-plouglk.com.

SMALL DOG ELECTRONICS..-.operations: computer hardware & software, peripherals, distribution services & reseller of Apple Macintosh computers. Write: Mr. Don Mayer, CEO, Small Dog Electronics Inc., 1673 Main St., Waitsseld, VT 05673. Phone: 802-496-7171. Website: smalldog.com.

SONY-operations: electronics, batteries, computer software, entertainment, insurance & financial services, Columbia Records, Epic Records, 550 Music, Relatively Records, Harmony Records, RED Distribution, Sony/A-iv Music Publishing, Crave, ne WORK Group, Columbia Pictures, Tri Star Pictures. Columbia Tri star, Telemundo Holdings, Culver Studios, Digital Audio Disk, Psychosis, Iaww Etmk, & Tokyo Electron Arizona. Write: Mr. Nobuyuki Idea, President & CEO, Sony Corporation, 7-35, Kituhinagawa 6-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0001, Japan. Phone: (81) (3) 5448-21 1 1. Website: world.sony.com. Mr. Howard Stringer, CEO, Sony Corporation of America 550 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10022-3211. Phone (212) 833-6800. Website: sony.com.

SUN MICROSYSTEMS-Operations: computer operation systems, Soles, & SPARC chips. Write: Mr. Scott G. McNealy, Chairman & CEO, Sun Microsystems loc., 901 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303. Phone: 800-801-7869 or (650) 960- 1300. Website: stuccos.

TEXTRON-operations: aircraft (Bell Helicopter, & Cessna)! financial services (Wœdward FST, & RFC Captall, manufacturing (CWC, Castings, Camcar, Cherry, Jacobsen, Randall & Speidel), automotive & engine components, defense systems, & O=iouip Intimations. Write: Mr. Lewis B. Campbell, Chairman & CEO, Textron Inc., 40 Westminster St., Providence, III 02903. Phone: (401) 421-2800. Website: textron.com.

WACHOVIA - operations: insurance, finance: services, Wheat First Securities, Wheat First Union, Corestates, First Union, The Money Store, Evergreen Asset Management, OFFITBANK, Davis Baldwin, Financial Life Insurance, Mentor Investment Group, Mecklenburg Securities, Interstate/lo-son Lane, & Barry, Eves, Josephs & Snidest Write: Mr. G. Kennedy Thompson, President & CEO, Wachovia Corp., 100 N. Main St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Phone: (336) 770-5000. Website: wachovia.com.

WALT DISNEY-operations: theme packs & resorts, motion pictures (Dimension, Disney, Hollowed, Miramax & Touchstone), international film distribution (Buena Vista), cruise line, hotels, broadcasting (ABC, A&E, E!, Lifetime, ESPN, Fox Family Worldwide, & Touchstone), publishing (E Family Fun, Family PC, Discover, ESPN Hyperion, & Fairchild), conventions, Canna Trading, Reedy Creek Energy, Vista Insurance, retail stores & products (toys, etc.), live theatrical entertainment, music Hollywood Records, Mammoth Records, Lyric Sheet Records, & Wonderland Musical home video production (Disney & Buena, Vista), Go.com, toysmart.com, interactive computer programs & games, online computer programs, ; professional sports (Mighty Ducks & Anaheim Angels). Write: Mr. Michael D. Eisner, Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Co., 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-1010. Phone: (818) 560-1000. Website: disney.com.

WHOLE FOODS-operations: Whole Fads Market, Bread & Circus, Bread of Life, Fresh Fields, Merchant of Vino, & Wellspring Grocer stores. Write: Mr. John P. Mackey, Chairman, President & CEO, Whole Foods Market Inc., 601 N. Lamar, Ste. 300, Austin, TX 78703. Phone: (512) 477-4455. Website: Wholefoods.com.

WORKING ASSETS-operations: long distance telephone services, Internet access, business services, credit cards & money market fled. Write: Ms. Laura Scher, CEO, Working Assets Funding Service Inc., 101 Market St., Ste. 700, San Francisco, CA 94105. Phone: 800-788-8588 or (415) 788-0777. Website: workingassets.com.

World Wide Corporations which Support Planned Parenthood:

Contedmasters (Write: Dr. Anton Kuerti, President, Concertmasters loc., 20 Linden St., Toronto, ON M4Y 1V6. Phone: (416) 962-6288.),. The Journal Gazette (Write: Ms. Julie Walda, Publisher, Journal Gazette In., 701 S. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Phone: (219) 461-8333.)., and French Broad Fond Cooperative (Write: Ms Renee Taylor, Interim General Manager, French Broad Food Cooperative, 90 Baltimore Ave., Asheville, NC 28801. Phone: (828) 255-7650.)


Trinity13 said...

I hate PC terms!!! And I agree with you...call abortion what it is! Murder!!!

Btw, thanks for the info. From now on I will not be buying anything from J & J.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I've never liked politcal correctness either.

Well written, and well detailed.

greatwhitebear said...

I can't possibly contact all these companies and congratulate them for their openmindedness. My carpal tunnel would never be the same.


Ken said...

You better include Delta Airlines on that list too.

As per your question in my blog. I don't think there is a way of banning anyone on blogger.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Well, Nic, you win the prize. That's gotta be the longest blog post I've seen yet.

What are we coming to?


P.I. Mom said...

Excellent piece - I think it's worth noting that many of those companies are in trouble - not the smallest of those being Deimler Chrysler, Sears, American and US Airlines....wonder why?

Thanks for blogrolling me. I will be posting a link on my blog for your site as well. Interestingly, I have tried to view your blog on numorous occasions (got the link from Ken's site) and my "usual" browser, Mozilla Firefox, doesn't play well with something on your site. I am never able to load it without everything shutting down. Visited this evening using Internet Explorer and all was fine. Great site - keep up the good blogging.

Tito Maury said...

Great blog. Found your blog while searching for more information at yahoo about Right . Your blog has quite a lot of interesting thoughts. Keep up the good work, Nic.