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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Always remember and never forget...As a nation and people, we can't afford to

This is cross-posted from my blogfriend Ken over at Oblogatory Anecdotes. Ken is a great family man and has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter with current events. He has some really interesting articles over there and is not afraid to speak his mind. His writings are powerful and thought provoking without any BS to cloud the facts. If you like your stories straight up, honest and on the "right" side of the issue without the liberal bias that the media tends to spout, go check him out. This week you'll find out some things that will blow your mind and shock you to the core, maybe even anger you a little, about the new Flight 93 memorial that is planned.

Thanks Ken for allowing me to use your commentary today!
And thanks to AubreyJ for the DOD tribute as well!
Click on image for special tribute to September 11th
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Click on above photo- "We Will Never Forget September 11, 2001" for flash Slideshow from DoD. You'll be glad you took the time.

4 years ago today on September 11, 2001, Muslim extremists hijacked four Boeing 767s from American and United Airlines. There purpose was to fly the airliners into major US buildings and kill as many Americans as possible. There targets were both Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, The Pentagon in Washington DC, The United States Capitol Building and possibly the Whitehouse.

They succeeded in destroying both Towers in New York, Severely Damaging the Pentagon, and Killing over 3000 innocent people in the buildings and on the airplanes.

One group of passengers fought back however. On United Airlines flight 93, the hijackers had commandeered the plane, but their evil designs on the Capitol Building or the Whitehouse were foiled by a group of brave passengers who attacked the terrorists and took the plane down rather than allow it to kill even more Americans.

Since that dreadful day we have been at war with the terrorists who were responsible for that cowardly and murderous act. Many of those responsible have been killed or captured. Some that have not yet been apprehended are in hiding and dare not show themselves, the lead coward being Osama Bin Laden himself, the bankroller and planner of the dreadful event.

Because of September 11th and the fact that Saddam Hussein was a threat to a critical part of the world, The United States found it necessary for it’s own, along with the worlds safety to remove Saddam from power.

There is still a long road to victory against the terrorists. Militant Islam has been a growing threat for decades. They have only one agenda and that is a world subjugated by their twisted and vile view of Islam. Like the Borg on Star Trek they are hell bent on forcing everyone to bow down and submit to their blood cult. Anyone who does not must die or become a slave.

This view of Islam is held by at least 10% of all Muslims, which accounts for around 100 million people. That is what we are up against. Never before has our way of life been so threatened. Militant Islam has made great leaps in the last 30 years. They have not grown by peaceful conversion, but by war. They use western countries liberal immigration policies to in, not to assimilate into the new countries culture, but to destroy the it and replace it with extreme Islam. Europe is especially at risk of this and if current trends continue most of Europe will be enslaved to militant Islam. The only thing standing in the way to a world dominated by militant Islam is the United States of America. That is why they particularly hate us and seek for our destruction.

Right now Al Quada is in hot pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. They may have already acquired some. Their plans are to acquire enough to kill as many Americans as possible. Osama Bin Laden has said to even the score in his mind 4 million Americans must die and 2 million must be children. If Al Quada ever acquires nuclear weapons they will surely use them. They must be stopped. Osama bin Laden has declared war on us. Read his declaration of war. His designs are no secret. Osama and militant Islam must be stopped at all costs.

This is the war of the ages. It has been fought for over a thousand years. Ours is but a chapter in the great struggle to keep militant Islam at bay. It is the same war the crusaders fought, and it is the same war we must fight now. Our freedom, everything we hold dear, and our very lives our at stake. It is a war we must win or generations will be enslaved. The next Dark Age may come if we do not stand up and resist it.

Always remember September 11th 2001.


Ken said...

Your most welcome. Thank you very much yourself.

Ken said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! (c8

mooalex said...

Hi Nic! To commemorate 9/11, I've decided to visit every single blog on my blogroll today. I appreciate the entertainment and enjoyment you provide, and I wish you peace and happiness.

Blond Girl said...

Hi Nic! I'm glad you found me. Any blog friend of Heather's is a blog friend of mine; a conservative Christian into the boot gets you free tickets at the door!

I am honered to have you blogroll me. I have to tell you, though; your site crashed my computer 3 times trying to get in. I think it is the rolling marquee on the front. I don't have a paltry computer, but apparently it's not quite big enough to handle everything here. I'll have to access you at work. I am looking so forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you.

I love that you're writing romance. What authors do you like? My absolute favorite is Catherine Anderson. She is so touching and real! I like Linda Leal Miller as well. My favorite genre is contemporary and historical american stories; I particularly like frontier stories.

Thank you for your tribute to 9/11 and the reminder of what we are fighting for. As the war drags on, it is hard sometimes for people to remember that it took years for the regime to gain power; it will take time to remove it as well. My brother in law is in Iraq right now and I couldn't be prouder of him.

Well, I'm sure we will see more of one another. Blessings!

epiphany said...

I love that tribute video most of all. It wraps up every feeling and every emotion all into one.

We must never forget.

Bill said...

Nic, as always the right words, at the right time... The threat is all too real, the vision of the liberals all too short.

Fours years ago there was a collective voice, today that voice has been splintered, fractured and seems to grow weaker by the day.

I for one will never forget, this is a war, and not one we started, but one we damn well need to finish!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A brilliant post , as always.

Did you know that a Muslim advisor to Tony Blair is trying to persuade him to abandon Holocaust Day, as it puts the Jews in a superior position? He also believes the Holocaust never happened.

Shelley said...

Well chosen words and thank you for this. I really appreciate the time you took to post this. Not a dry eye here. I still remember what I was doing when that happened. My daughter who was 2 at the time was saying, "Mommy why are you crying?" and it was like a wakeup call for our generation of what people are capable of. Just like Jean Luc Picard's post, I just can't imagine someone actually believing the Holocaust didn't happen. Unbelieveable. Thanks again for the amazing tribute to 9/11, many of us around the world appreciate it so much. Have a super day.

Michael Manning said...

We will not forget. In Memory of Darren Bohan. Age 33. Missing. Thanks!

gaidjfhsnsjdfhgeej said...

I'd love to know where you got the "statistic" that "at least 10%" of Muslims hold extremist views. Back up your claims with fact and references!

Nic said...

According to many Muslim/Middle East experts, such as Danial Pipes, and this year's Pew tust poll, yes, approximately 10% of Muslims hold extremist views.